Sunday, February 19, 2017

Malaysia IGP Police Najib-UMNO-PAS Iran Nuclear link were paid by Kim Jong Un $42,000,000 million to assasinate Kim Jong Sirul paid $300,000 to C4 Altantuya.

Malaysia IGP Police Najib-UMNO-PAS Iran Nuclear link were paid by Kim Jong Un $42,000,000 million to assasinate Kim Jong Sirul paid $300,000 to C4 Altantuya... Najib hopes to access Nuclear Weapon from North Korea to Challenge Trump USA and China..... and this RU355 PAS-UMNO Bangsat Negra prefer to have diplomatic relation to Failed Terror State like Northe Korea over Isreal.... ALL condone by agong curi Balak orang asli and 9 Council Rulers + Govenors.... PAS Hadi Awang was in Iran to also help Iran Refine Uranium is the Last visit should USA End Iran Nuclear Sham.... Malaysia Economy WILL Crash Soon and Ringgit Worthless.... Watch Do nothing Malaysia Police and then Suddenly Dead!! Jong Nam could still walk around......  Watch Jong Nam still healthy after the spray, talking with Malaysian Police...but Dead later
And DBKL Stealing bicycle, acting like gangsters with UMNO-PAS Najib Backing.......BUT MANY PEOPLE ARE RISING UP and OPPOSING Like Orang Asli Opposing PAS Hudud Shariah Stealing Timber from Orang Asli in Kelantan.  UNITE to FIGHT ALL ISLAMIC UMNO-PAS IS Islam LAW....  ALL are irrelevant .  Next time Shout and tell those Officer that anything they touch are HARAM have Babi minyak and its DOSA-Sinful to touch you....JAIS, JAWI, JAKIM will consider that a punishment under new RU355 Islamic hudud Laws....

The UMNO-PAS hudud curi balak Orang Asli have a LONG LONG Learning Curve or CURSE.....when they cannot tell difference between Allah used by other religion and that Islam Ideology is Irrelevant to others and if a Paint PIG Bristle Brush will make Malay Weak then Melayu Kena Keluar Islam...Another difference is this Sicko Ideology of Embrace other Religion or Leave a Religion means you Leave the Race you were Born into.....these are Call Otak Babi IS Islam UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara codone by Sultan-agong-govenor IS Melayu Islam...

Apa guna taat kepada Sultan Rogol Pahang, Sultan Bunuh Johor Dulu, Sultan - kini Agong Curi Thakta dan curi Balak Orang Asli dengan izin PAS....ini buday BODOH Melayu ikut ideologi IS ISlam UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara.... Kini IS Islam Nak Bunuh Banyak mufti / Mullah UMNO-PAS sebab mereka Nak Mula Berbaik dengan SHia Islam Macam Hadi Mesra dengan President Iran.... Malaysia Bukan Arablah...... Keluar Islam tak Bermakna keluar melayu... Binatang Babi Jenis Apa boleh cuci Minda melayu Islam sampai Begini?? Tak ada dalam pelembagaan Hilang tamadun melayu kalau keluar Islam...itu Ajaran sesak Islam UMNO-Pis - Sultan -agong-govenor melayu nak Bodohkan anak awak seribu Genenrasi...macam Sumpahan Mahsuri..... Keluar Islam secara sulit adalah Rahmah All baik untuk orang Melayu!! ABUS(asalkan bukan UMNO-PAS), UBAH..Pecat dan Keluar Malaya.....cipta 12 Negara kawasan baru!!

Malaysia like North Korea, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Afganistan, Libya, Turkey...a Failed State.... Get Rid of Ringgit and Move it out of Malaysia!!  USE Foreign Currency like USA Dollar, Sing Dollar Australia Dollar, British Pound....All Accepted by Retailers and Traders over Ringgit!   Even money Changer Running 4 times daily to Bank Negara to  Get rid of Ringgit in favour of USA Dollar Daily!!

Friday, February 10, 2017

The PIG Bristle of Painting Brush Raid is another Idiot Terrorist Racist act Jakim Jais UMNO-PAS Hudud Steal Timber from Orang asli natives with Approval from Sultan-Agong Govenor Malay IS Islam Racist terrorist Facist Communist Race.

