Tuesday, September 19, 2017

TIP to Keramat IS Religious School Burning incident SUSPECTS caught........ DENY....DENY.....DENY any involvement........

Don't Submit to $100,000.....$200,000 , $300,000, $400,000 Bribe to take the blame to appease the 23 families Killed by IS Radical Islam Smoking Religious school Teachers.  Just like the Religious School in Kota tinggi Mohamad Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi Murder teachers linked to Ruler and UMNO-PAS Leaders Bangsat Negara.  Paid the Mohamad Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi parents reportedly $100,000 to not pursue the case further...and agree they fed Thaqif with Rat Poison because he could not recite Quran properly....an Insult to their High Standing in their Sick IS Radical Islam Community!!  Being Poor, Dumb and Brainless...they agreed to the deal like they have won a lottery.  This is the IS Radical Islam ways to purify the EVIL religion of Islam....VIA LIES AND COVER UP for the Glory of Islam!!....GO TO HELL!!

The Religious teacher was smoking and there are traces of Cigarete butt in the source of the burn area.  Most likely Fire cause, is the Cigarette Butt started the fire as many Flamable things used by these CHEAP Hell RUN IS RADICAL ISLAM UMNO-PAS-Sultan-Agong and Council of Rulers Sponsored  Approved schools..Same as those Phillipines IS Radical Islam Terrorist and Thailand South Evil Islam Terrorist & Rohingya Radical IS ISlam Terrorist...Getting funding from Malaysia UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara , Jakim, Jais, Sharia + Full Approval ..  They are all sympathetic to the ISLAMIC Cause  regardless of how bad it looks!!  Many who lives in the area have always seen these Keramat Religious Schools teacher smoking and trying to cast the ashes off the cigarettes from their WELDED Security GRILL Window.   in addition they cook inside and all those oil gets distributed in those Radical Islam Schools.  What do you expect when the conditions are perfect for fire??  It only takes a spark from anywhere to ignite and send all those who died to HELL...Martyrdom!!!  This is the Kalimah ALLAH Blessing for those who support RU355 and all those RUBBISH ISLAMIC Sharia Crap and SHAM!!...all on their way to Neraka Allah Setan Islam sesak UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara!

Malaysia will be a Socialist Communist Islamic Regime with only Malay Islam people happy to Poor Stupid, Dumb like those Zimbabwe citizen, once oil rich Venezuela into Pariah!!  When Malaysia Economy Collapse Remember the BREAK UP of 12 New Nation and CLAIM YOUR PIECE OF LAND WITHOUT ISLAM, UMNO_PAS Radical ISLAM Bangsat Negara and Sultan-Agong that have used their ideology to Dumb you malays slaves down and Oppress the Citizen....ENOUGH and Usher in a New ERA!!  Better than trying to FIX a broken down car...get rid of it and work to get a NEW Car....The joy is unbelieveable....!!

The UMNO Bangsat Negare governments try and debase the currency to pay off the debt with cheaper dollars. But it destroys wealth and purchasing power of average citizens, and leaves a trail of financial tears in its wake.......while they keep their MO1, Felda, and other Corruption Gains in Foreign land...while they play Malaysial TO Poverty, Death, Sickness, 

The murder of these 23 Religious School Victims is a corruption of Malaysia UMNO-PAS Radical Islam Sharia, Jakim, Jais Bible Stealing and Stamping Regime.  It is a Death of the Highest order...similar to the Altantuya C4 Bombing of Body Murder which can allow a Murder Suspect to Board a plane to Australia and now lets hope He ROTS in Australia Prison and Be tortured by other inmates!  CLOSE DOWN ALL IS RADICAL ISLAM MALAY SCHOOLS in Malaysia and REVERT BACK to the English Language as medium of instruction and studies....Stupid!!  KILL THE STUPID YOU down ISLAM BAHASA MALU SIAL!!...While you are at it...bring down those speakers in Mosque and Surau that calls stupid Muslim to worship.....  NO GOD Wants their Own people to be reminded of worship and prayer time....it shows how disinterested the muslim Radical IS Islam people are to Self-discipline.....  DO NOT IMPOSE YOUR EVIL on me...We will FIGHT the Stupidity, Ilogical Quran Inspired London, Paris, USA, Malaysia, Phillipines Terror Acts FOREVER!!

Money will not buy your way to heaven nor peace of mind in the days ahead.  Go ask Mohamad Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi parents how they feel betrayed that their son died of Rats poisoning ......now the Whole villages shunning and shaming them for feeding Rat Poison to their son and not taking the responsibility to feed him better food......Stupidity + IS Radical UMNO-PAS Sultan-Agong melayu Islam is EVIL and you Pay for the remaining suffering till you die.

The logic is the same like those 21 children burnt to death + 2 Radical IS Islam Smoking teachers in the IS Islam Radical school and the Burkah mothers sating they died a Shahid...Martyr.....stupidity of UMNO-PAS-Jakim, JAIS, Sharia Islam is laid out for all to see and the Malay Sultan-agong Council of Rulers endorse and condone the stupidity as long as THEIR own family legacy remain rich and powerful...such is RADICAL IS Islam thinking and Ideology....no wonder they deserve to be removed ...obliterated from society....Islam = EVIL = Islam....  No need to be Romantics of Islam

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