Sunday, January 11, 2015

Islamist denialism — a stubborn refusal to confront the reality of our dilemma.

Islamist denialism — a stubborn refusal to confront the reality of our dilemma.

They swallowed a lie that fit a narrative they liked and then regurgitated it all over the world.

Don't try to water down all these EVIL Islamic terrorist Death Cult  with a comparison to Free Speech....  These are all Islamic values LINKED to the Same Koran that all these Islamic terrorist follow and interprete them as they wish.....  The worst is that the defender of Islam Malaysia in cahoots with UMNO-BN have not issued a Fatwa to Haram Killings anywhere...but Allah issues....  Selangor MB Issues...Stealing of Bibles....all kinds of statement can come out Flying from the palace to Shut Down dissent and sedition...  At the end of the Day, Islam is a Religion of Terror but somehow marketed as Peace....much like Weather marketted as Global Warming/Climate Change.  No need to be Romantics to Islam and Koran....  malaysia Start to wise up and Let no Jais, Jakim, MAIS enter your place, business without a Warrant....Make a citizen Arrest and take them Down with Force until Police in cahoots with UMNO arrives....   Time to convert out of Religion of Islam into other religion....  IF the Thousands of Death related to ISLAM - Koran Inspired Death Cult have not woken you up...then we have to Fight Evil...the Isreal Way!!  Show no mercy, disproportionate and isolate!!

Shop in a busy corner in Bandar Baru Bangi selling IS sisi stuff t-shirt with the approval of Sultan_agong of Malaysia in cahoots with UMNO-Bangsat negara.  So Malaysia is in cahoots with sisi Islamic terrorist ....otherwise where is the Shock and Awe Clampdown like that towards Bersih Supporters, Price Hike Supporters and those against UMNO IGP Bangsat terrorist sympatiser??  Goes to show, we do not need to be Romantics to countries in support openly to IS like the Sultan-agong and the fact you receive the Datuk, Tan Sri and What Crap are in some way Condoning the Support the Terrorist of Islam from 2000 onwards......those titles you received without having to Pay Money prior to 2000 is KOSHE...OK..Alright....After 2000...all titles are CRAP Islamic terrorist Sultan UMNO Bangsat Negara stuff....

The World take note of the Sultan-agong in cahoots with UMNO-BN supporting the sisi of Islam in Syria and Iraq....

Sabahans-Sarawakians.....Waste not a day to Plan the Sacking of Malaya.......  Malaya is a Terrorist State as all major terrorist makes plans of attack from Malaysia....HUB for terrorist gathering!!

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