The PIG Bristle of Painting Brush Raid is another Idiot  Terrorist Racist act Jakim Jais UMNO-PAS Hudud Steal Timber from Orang asli natives with Approval from Sultan-Agong Govenor Malay IS Islam Racist terrorist Facist Communist Race.  This Stupidity is very similar smell like the Bible Raid previously when the UMNO-PAS IS Islam Race wants to see how Malaysian react their terrorist acts.  Similar to UMNO-PAS IS Idiot Sect led government  wanting you to cover up when in government department.....  Similarly in Schools in Johor and those IS Islamic Terrorist Friendly states government schools where you have to greet your teacher in Arabic "assalamulaikum" instead of selamat petang, pagi UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara.....  Malaysial a Fail State.

Make sure you get the Agong-Sultan-Govenors IS Islam Stupid Muslim to Return the PIG Bristle to each of the individual Shops that you Raided......Just like We Force the Selangor Sultan to Return the Bibles to the Bible Society......Make sure you don't Stamp any Stupid numbers on the Pig Brush....No one wants to buy them later after being touched by IS Stupid Idiot Sect Muslim People of MalaySIAl Bangsat Negara!!

We make known to these UMNO-PAS-Sultan-Agong-Govenor IS ISlam Scumbags that WE Were NOT Born to Be Insulted, Bullied, Taken Advantage and Shamed.....We Were Born to Address their STUPIDITY!!

Sarawak is going to be another Federal UMNO-PAS IS Idiot Islam Sect terrorist Territory....Don't vote BN(Bangsat Negara) Dacing!!....  Dacing berat sebelah Islam bodohkan Melayu!!

Avoid Malaysia as the UMNO-PAS Government withholding Mysterious Disease Killing People in KL, Kanajng, kota Bahru, Kelantan.....these Agong and Sultan Council of IS Islam Rulers Have instructed information to be held back to avoid Panic and fear and Damage to Malaysia TOURISM Economy!!  Get Rid of the Ringgit and you can trade in Foreign Currency...USA, British Pound, Singapore and Australia Dollar preferred!!

The 1% malays of  UMNO-PAS IS Islam Alliance with Malyay Rulers and Govenors wants to test their strength within thier IS Islam Malay Community and run daily coverage on it and see IF the power of the UMNO-PAS-Jakim-JAIS ...mosque and surau IS Islam clerics still have ant bearings on the 99% Malays.....  Honestly 99% Malays are getting sick of UMNO-PAS and the Sultan-Agong-Govenors IS Islam Idiot enforcement.  Many Malays are also migrating but sadly USA and Many nation will not take you in preference of Non Muslim.  Why bother running when you can get Rid of the UMNO-PAS IS Islam Malay terrorist and their Gang of Super Rich Sultan-Agong-Govenor Tiab type Malays??

Look..... None of the Sultan are any Good and Hold ....All are Abuser of Allah and Islam.....  Look at Sultan Pahang Legacy up before he dies...  Sultan Pahang Rape Filipino while as Agong in 1980.....Careful with this Kelantan Agong

Where was the enforcement of Law on these Scumbags....that Era also saw the Then Agong Sultan Islam Johor Murdered a caddy for laughing at his mis-hit golf stroke....  Jakim Jais and UMNO-PAS IS Islam Scumbags only have time to Raid for Bible and Pig brush Bristle not knowing all water they are drinking have 0.0000000003% PIG content and Alcohol content....  If their UMNO-PAS IS Islam Religion is to be taken seriously.....  they might as well Call it Religion of HELL.   They are Doomed to Hell and so it is Wise For Malays to embrace other Religion and Get out of this Stupid Notion that Born malay = born islam....  Time to THINK THAT LEAVING Islam Means Leaving HELL and Leaving Islam Means a BETTER Malay.....

