Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Malaysia soccer Striker N. Thanabalan's Urges the Sultan-Agong to return Force IS islam child convert to mrs Gandhi and get RID of Sharia Courts because its more than 8 years and Force IS Islam child convert to Mrs Indira Gandhi. Don't let this injustice go on or Allah blessing will be like Loss to Thailand...in the Soccer Final by 1 - 0...... Malay IS Islam goalkeeper was paid $450,000 Ringgit by Thailand Bookies to let one in....Like Najib 1MDB, one man Benefit 10 Malaysia Worst off in the field!!

Malaysia UMNO-PAS  IS ISlam Malay Goalkeeper have been paid by bookie  $450,000 ringgit to let one in and that is what Najib UMNO Bangsat Negara is Doing for Malaysia daily $60 Billion Masuk his own 1MDB Bank account GOAL across the world like Govenor Taib of Sarawak.  ALL  Paid to score own gold so that Malaysian remain SAD, STUPID, Dumn down with Bahasa Bangsat Melayu, Sharia and LOSER!!  The Goalkeeper Najib is Happy......the remaining 10 Malaysian Soccer Players very sad and that is why Malaysia NEEDS to RID and put to Jail  Melayu IS Radical islam Najib-UMNO-PAS bangsat negara so that  30 MILLION malaysian ARE Happier!!!  Why allow a corrupted UMNO-PAS melayu 1MDB corrupted Racist Selfish goalkeeper ruin the ENTIRE Malaysian Team??  SKIM Bumiputera melayu High Income Kepala Otak Hang..... ambil $450,000 Ringgit, $2.5 Billion terus dalam Akaun sendiri Lebih Baik Skim  Dapat Gaji Tinggi!!...bangsat Betul cadangan Skim Bodohkan melayu ini!!
TO BE SMART IN MALAYSIA...Start by #1  LEAVING ISLAM!  Then forget about make you stupid  Bahasa Melayu that dumb you down..and #3 Get rid of UMNO-PAS-Sharia, Jakim, JAIS, Surau, and sembayang bodohkan awak Jumaat!!

Asalkan Penganggur itu IS Melayu UMNO-PAS bangsat negara Radical Islam......Kita tak Perlu Panik....semua IS melayu UMNO-PAS Radical Islam boleh Hijrah ke Syria dan Lebanon untuk bersedia perang tunggu Madhi Zalim awak..... Selagi Islam dan adanya Sharia...maka Rahmat Allah terhadap Negara Islam itu akan hilang Selama-lamanya.....Jadi Orang Sabah-Sarawak Sebut Talak 1,2,3 kepada Malaya dan Pecat Malaya!!
Tak Ada Negara Islam yang ada Kebaikan di Dunia ini Sampai hari ini.....Fakta!!


Special courts needed to convert people out of Islam Fast in Malaysia....without NRD, Jakim, Islam, Sharia UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara, sultan-agong needing to know.....their days are numbered!!  Pecat malaya dari Sabah-Sarawak!.....  Get rid of ISlamic Sharia courts, Jakim, JAIS, Jabatan bangsat Negara Islam,,,and then hang the Father who raped then marry a child in Sabah after the girl poor family were paid $100,000 to coerce and force the raped girl to be the rapist 2nd or 3rd wife with no Job prospect except for Sekolah Agama Islam UMNO-PAS....that means someone Kids leg going to get Whatcked like Tahfiq in Kota Tinggi Johor and then after Death, pay family another $100K and accept child DIED of CRAP Poisoning....  Islam is Evil .......and watch teh Kelantan and muslim state suffer Devestating Flood...in a few months time.........we will make it happen to make IS Radical ISLAM people suffer and poorer and see how the UMNO-PAS-sultan-agong Radical Melayu ISLAM race rush to help for 1 day and then Cabut!!....Till today the recent Kelantan Flood people are still suffering.....and Rahmah Allah kepada penganut agama Zalim ISLAM adalah pahit dan sengsarrra semumur Hidup!!!   Hnay satu Jalan dapat Rahmat Allah, Keluar Agama SIAL ISLAM!!

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