Tuesday, September 09, 2014

It is Seditious that Sultan -Agong in cahoots with UMNO-Bangsat Negara and the Religious Mullah, Mufti to NOT ISSUE A FATWA to BAN the Support of ISIS/L, Boko Haram...... So IGPig go arrest them!!!

So now is the seditious Crack Down and intimidation season.???  When is the ISA season coming.....??  When the economy in its dodrums, collapsed??  We have seen this in 87, 97.....so now when UMNO-Bangsat Negara in cahoots with Sultan-Agong in desperation comes this "proportional measure of response" to your inept and incompetence in Managing Malaysia, MAS business economy??

MAS= Malaysia  = MB - Sultan Fiasco in Selangor = UMNO-BN racist agenda to enrich themselves and to buy a few non-Malay to make them represent their groups and give repeat air and media time so that its like 1,000,000 agree to the lies and SHAM....  Just like a "ONE OFF" hamper gift session by sultan-agong in cahoots with UMNO-Bangsat Negara to 20 poor families and repeated on local media, radio, tv...5,000 times a day to MAKE BELIEF that 50,000 families are help in the the same manner, dignity and SHAM!!

I am Not a Romantics to MAS demise and Reincarnation....frankly MAS is just a tip in the iceberg of this Inept, imbercile, incompetent UMNO-BN run Malaysia.... get ready for MAJOR economic impact and you have been warned countless times.  The only solution left for a better life and hope for you and your children is to migrate to Sabah-Sarawak.....discreetly.... sack UMNO-Bn from all state electoral seats and then SACK Malaya!!!

Everyday we hear of Insult to Agong-Sultan= insult to Malay = insult to Islam SHAM and Scam......never mind if your children getting Perfect 5 A in STPM and being offered a nursing course and when some TOP UMNO-Bangsat Negara Leaders with 5 Cs and Ds get offered full scholarship to UK, USA, Canada....those are not insult to these citizens of Malaysia!@#$%^&*()!  Bangsat Betul! Curses to UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong to deny deserving Malaysian of proper education & meritocracy!!.....  Its Racist meritoCRAZY in Malaysia.  Don't be romantics to Racism ...just migrate to Sabah-Sarawak SACK Malaya....no referendrum needed like when UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong Sacked Singapore..........Is Singapore Worst Off!!???  open your eyes!!...see the opportunity!!..>Sack Malaya!!

How about the DEBT Binge UMNO-Bangsat Negara is accumulating to the tune of $1 Trillion ringgit for you and your children to be slaves of the UMNO-BN ISIS, Boko Haram, Taliban Racist Islamic agenda
in cahoots with sultan-agong??  You want to live, then your tax is %45 of whatever you earn and more if you are not submitting to the ISLAMIC belief of Economic Responsibility of UMNO-Bangsat Negara in cahoots with sultan-agong!

The World should look into the UMNO-Bangsat Negara in cahoots dealings with HAMAS, Boko Haram, ISIS/L, taliban, al Qeada....etc funding....After All Malaysia have ISIS as an Organisation but in different name.....go Google Malaysia ISIS...  Perhaps this is where ISIS Malaysia have Helped ISIS/L developed the strategic moves of ISIL/S in Iraq/Syria just as Malaysia was the point of Osama and Men meeting before 9/11.....  all in Cahoots with Sultan-Agong in sunni alligience......Freeze all these leaders Foreign Bank Accounts until the Defender of ISLAM(sultan-Agong) in all 9 States Declare a FATWA(with Jakim Jais, mufti, mullah) that Supporting ISIS/L, Boko Haram, Hamas, Taliban a HARAM...Illegal and dispicible thing......  Don't hold your Breath...none will come except when the Sultan-Agong wants a share of some economic development LOOT and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$  like in Perak, johor, Selangor, Kelantan,....etc...  You will see these Cahoots of UMNO come thick and Fast with statements, media release and whatever the SHAM.

Again we need to repeat "Sultan bermula dengan “Ampun Tuanku, beribu-ribu ampun, sembah patik harap diampun.” Dengan Tuhan/Allah pun tidak minta ampun macam tu. Dosa yang paling besar yang tidak boleh terampun ialah menduakan Tuhan/Allah"

No need to front the Sultan-Agong with such Praises as we...Malaysia of every race and religion don't even go to the place of worship and say such thing when we pray daily, weekly, monthly..........SO UNBRAINWASH!!

Don't be frighten to question anyone of Power or Authority on Earth......they are NOT Gods......otherwise like in Cambodia it started with simple Persecution in 1970s......then strategic prosecution...then leaders oppose to certain regime...then to people who are not affliated to the Genocided Pol Pot ala UMNO-BN in cahoots with sultan-agong regime .....then 2-3 Million GENOCIDE!! ...in 1975 - 1985.....

Whatever that is happening in Selangor and action by Sultan in cahoots with UMNO-Bangsat negara and the local Propoganda Media have nothing in Islamic teaching of AMAR MARUF, NAHI MUNGKAR....nothing about doing good, all about EVIL and greed and corruption with a slice of the $$$$$$$$$$$!! !@#$%^&*! Curses and Boycott EVERYTHING Linked to UMNO-Bangsat Negara...namely Petron, petronas, MAS, Protron, Petrol and Local Banks....USE Foreign Banks to be SAFE!!

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