ALL over the world people have left their religion they were born into BUT Never say they are No longer Black, African, Chinese, Indian, and have to forgo their IDENTITY.   The educated  UMNO-PAS-Sultan-Agong IS Islam Melayu Govenor happy to keep the status quo so as to keep plundering the 99% Malay Wealth and NO HOPE IN HELL THESE IS Islam Scumbags CAN GET THE CHINESE, INDIANS, ORANG ASLI, Kadazan, Iban Natives Share of wealth...... because the Orang Asli have shown the Way By Rising Up in Kelantan like the Temiar Tribe to Oppose the stealing of the Forest.

They just have to Grab some MUD and POUR It into the Hydroulic, petrol and mainly into the motor black oil chamber.... and let the entertainment begin to demolish Blockade by the UMNO-PAS Enforcement Officer...Enforcing the Stealing of Timber for the Sultan of Kelantan and current Agong!!...  

Back to Pig Bristle brush and Bible stealing agenda.....its time for UMNO-PAS-Sultan -Agong-Govenor IS Islam terrorist, Jakim Jais Syriah Malay race to set up their Own Halal Hardware, food, drinks and clothing....and see your business explode and become the HUB of Islamic IS Facist Halal goods.  

PIG Stuff are every part of Stupid UMNO-PAS IS Islam Sultan-agong Govenor Muslim stop Eating, Breathing and DIE meet your Allah Setan!

Meanwhile let it be that if ever there is Such Raid....  
Do A citizen Arrest on the Enforcement Officer -They have no rights or authority to steal and rob any small business.
Create a commotion and tell the media and police in their face....  YOU ARE NOT AN ISLAM SHOP....YOUR SHOP ARE ALL PIG / BABI Infested Goods.....  Even the Cement they step on are mixed with 0.000000003% water made out of Pig and alcohol DNA.....

Tell muslim enforcement in Malaysial that your Shop is NOT a Mosque or fact its a Christian, Buddist, Hindu or whtever Religion Shop and their ACTS ARE CONSIDERED SEDITIOUS.....LODGE A POLICE REPORT on TERRORISM and Write a Letter to the USA Embassy informing them of IS ISLAM UMNO-PAS Terrorist Acts Condone by Agong-sultan-Govenor attempted on your shop and LIST all their names.   Hopefully the Immigration in USA will be highlighted when these malays IS Terrorist  UMNO-PAS -Agong-Sultan-Govenor or their Children and the USA Border security give them a Nice time and deport them.  The supreme courts upheld USA Ban on Malaysia Muslim entering USA.....  Time to Embrace other religion if you are a Malay born Islam in Malaysia!!  

Identify weakling these Islamic Enforcement  Officers...their ID, IC, Photo, Face and take down their Address..Post it on Internet and we will Deal with Each of them and their Family Like the Murderer of teoh Beng Hock, Kugan and time....and make life HELL On earth for them!!

Don't be Made stupid and DUMB by the 1% Stupid muslim malay of IS Islam Supporters of  UMNO-PAS Hudud Syriah Jakim Jais Sultan agong govenor.  In fact If Orang Asli can UNITE Against and Hinder the PAS & Sultan Kelantan(current  Agong) Sponsored Timber Robbers in Kelantan.....  99% Malay can End the 1% Malays Scumbags of malaysia residing in Palace, Expensive houses and Munafiq Hypocrites of Malaysia Defender of Stupid Muslim.

There is now 99% Malay in Malaysia and Stupid Muslim who are made up of UMNO-PAS Hudud, Sultan-Agong-Govenor Muslim, Jakim JAIS and their Enforcement Syriah Compliant little Napoleons....luckilly only 1 %.   There is a Difference in Malaysia between Malays and Stupid Racist terrorist UMNO-PAS-Sultan-Agong-Govenor Muslim.....Everyone is aware now!!  

Make Sure Blood from non muslim is Never Used to save a Halal Stupid UMNO-PAS IS Islam Life.....we will sue you for sedition if you Steal these Haram Blood,,,bangsat Jakim Jais Syriah Mufti.Mullah and Sultan Agong Defender of make malay Stupid islam!!

Force Hospital to sign on each donation that Blood is to be used for other race and religion EXCEPT for Stupid UMNO-PAS muslim.....otherwise donate into private hospital and make them sign the same documents!...

