Thursday, May 16, 2013

Each Election we have Legitimise UMNO-BN Rule via Cheating!!

So what gives??

IF UMNO-BN wants to Cheat, Lie, Kill, Murder and make misery for Malaysian, We Malaysian are not leaving Malaysia.  We will remain in Malaysia, be a  prick, give you sleepless night and wait for the day of Reakoning to catch you, hang you or see you ROT in Jail!!

Why should UMNO-BN not be toppled by people power?? IF UMNO-BN don't like democracy, they can get lost and migrate!!

EC/SRP chiefs rewarded with Tan Sri, Datuk, Tun and What nots by Sultan /Agong for maintaining the status quo of cheating and legitimising UMNO-BN rule in cahoots with Sultan /Agong.

No televised debate for 56 years. Media blackout for those oppose to UMNO-BN....and you trying to call this a legitimised UMNO-BN government?? ...#$%^&.... either the Agong /Sultan commander of the army is stupid , blind or dumb.  Yet these rulers have legitimised the Sham illusion/delusion UMNO-BN for another 60 years.  You expect rakyat to remain calm? #$%^&*  Wait for courts to decide #$%^&!!

open your indelible ink that is NOT indelible is an ABUSE of the election process.  GE 13 is Null and Void.  Rakyat have every right to TOPPLE UMNO-BN.  Bring on the new IGP and Deputy IGP.....they will be taught a lesson of Genocide and Crime against humanity Malaysian!!

Now we are in the era of an illusion/delusion victors in UMNO-BN.....never mind 60% of true rakyat Malaysia do not agree with their Rulers in UMNO-BN.

Now we await the $1 Trillion Ringgit Hyper-inflation to hit Malaysia and bring every one to their knees.

At that time DRASTIC measure must be taken on those who help and assisted UMNO-BN to retain power for 60 years.  This time make sure no one escape the anger of the Rakyat.  Put aside tradition, race, religion, culture if the money you earn cannot be worth more the next week!!  It time for the great RESET and send those SCUMS + Ruling elite who have dumb down Malaysian to be orang biasa.  Start with those who have TUN, Tan Sri, Datuk......can't go wrong there and those who gave it to them..... 

Everyone keep up the boycott of Petronas petrol, local banks and enything UMNO-BN and stuff their supply chain, cash flow them crumble one by one.  More power to Malaysian!!  Suara Rakyat, Suara Keramat....Kali INI Lah!!  Start the Economic TSUNAMI that will DESTROY UMNO-BN ...Boycott petronas petrol, take money out of local banks, support NON umno-bn business!!

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