Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Law of UN-EQUAL OF MALAYSIA Comparing "Bak Kut Teh" Vivian Lee and Idiot Sect radical Islam Zakir Naik Inspired preacher Zamihan Mat Zin

Zamihan Mat Zin criticising Sultan and Conference of Rulers Munafiq/hyprocrite Islam Leaders for not following the Ways of Allah Mohammed in segregrating muslim from non-muslim should be sent to jail for 6 months like Blogger Bak Kut Teh Vivian Lee for sedition.

What is the difference between Vivian Lee and this Bangsat IS Radical Islam Jakim Rubbish Zamihan Mat Zin??

Difference is that that Idiot Jakim , Shariah, JAIS, MAIS, MAIWP, UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara employee is a muslim, malay and a Radical Idiot Sect (IS)  Islam who Supports Zakir Naik, Abu Sayaf, Sulu IS ISlam , Taliban, Al Qeada,  Rohingya Islamic Terrorist, Hamas, Hezbollah, brotherhood of Islam like all malay IS Islam in UMNO-PAS bangsat Negara and Sultan-Agong govenor of Islam Malay only race.  All boils down to the UMNO-PAS sultan-agong govenor define Malay of Islam Followers are so Superior that they are SO Stupid to keep Following their EVIL Ways.  Vivian Lee is Chinese.  Such is the Law of Unfairness of Malaysia.  Who said there was Pork in the Bak Kut can add chicken, goat, fish, Beef to it and the Defence Lawyer was stupid to not have Argued this point....  Zamihan Mat Zin However have said things that is Far Worst than Vivian Lee.....Go to HELL IGP, POLICE and the Judiciary.....SACK That Bastard Zamihan Mat Zin and see what SH*T and Crap organisation hires him ....and Disband JAIS, JAKIM, Shariah, MAIS and those stupid Quran inspired Islamic Schools and Organisation that Breed Stupidity, EVIL Islamic Terrorist Teacher, Preacher and Prime Minister, govenor, sultan-agong.  Their salary are from pork eaters, dog lovers, beer drinkers and Curses Islam Allah Quran IS Crap!!

Zamihan Mat Zin Should be sacked from Haram Funded JAKIM, JAIS, JAKIM, MAIS, MAIWP and and SHUT ALL THOSE SHI*T Islamic Institution that makes more hard working Malays Stupid to condone this type of Quran Inspired Rubbish.  Expel Zakir Naik back to India for Inspiring those IS Detained malay Islam terrorist that wants to bomb Religious Building of other religion and disrupt, Deepavali, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Wesak....Beer, Pork, Dog Carnival.......Go to Hell and FIGHT BACK we must By Sacking Malaya from Sabah-Sarawak.  Leave Malaa to Collapse into Secular and Non Secular Nation and reconsider a union later AFTER we have Eliminated the Quran Inspired Idiot Sect From Malaya and destroy the Legacy of Islam in Malaysia like Spain have!!

21 Kids killed by IS ISlam religious School Fire was approved by Sultan Munafiq Islam Bible Robbers Selangor with Approval from Jakim, JIAS, MAIS , Sharia Islamic Quran Inspired Ideology.  Make Zamihan Mat Zin sit in JAIL for 6 months to show there is Justice in Malaysia....or go to HELL MaluSIAL!!  Sack Malaya from Sabah-Sarawak....Anyone of ANY Race and religion can be Prime Minister....and Zero Debt + Progress like Singapore...or be the Next Myanmar, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Syria, Somalia......The Choice is Obvious!

No Islam Bias nation or Administration is ANY GOOD in this world....  Make no mistake about it and we do not need to be Romantics to the EVIL and condoning of Terrorism by Radical ISLAM....  Take Malaysia a coming Failed state and If people are smart, they will withdraw all their MONEY from Malaysia and Let the Nation Crumble so that NEW Nation of Sabah, Sarawak, Penang, Selangor, Johor, Perak can Emerge to be the NEW Singapore ...  Right now in malaysia, its the Taliban IS Radical Islam UMNO-PAS with 100% approval from Corrupted Sultan-agong-Govenor across malaysia...while attempting genocide on the Natives Orang Asli in Kelantan, Sabah, sarawak!!  Avoid Malaysia and Boycott Malaysian Goods and halal goods if you can!!   Lets Try to Eliminate, Obliterate Radical Islamic Ideology, End the EVIL first...then understand the EVIL!!...note the priorities.....Its like LBGTQ Global either accept it or you are branded a loser..>GO to HELL!!

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