Expedite Malaysia to Fail by using Foreign Currency and Avoid paying Boycott every Local Islam goods...Proton, Petronas...Local banks!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

No need to think great Adenan as he was also part of the UMNO-PAS IS Islam Racist Terrorist Bigots CRIMINAL ENTREPRISE that KILLED and Displaced Penans!!

No need to think great Adenan as he was also part of the UMNO-PAS IS Islam Racist Terrorist Bigots CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE that KILLED and Displaced Natives Sarawakians Penans!!   Adenan is a Lawyer by education and should know His EVIL Deeds will be judged by God and Sarawakians accordingly ....  Adenan INFLICTED Injustice and also part of the CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE that Killed uneducated and Defenceless Penans together with Tun Dr. M and Govenor Taib.......  They can all Go to Hell!!...

Adenan together with Taib and Tun Dr Murdered Many Penans by displacing them from their traditional land for easy Timber Access.....  Like the Hadi PAS with Sultan Lamboghini Kelantan Stealing and Displacing Orang Asli there.....  No need to give glowing Eulogies to Tun Racist Razak for Racist BM NEP that now Made Felda owners slaves to UMNO Melayu bangsat negara... to Sultan Rogol of Pahang, Sultan Murder of Johor, Sultan Berak of sultan Kelantan Lamboghini Steal the Throne from Father and timber from Orang asli with Pas- Hadi hudud & Najib's Help!!


Keep Getting Rid of Ringgit....Trade Cash in USD, Singapore, Australia Dollar and Never ..Never Keep Ringgit Anymore.......You will be Loser in the Long Run....  After separation from Singapore $1 Ringgit = $1.09 Singapore Dollar......  Fast forward 2017  $1 Ringgit = $0.33 Singapore Dollar....Meaning Ringgit WILL Be Useless in 10-20 Years..>Slowly and Surely...Because No Islam Bias nation is ANY GOOD!!

All These Idiot Stupid(IS) ISlam Hudud UMNO-PAS Sekolah Agama Force to Learn Bahasa Malaysial..trying to make hero of a Penan murderer, Hamas, Hezbollah, President Assad, Sulu, Islam Terrorist Murderer....  Time to Rid Sarawak of 1% UMNO-PAS Malays Racist ideology now condone by Makan Dedak Sultan-Agong- Govenor....  Sham on UMNO-PAS Agong to discuss who the next CM will be In Sarawak...  Must be ISLAM  First, 2nd Malay Last Iban.......  Sarawak Bangun Bantah ...UBAH...ini kali Lah!!

At the end of the Day its Comfirmed that Rosmah-Najib Ordered Sairul to Murder Altantuya aka Aminah and the Dispose of Body with C4 and the Sultan -Agong-Govenor Melayu islam Makan Dedak paid $25 Million Ringgit Each to NEVER to raise this Henious crime....and apparently Now the 1% melayu Rulers-Govenor Defender of Islam wants to be paid another round of $30,000,000 ringgit in a foreign Account... So Najis-Rosmah have to use EPF- 1MDB-Tabung Haji to set another 5 year term of UMNO-Bangsat Negara Rule.

ENOUGH!!...time for 12 New district is coming soon ...CHOOSE your Space Wisely Malaysian...and have a mind set of SHOW NO MERCY....None was given to you or when Detaining Orang Asli or to Ms Indira Gandi from the IS Islam Sharia Force Child Convert case or memali...or may 13 or Penan or Kg. Medan Murder of indians......

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

We reached a point we need to see a CHANGE in the Status Quo....the 1% melayu UMNO-Bangsat -Negara IS Islam and their cohorts of Sultan_agong-Govenor - PAS Hudud Racist terrorist Ideology have to Go and a New ERA will Emerge.....12 new Independent District would be the Start of NEW Era.....Doom is upon Malaysial!!

