Sunday, September 09, 2018

IDIOT UMNO MALAY Bangsat Negara AHMAD MASLAN Wants Malaysian of ISLAMIC Faith To be islamic Terrorist and RAM the USA embassy as Well!!!!

No need to arrest....  EVERY MALAYSIAN That Hate him and Especially Gangsters, Samseng and Robbers and Those IS ISLAM terrorist Army in Malaysia who needs Money JUST RAM AND CRASH INTO Ahmad Maslan PALACE in  Seri Kembangan, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.  (Let me know if you want his Exact address but ANY STUPID ROBBERS KNOWS WHICH IS HIS HOUSE THERE......GOOGLE OR ASK ANYONE THERE!!) These Ministers HAVE NO MORE POLICE PROTECTION...SO GO AND ROB THEM ALL...These ARE UMNO Bangsat Negara People who have taken ALL YOUR Wealth and Make you Owe $1 Trillion Ringgit ....  Najib, Rosmah, Zahid Hamidi, Khairy, Pak Lah, Nazri, Bung Mokhtar, Musa Aman, Taib, Sultan-Agong, IGP, General....

He is also the IS ISLAM Malay UMNO IDIOT who says "Black Shoe Shoes have more Germs" than white........Why Islam Idiot UMNO-PAS Whipping Pedophilia Condoning Shariah Quran educate SUCH STUPID Ex -UMNO Bangsat ministers ENDORSED BY Another Legion of Idiot 9 Educated Sultan-Agong??  Shariah, Jakim, Jasi, Mais and ALL ISLAMIC Religious Schools Cost Tax Payers $38 Billion Ringgit YEARLY To Maintain.....Why Not to Orang Asli those money to be channelled.?...stop the Islamic genocide of orang asli by UMNO-PAS-PKR Sultan-Agong and Govenor of malaySIAL!!  END THE 60 years Government Sponsorship OF ISLAMIC RELIGIOUS LAWS, Activities in Schools and Across MALAYSIAL.....NOW!!

Eliminate and Obliterate HIM!! And Get Rich with $5,000,000 Ringgit Stash in his house Like Najib, Rosmah, Zahid Jawa Hamidi, Khairy, Nazri Sultan-Agong house!!  AYUH  Semua Penjenayah OPEN HOUSE Kat Rumah Bangsat Ahmad Maslan, Zahid Hamidi....etc  TAKE ALL YOU WANT....Police will investigate/Siasat 9 years later like How Long for MRS Gandhi have to Wait....and still waiting to get her Force Convert to Islam Child Back!!  IGP -POLICE IDIOT....When are you going to ENFORCE THE COURT ORDER TO RETURN MRS GANDHI CHILD??  ANYONE WITH INFORMATION WHERE THE ISLAMIC NGO IS HIDING MRS GANDHI FORCE CONVER TO ISLAM CHILD IN PERAK .....GIVE ME THE ADDRESS Here on the comments AND I WILL SEND MY BLACK OPS AND TEAM NINJA TO MAKE CITIZEN ARREST BY FORCE AND WITH PREJUDICE!!

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