Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Sickness of UMNO-BN with the Malaya Agong-Sultan Approval.....

The modus operandi of UMNO-SULU-Abu Sayaf terrorist is to report any WAR in Sabah as gunmen, thugs, youths......causing havoc.  Malacca Self Proclaim Sultan Arrest but Sultan SULU Self Proclaim ...UMNO likes to negotiate with @#$%^&!  This is what I term Crap and sickness that need obliteration and PBS needs to be OBLITERATED with PKR in Sabah. Anything that submits to the Madness of UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong Approval needs to be Obliterated.  But Pairin and Ongkili of Sabah prefer to work towards a TUN and Tan Sri made title rather than the mandate of the people.....SUARA RAKYAT is SUARA KERAMAT....  The support of the people is the KERAMAT given you good business ability and a high regard for proper standards of conduct.  Not this CRAP UMNO-BN - Abu Sayaf- Sulu terrorist in WAR of Sabah.

3 Wars happening now in against these Islamic Terrorist sponsored by UMNO-BN approved by Sultan-Agong and War against UMNO-BN.......and the toughest war is the WAR Within yourself to believe that THINGS are better without UMNO-BN.....I say SACK Malaya then you will know the power of Freedom of mind and Illusion-delusion and REAL Progress!!

The sickness continues with UMNO-Barang Naik.....after raising the price of Almost everything to maintain their lifestyle of Rich and Famous, these UMNO-BN with Sultan-Agong Approval now having a 100 committee and sub-committee ...being paid $200,000 each to study the effect of  price rise on the people of Malaysia.....So $20 Million used to address the Evil of Price Rise created by EVIL UMNO-BN with Sultan Agong Approval.  Chicken feed when you take into consideration that Najib's Resident cost $7 Million of electricity Bill to run a Year.  Keep changing your lifestyle to try to make that $2 saving to support the Evil UMNO-BN Terrorist Regime ...Approved by Sultan-Agong....SHi@#$%^&*(!

The sooner we migrate now to Sabah-Sarawak, the less the pain will be in 10 years time with agenda 2020.  Don't migrate when there is a NEED to CALL UN for HUMANITARIAN AID like in SUdan-Dafur and Syria.  In Short, Migrate NOW at your OWN desire and not FORCED to to Sabah - Sarawak.  Take advantage of the free passage NOW....before the path is made harder.....  Sell HIGH now your millions of property and let those Losers and Lovers of UMNO-BN + Sultan Agong sick racist bigots Islamic terrorist take the $1 Trillion dollar debt....enjoy their NEGATIVE WEALTH!!.....

Sack Malaya UMNO-BN with Sultan-Agong Approval sacked Singapore for Sultan UMNO Racist Bigots Islamic Cult Ideology.........the 4 R...Riots, Race, Religion, Royalty sickness ends when you SACK Malaya!!...JUST DO IT and send those illegal immigrats to malaya with Taib, Pairin and Ongkilis and all those UMNO-BN Goons!!  Sack them too via SIMUTANEOUS Citizen Arrest!! police or Army in the world can stop the TERROR BACK from the People!!  We have the right to LIVE WITH DIGNITY....Misery NO MORE!!

Create Allah controversy...create committee to address Allah issues...$10 Million...

Create Poor Education Standard....Create committee to address poor education status...$200 Million..

Create poor people....Create committee to address poor people in Malaysia....$10 BILLION NEP

Create Racism....Create committee to address racial issues...$50 Million...

Create Crime....create committee to address Rise in Crme in Malaysia...$300 Million

Create Barang Naik-Price rise-inflation..... create committee to study price rise $40 Million

Lets Create a citizen arrest on Sultan UMNO-BN ....EVERY Problem Solve!!

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