So Council of Rulers can deny Tun Munafiq Murder from attending Agong Swearing in??  It goes to Show How low these Rulers have descended and willing to Work with UMNO-PAS Bangsat negara to retain their status, Free Corruption money, give titles to gangsters, murderers, robbers....  Make no Mistake the Rebellion is Gathering Momentum for 12 NEW DISTRICT......  ALL 1MDB, Altantuya murder, May 13, Penan Killing, memali, support of IS Islam terrorist hamas, hezbollah, taliban Abu sayaf, Sulu terrorist, bible stealing, force child conversion to IS islam. have the Approval of Agong-Sultan-Govenor the one malay racist race called islam IS terrorist....working hand in hand with UMNO-PAS Bangsat negara~~~~!!. 

Get rid of Ringgit, Use Foreign Currency and you Get to PAY UMNO-PAS hudud ZERO Tax and YOU Start CRUSHING the UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara Racist terrorist ideology.  You also get to Sweep the 1 Racist Race and Religion Sultan-Agong Govenor Melayu who condone all EVIL acts .... while Orang Asli gets Bullied and detained, Land, timber gets stolen, Malaysian suffering High living cost, Being dumb down by media  and education system..... TIME TO UNITE WITH ORANG ASLI AND HAVE MANY MASSIVE PROTEST...LET THE WORLD KNOW OF THE PAS-UMNO HUDUD EVIL ACTS AGAINST POOR TRUE NATIVE/BUMIPUTERA OF MALAYSIA!!

The Stupid 1% melayu IS Muslim UMNO-PAS -Sultan-Agong -Govenor melayu Council of Rulers all Going to Hell as water used to wash hands, ice, and in all food ...etc have 0.000000000000000001% Alcohol and pork DNA...... Jangan kata tak tahu....semua HARAM... sekarang dah Tahu Fakta Keluar Islam lebih sesuai.....kalau tidak .... Neraka Tunggu awak.... jangan tipu buat tak tahu >>>  Bongkar Celaka UMNO-PAS makan dedak!

The Sultan Agong-Govenor Racist Terrorist Songkok TITAH and Demand the 1% Melayu Najib UMNO-BN(Bangsat Negara) - PAS Hadi hudud curi Balak Orang Asli to NOT work with TRUMP anti-IS Islam agenda and pro Isreal Agenda..!! Those ISLAM Bias nation will start to suffer...Iran #1 Turkey #2....... MalaysiaL...Self Destruct....who cares as long as 12 NEW District Emerge at the end Sabah-Sarawak to house USA Base if Phillipines withdraw....... Pecat Malaya... Halau Semua IS Islam ke Langkawi..... era Tipu helah SUltan - UMNO mula Retak.... 99% melayu Marah Barang Naik ..Tol Naik, Beras, gula, minyat NAIK Melambung!! Jaga -jaga 1% celaka Melayu bodohkan 99% Melayu!!

 The 1% celaka Melayu IS(idiot Sect) Islam UMNO-PAS Baju Merah, Perkasa, Pekida together with their cohorts and Gang Sultan-Rulers-Agong curi Thakta + Govenor Racis Satu Agama IS ISlam....boleh Mampus Bersama Pribumi...... 99% Melayu Dah Mula Sedar bertapa Munafiq PAS Kat Kelantan Curi Balak Orang Asli dan Makan Dedak..... Amar Maaruf TAHI Mungkar...Kepala Otak..... Hang....! Semua AIR kat Malaysia dicemar 0.000000000001% Arak!!...Masuk Neraka hanya destinasi Islam UMNO-PAS Munafiq Makan Dedak!! Keluar Islam Agar Dapat nikmat Kebebasan......tanpa Was was!~!

Celaka bangsat IGP PDRM...... Please Ask Najib to Bring Riza Aziz back from China for 1MDB Questioning... Since he is in the same Plane to China.....Polis tak tahu mana Riza Aziz, Rosmah-Najib Tahu... Letak Jawatan lah!!

And Also Remand Jamal Red Shirt and Gang as well as IS Islam $2.5B donation is Good and Soros Donation is Bad and seditious....

