Monday, August 11, 2014

Speaker Selangor.....Call Emergency meeting and take No Confidence Vote...then SACK the MB and Slap UMNO-BN

... So simple ..yet we want to create such drama.  Speaker Hannah Yeoh just call an emergency sitting to discuss the MB issues and then take a vote.  We need to flush out team player and the rats.....whatever it takes to Obliterate UMNO-BN should be the top of the agenda.  If the speaker fail to understand simple constitution law ...then perhaps time to quit politics and go support UMNO-BN Khalid and the ISIS, HAMAS, Boko Haram islamic terrorist cult and Destroy Selangor then Malaysia.

In situation like this its the power of the can just act without MB approval!!.....Its an emergency and do make this another Perak Fiasco on your watch!!

Alternatively pretend with PKR and other DAP to appear to be with Team Khalid and the moment the house convene....take a motion of no confidence and then SACK him there and nominate a new MB......Khalid Sack by needs to LIE, Cheat and PLAY the Silly game in Politics like in Perak. .....  Don't you guys get it with Democracy.....the RIGHT TO REMOVE SOMEONE GOOD, BAD, UGLY.....the RIGHT of the ELECTED People Representative to Remove nomiated people, EVEN SULTAN-AGONG.....IF THE PEOPLE wants to.  RAKYAT IS BOSS!!...The right to cheat, stab and insult to uphold Democracy...otherwise its DEMON-CRAZY you are upholding!  We Are not in some Pseudo Monarchy Systems where one man taste of POWER can be Abused like Tun Dr. Munafiq Mahathir Mohd.  Started with good intention like clocking in, bersih, cekap amanah (clean smart upholding trust)... becomes in 2014...THE FATHER of Malaysia Demise...destruction and DESOLATION....Malaysia under UMNO-BN Evil legacy of MH70, MH17, SINK HOLE, support of ISIL, ISIS, Boko Haram, Hamas, Jemmiah islamiah....etc.  CRUSH MALAYSIA Economy by Boycotting EVERYTHING linked to EVIL UMNO-BN...Petron, Petronas, Ramli Burger, MAS, local Banks, Proton, kancil....etc

Rakyat Malaysia need to be very careful of these Titled people like Tan Sri Khalid.  One should also Ponder back as to why MB of Selangor at that time did not say anything negative to the Late and current Sultan of Perak in the Perak Fiasco in the past.....  it seems the silence have paid off now with immediate audience with Sultan......  What about immediate audience to the rest of the elected representative.??...and rakyat Selangor...???

We need to continue to FLUSH out the scumbags of UMNO-BN-ISIS-ISIL-Hamas-Taliban corruption type ideology in Pakatan....and in 3 years we will Deal with the scumbags in the next election.  Do not take the people for FOOLS....Barang Naik is UMNO doing and so is WATER CRISIS.......Lets hope ALL the Water pipes Burst in the coming drought and not EVEN Sultan-Agong staying in KL or Selangor the richest state have Water....that is my CURSE for Selangor and the Sultan to suffer....  We suffer together ALL inconvenience, inept and incompetence.......CORRUPTION have a price until people wake up to the EVIL of the WATER Deal with UMNO-BN!!  How musch are you PAID to Support Khalid with UMNO-BN-ISIS-ISIL-Hamas-Taliban corruption $$$$$$ to be paid like to Hee Yit Fong and the 3 PKR Rats??  Allah Ada Mata......enjoy the little corruption $$$$ on Earth but Rot IN HELL!!!!!!  Khalid behaviour is like Hee Yit Fong in the beginning...Hard to contact and only DISPENSING His Own SelfisView.....  TEAM Khalid is like Sultan Perak....  FROM HERO to ZERO!!

PKR for that matter can GET Lost from Sabah-Sarawak and those still in those Party in Sabah-Sarawak....time to Quit and join other party...... You take no orders from Anwar or From Azmin or from anyone in Malaya.....time to SET your OWN Agenda to progress!!  Time to start migrating to Sabah-Sarawak and Sack Malaya!!

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