Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lets Gather ..Perform prayer and religious rituals in Mosque, Surau ALL Over Malaysia.......

Then All mosque and Surau will be Demolished by the Mullah Taliban of Malaysia Muslim Council with Sultan-Agong Approval.  Easy now to have these Islam Cult religion Umno-Sultan-Agong Obliterated from Malaysia!!!  Lets do it, youtube it and see their Stupid OVER Reaction!!  The Sheer stupidity of the demolition of the Kota Tinggi Resort surau is the REFLECTION of Racist Bigots Islam CULT in Malaysia under the supervision of defender of Islam cult Sultan - Agong..... Gone ABSOLUTELY-ABSURDLY stupid & Wrong!!  @#$%^....  must we be ROMANTICS to their Stupidity, racist and evil bigots acts??/#$%^......  Yes this is seditious but so is the act of demolishing the surau.....but hey do more loss to non-muslim and make sure you don't use tax payers HARAM money to re-built....otherwise you have to demolish it again and look for those who have been built with HARAM , Corruption money to build of prayer.....evern the abode of Sultan-Agong Defender of Islam Palace and house!!!!...then go back to living on tree house as mentioned in the encyclopedia in the 1980......

Mufti, mullah, sultan-agong should start suicide soon as the blood transfusion you are using, the cups and spoons have ALL PIGS DNA and been Defiled by non-muslim.  Mosquito who have bitten a pig/pork and Haram food eater would have also bitten you again and Demolish yourself and go meet your maker!!!   Remember any Islam Cult followers who have been given blood transfusion in hospital....better start writing your WILL and prepare for death soon as a Decree to Demolish you will be issued soon!!  #$%^&*.  This is Malaysia cult islam- muslim doing a SELFIE on their own Cult believe.......truly unbelieveable.....Keep up the GOOD WORK!!....More muslim cults needs to be demolished soon in racist UMNO-Agong-Sultan Malaya who sack Singapore for Race and Racist reasons!! Today is a reflection of their Racist Absurd Utopia in Malaysia!!

The Sham of  Sri Pritina School at Sg Buloh still ongoing and time to make Suprise Citizen Arrest of the teachers there, the head master.... no need to mention their religion......  no need to mention when...  We MOB Arrest and send them to police station because their ACTS of forcing your children eat in the Toilet instead of the school canteen during the muslim fasting onth is SEDITIOUS.......   Let the courts Decide!!

The SHAM of having to stand in Cinema before a show starts to the NegaraKu national Anthem..... if not police will arrest you.  HOW ABSURD STUPID Can Malaysia UMNO-BN in Cahoots with Sultan Agong get???......No wonder WE Hate Malaysia Everyday under UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong.  Instead of tackling the UMNO-Sulu terrorist in Sabah...they BULLY unarmed they BULLY and Intimidate students of Sri Pristina Schools at Sg Buloh to admit to Sham and make a charge of sedition to parents of student.  The Stuff the student Said is INADMISSIBLE to the COURTS as it WAS DONE UNDER DURESS..>>>.....Go Arrest the Teachers and Headmaster for Sedition and causing Hygenic Truma to students eating in Toilets.....all in the name of not hurting weakling muslim cult students during Ramadan!!....  No wonder malays also HATE UMNO+Sultan-Agong these days for Dumbing them down!

Gather, Occupy.....DEMAND....SACK UMNO-BN from Government - Malaysia Style......August 30, Dataran Merdeka.....Malaysia RENEW!! 2013.  Wear BLACK!!!

We cannot Allow this SHAM, Injustice to prolong another minute under UMNO-BN Racist with Sultan - Agong Approval.    Make no mistake that Royalty is in cahoots with UMNO-BN to maintain their Dominance over 65% of Malaysian against their people in Egypt against Morsi, of Syrians against Assad or Libyans against Gadaffi.

60% of Malaysian  are not ROMANTICS to UMNO-BN  in cahoots with Sultan-Agong EVILS RACIST Acts!!   Sabah-Sarawak.....sack Malaya and give Malaysian a better place to migrate....

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