Makin Hari 1% celaka Melayu UMNO-PAS Hudud sultan-agong-govenor Penyokong IS Terrorist Islam makin takut ...Hari Tindak KILAT Rakyat 99% Malaysia seluruh Malaysia boleh berlaku bila bila masa!!.Semua Barang Sudah Naik...apa lagi mahu komplain??!!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Unite like Orang asli have united...... Against 1% Melayu Islam Logging robbers of UMNO-PAS Sultan -Agong-Govenor Sarawak-Sabah IS Islam Religion..... FIGHT THE EVIL Racist Facist terrorist and SHOW OF POWER on November 19, 2016

Unite like Orang asli against PAS Hudud Kelantan Sultan Sponsored Robbers of Timber belonging to Poor People...  The IS Islam Deferder of Islam is all a SHAM even in hudud PAS Stupid Administration in Kelantan.  As said many time ...nothing that is Islam Bias will produce Goodness.  ALL ISLAM Bias Adminstration is EVIL and Rotten.   Ever wondered why Many ISLAM Refugees wants to migrate to Western Nations???  Malaysia Need not be Stupid. 

Lets continue the Secular BERSIH Agenda on November 19, 2016 ...ALL Over malaysia.  Come out and if we must create the Revolution, blocakde, occupy like Orang Asli that will frighten the 1% Melayu UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara and their EVIL Gang of Sultan Agong-Govenor  Malay BIAS Racist Race...

UMNO-PAS have made a secret HUDUD Syriah Courts Deal so that ALL Christian ..Buddist, hindu who are Suspected of Insulting Prophet Mohammed will be Hung Like the Pakistan Mother Base on Hear Say from muslim terrorist, Baju Merah, Unit Amal and anyone who are Muslim...Of course the Sultan-agong-Govenor Melayu IS Daesh Abu Sayaf, Sulu Racist terrorist Islam Condone this Act...100% As usual pretending to Not know when the Hunger and Anger of 99% Malaysian take matter into whole hand to end this EVIL SHAM!!..No Islam Nation is Any Good...brace yourself for the the Coming Malaysia Economic Collapse!!

Try as one does..........the1% Melayu Sultan-Agong-Govenor IS Islam are Part of the Destruction of MalaySIAL.....  Since MalaySIAL is already SIAL....  We need to keep UMNO-Najib-Rosmah-PAS Hudud  Bangsat Negara  in Power for Agenda Pecat ...Hapuskan MalaySIAL......and Create 12 New District....  End the EVIL Racist terrorist Syriah Jakim Jais Islam Terrorist Legacy.....  btw the wayang kulit are Chinese wonder PAS wants to Ban it try to Legitimise the Fake Melayu Bumi Status!!...  Orang melayu semua Keluar Islam.....Era baru...semua air dan makanan ada 0.0000000001% Arak!!

The 1% Melayu Anwar, Tun Dr May 13 Penan memali Murder, Hadi UMNO-PAS Hudud Bangsat negara can all mampus.....for all we care...

No Islam Bias Nation Will be ANY Good....  Look at the Najib-Sultan-Agong-Govenor PAS Support of IS Daesh Islam in Mosul..... 2 Year ago Praise to ALLAH...  2 years later Like Sultan Berak Islam is Phobia to CHANGE!!...  Lets hope the Kurds Bantai the PAS-UMNO IS Daesh Terrorist in Mosul....  like in Sabah...the Sulu ..Abu Sayaf days are also Numbered.....

Amar Maaruf nahi Munkar Curi Balak Orang Asli ..PAS Hudud IS Islam makan dedak sama macam UMNO...Degan Izin Sultan Kelantan-Agong dan Semua Sultan melayu......Kini Orang Asli Seluruh Malaysia mula Bertindak...Mangkuk Merah sudah Diedar .... Orang Asli WUJUD TURUN TEMERUN Di Kelantan.... orang Asli Keluar islam... Cemar Semua Air dan Alam Sekitar dengan Arak dan DNA Babi Hutan!!

Bersama Kita Kukuh Bantai 1% melayu UMNO-PAS HUDUD sultan-agong pencuri Hak istimewah, kayu balak dan Makanan Orang Asli!! Ayuh!!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Pakistan mother to be Hung for FABRICATED INSULT to Allah......5 Years appeal rejected by Syriah Courts like Malaysia Ms Gandhi....8 years of court take custody of Force convert to Islam Child......Reject Islam, Reject any form of ISlam Syriah, Jakim, Jais and hudud.....

