Sunday, March 12, 2017

Donate to Siti Kassim and Blogger Hussein Hamid to Help Orang Asli and Fight UMNO PAS Curi Balak Orang Asli Bangsat Negara

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Good to see Chinese non Islam Malaysian into All England Finals....UMNO-PAS IS Islam Melayu and Sultan-agong-govenor Racist terrorist please don't watch the Finals...go and Shut down the Mosque and Surau calling speaker First!!...Noise pollution...and Allah Not impress his subjects needs to be called to worship 5 time daily,,,,,...enough of this nonsense....1400 years of Islam and still needs to be told is an INSULT to Allah!!  Its like...“Ampun Tuanku, beribu-ribu ampun, sembah patik harap diampun.” Dengan Tuhan pun tidak minta ampun macam tu. Dosa yang paling besar yang tidak boleh terampun ialah menduakan Tuhan.  No IS ISLAM Bias run nation and administration is any good and Worthy to migrate and live...time for Malaysian to Break up and have 12 New District to have a better life....its KHELL now for Malaysia.  get rid of Ringgit and keep Foreign Currency for Insurance!!

Its good that Racist BAM choice of fielding Malay Race(Zulfadli Zulkiffli) Instead of Higher Ranked Chinese Malaysian Bungkus and lost in first round of ALL England....  When will the Bangsat UMNO-PAS IS Racist Islam Learn that Allah Give Racist Malays no blessing but poverty and more tragedy and Flood and while still practicing the UMNO-PAS Hudud IS Islam that steals fro Orang Asli and condone by Defender of Islam Sultan-govenor Agong Racist terrorist.  Now UMNO-PAS Sultan-Agong IS Islam want to develop Nuclear weapons for Iran via Hidden Agenda Nuclear Energy.....  Build it and it will be Terminated by Isreal
Just LEAVE ISLAM for A Better Future...Ayuh....Bangkit ....Keluar Islam!!

Never Donate to UMNO-BN(Bangsat Negara) PAS-Sultan_Agong Govenor melayu Approved IS ISLAM NGO, save Gaza, Help Rohingya Muslim.

Bangsat IS ISLAM Terrorist Genocide Ku Li, bangsat PAS-Hudud dan Sultan Agong Curi Balak Orang Asli..... Faham tak dah Terlampau ni!! Saya Sumpah Banjir Bertambah Hebat selagi Orang Asli tak diberi $100 Juta Ringgit kerana Curi Balak 60 Tahun.... Everyone donate to Siti Kassim to take money To Help Orang Asli is Better than Helping Gaza Flotilia Crap and Myanmar IS ISlam Flotilia Racist IS ISlam terrorist. NEVER ...NEVER Donate to ISLAM NGO For GAZA or ANY Rohingya, Bangladesh Muslim poor as Orang Asli Poor is MORE Important than ISLAM IS Terrorist Poor.... Help Non Islam Orang Asli First !!

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