None of the bastard Defender of Islam sultan-agong-govenor melayu, their children bloggers,  UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara have EVER written of express their concern to the plight of SUCH Insane, EVIL acts of Islam in Pakistan to a   mother being Falsely Accused of insulting a just human Prophet Mohammed.....CRAP!!!

 mother being Falsely Accused of insulting a just human Prophet Mohammed.....CRAP

and now we have this Deception by Islam UMNO-PAS Hudud and Jakim Jais Syriah Courts SHAM rules for muslim only tentacles reaching out to others like Hot Dog not halal and other whims and fancies these IS islam Racist terrorist Bigots thinks are not Halal.  Imagine your building, your hotel, your bus service, your laundry business, your car wash business, your food business, your temple, your churches ...your place of worship can be MADE ILLEGAL and Not allowed to Function.  You have to Appeal to the SHAM Syriah Racist UMNO-PAS-SultanAgong-Govenor Melayu islam courts to keep functioning or ELSE Electricity and Water Cut off....  Its time to DISBAND the Syriah Courts, Jakim Jais and let muslim live according to their own Moral code...Leave judgement to GOD/Allah.....

To All 1% muslim UMNO-PAS -Sultan_Agong-govenor melayu Racist terrorist in Malaysia...better Leave IS islam religion because the you are ALL facing Eternal Death Anyway because all the water and air you breath contains 0.00000000000001% Alcohol and Pork DNA.......You cannot tell your Last Prophet who is Not ALLAH that you are NOT Aware of this FACT of Breathing and Eating NON HALAL Stuff!!

It is a FACT that all water and Food you eat have  0.00000000000001% Alcohol and Pork DNA.  Unless it can be proven otherwise...muslim are Doomed to Hell according to Quran Rules and Islam IS Laws...

Ingat Rakyat Bodoh....  UMNO Najib-Rosmah -PAS Hudud Bangsat Negara Penyokong IS ISLAM Racist terrorist Berdoa agar Puak Terrorist IS ISLAM Kat MOSUL Berjaya menentang Serangan terhadap Mereka....  Dulu Najib -PAS Bangga IS Islam begitu cepat dapat Mosul...Kini semua 1% melayu IS Islam melayu UMNO-PAS-Sultan-Agong-Govenor Terrorist Malaysial Mula takut BANGKIT Rakyat Maalaysia ....Takut Revolusi Rakyat Malaysia hapuskan Agenda Zalim UMNO-PAS Hudud-IS Terrorist Islam!!  MOSUL AKAN Tumbang kepada Kristian dan Revolusi Penentang Hebat Wanita Kurds Perhsmerga..

Kurds Peshmerga Women Fighters ...says go to HELL to 1% melayu Racist terrorist IS Islam UMNO-PAS Hudud-Sultan -Agong-Govenor Syriah courts, Jakim, Jais Evil Ideology!! 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

If Logging Corruption is seen in Penang and Selangor...the Entire UMNO-Bangsat Negara + Sultan-Agong-Govenor IS Islam wants to Crucify the Leaders...But since there is UMNO-PAS Hudud- Bangsat negara ALLIACE with Sultan Kelantan...CORRUPTION OK...hudud o.k , I ok...more $$$$ more OK!!!!! Go to Hell HUDUD and ISLAM Syriah Courts.... Time to END the Syriah, JAIS, Jakim and Islam courts and Re-direct the $2 Billion allocation for these dim wits scumbag Bangsat Islam Religious Organisation tor Poorer Rakyat Malaysia, No Tol, English Lesson, more food better life!!!!

 “Failed states offer unparalleled economic opportunity—but only for a privileged few. Those around the ruler or the ruling oligarchy grow richer while their less fortunate brethren starve. Immense profits are available from an awareness of regulatory advantages and currency speculation and arbitrage. But the privilege of making real money when everything else is deteriorating is confined to clients of the ruling elite or to especially favored external entrepreneurs. The nation-state’s responsibility to maximize the well-being and personal prosperity of all of its citizens is conspicuously absent, if it ever existed.

Road built by Kelantan Hudud PAS-UMNO-Bangsat Negara money allows Illegal Loggers to Steal Orang Asli Logs and trees in Kelantan...But Cannot allow one malay lawyer Siti Kassim to see Orang Asli.....  This is the Sickness of the PAS HUDUD Amar Maaruf Nahi Mungkar Crap that kelantan Sultan and IS Islam Council of Rulers Governor 1% Melayu wants to Rule Malaysia....Go to Hell ...the days are being Numbered and the Anger Are growing against these 1% Melayu hidup Mewah-kaya raya Hina 99% melayu   .... Nahi Mungkar HUDUD keplala Otak Hang!!...siapa Hina Islam.....melainkan UMNO-PAS-Bangsat negara degan izin sultan-agong -govenor melayu IS ISlam Malaysial!!...the 99% melayu is AWAKENING!!!!...UBAH!!...

This is the way MalaySIAL UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara(BN) use their Law and Order....  Put a Law against Logging but Allow Logging and when the Scam,  Corruption, Stealing is 1MDB...use Road Block, Army, ISA, IGP, OSA sultan-agong-govenor to Blockade the ability to get to the source of the problem..... these 1% Melayu Islam UMNO-PAS scumbags acts condone by Sultan-agong-Govenor then say its under investigation....SO need to Blockade to investigate... 

Good thing TREES CANNOT Grow to COVER UP Illegal Logging in 24 Months...the Crime against UMNO-PAS is Obvious.....the crime against humanity is also Obvious......Lodge a case to Geneva for Crime against Orang Asli Genocide and Humanity!!
 Siti Kasim blocked from entering orang Asli area to provide Legal Aid.....under order from Hudud PAS-UMNO-Bangsat Negara and Sultan Kelantan


The Sultan-Agong-Govenors councils of Malay IS Islam Rulers MUST Apologise to malaysian that they Are powerless and Lack the Resolve and Guts to go after Najib-Rosmah UMNO bangsat Negara Theft of $100 Billion ringgit and all the injustices in religious Jakim, JAIS Syriah Sham, Corruption Sham....etc...But how to Apologise when they are ALL IN THE TAKE ...collection illegal Corruption Hina Allah Money$$$$!!

They have tried to make malays forget who they are via the IS ARAB Islam UMNO-Sultan-Agong ketuanana Islam Religion ideology....but their creation of faction have divided themselves...all for Money that cannot buy safety, survival, wisdom happiness and security.  The Money Faction takes Precedent over all Islam Hudud Syriah Council of Sham Islam rulers.

Seriously do you think the celaka 1% Melayu UMNO-PAS Sultan-agong-Govenor council of CRAP/Sham Rulers gives a Damn about anything you write to them??? the suffering and Future Suffering of your Children....Like During the Surrender to Portugese, Dutch, British and japanese...they sign Surrender for their Children and Family members only...WAKE UP Say Adios to them ask IGP to figure who said adios and Let Crime Spree...Bombs and IS Islam LRT Disruption Terrorism continue...... Yes that LRT Fail Recently was IS Islam Terrorism works...Continuous cover up to Protect Islam..... Time for Malaysia Retak ...12 New District!!

Corruption flourishes in many states, but in failed states it often does so on an unusually destructive scale. There is widespread petty or lubricating corruption as a matter of course, but escalating levels of venal corruption mark failed states: kickbacks on anything that can be put out to fake tender (medical supplies, textbooks, bridges, roads, and tourism concessions); unnecessarily wasteful construction projects arranged so as to maximize the rents that they generate; licenses for existing and nonexistent activities; and persistent and generalized extortion. In such situations, corrupt ruling elites mostly invest their gains overseas, not at home, making the economic failure of their states that much more acute. Or they dip directly into the coffers of the shrinking state to pay for external aggressions, lavish residences and palaces, extensive overseas travel, and privileges and perquisites that feed their greed.”