Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Agong Malaysia Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah....Are you asking each individual MP how much they can transfer to your wife, your son, your relatives, your proxy Foreign bank Account before you do something?? the Harapan government was voted in legally....ANYTHING YOU DO THAT Install A Government that have UMNO-PAS-BN-Bangsat Negara + GPS Being Majority is the FINAL NAIL TO YOUR SULTANATE Across Malaysia.

Just Remember the RAKYAT IS THE AGONG OF DEMOCRACY......!!  TO KICK OUT HARAPAN GOVERNMENT LIKE IN PERAK WILL MAKE YOU AND YOUR RULERS IN VERY DANGEROUS FOOTINGS!!...Heck it May even END YOUR Fake Sultanate.....SO MANY MALAYS in Coffee shop, Pasar are condemning the Do NOTHING SULTAN...Selangor, johor TMJ, Kelantan Kahwin Russia....Billionaire Permaisuri Trengganu.....while they Struggle to cari Makan......Every Malay Tulin I speak to keeps saying..... " APA FAEDAH KITA GUNA $10 Billion SETAHUN Bela golongan Atasan Sultan-agong-Govenor-Jakim-Shariah-Jais-semua Agensi Islam....kita masih tak dapat apa-apa rezeki melainkan REZEKI CORONA VIRUS LAPAR!!

While we Wait, have you EVER Criticize the BLACK DEEP HOLE OF MALAYSIA ECONOMY of $1 Trillion Debt After 62 Years of UMNO-PAS-BN - GPS  Bangsat Negara Racist administration??

Have you and your WIFE EVER Criticize the Delay in Enforcing Court Order to IGP to Return Diksa Prasana to Mrs Gandhi.....EVER???  NOW YOU ARE EXPERIENCING THE CURSE....ITS TOO LATE NOW....THE CURSE ON MALAYSIA IS DEEP AND WILL FOREVER Condemn Malaysia to Pariah State due to this Simple Task of At Least a Word of Dissatisfaction.....  I hope one of this day your Grand Children, niece, nephew gets kidnap and force to convert to Other Religion and feel the Pain of Normal Rakyat like Mrs Gandhi!!

Have you ever Condemn and Criticiae Najib-Rosmah & Co of their Excessive Lavish Life style.....or Hisshamuddin Lavish Life style at the expense of those Orang Asli that are experiencing Systemic Genocide because they SAY NO TO EVIL ISLAM....???  your State will BE Cursed Like Kelantan with Eternal Flood and Demise!!

Have you ever acknowledge that Singapore Method is Superior and APOLOGISE TO ALL MALAYSIAN THAT ISLAM -ARAB-MALAY-Racist SONGKOK Protocol-TUDUNG Melayu KHAT IDEOLOGY HAVE FAILED MALAYSIA AND WILL CONTINUE TO FAIL....???  TOO Proud to admit means MORE CHAOS AND ECONOMIC DOWN TURN FOR MALAYSIA.......  NOW TESCO WILL BE SELLING OUT OF MALAYSIA AND GOOD LUCK TO Melayu Arab Finding a JOB Because Tun Dr Bapa Kemerosotan Malaysia Will IMPORT 200,000 LOW SKILL Pakistani to replace Arab Malay Job and Spread Corona Covid 2020 Virus
 to your Arab Malay  Kampung and place of gathering!!..>Padan Muka!!

Your role is to facilitate Transition...NOT See Who can give you Benefit Like Sultan Berak Gamuda Deal with Najib-Rosmah and Gang.....See NOW Perak in 2020 is becoming a Worst Performing state....because a CURSE HAVE BEEN PUT Until the EVIL of Corona Covid 2020 Korrupsi Money ENDS with the Sultan & Agong, Rulers and Govenors.....See Sarawak...>Sabah.....Malacca..... ONE THING IS  CERTAIN WHERE THERE IS CHINESE AND INDIANS THERE IS HOPE....SEE PENANG...SELANGOR.....SO DON'T BE RACIST WITH YOUR BROTHERHOOD OF ISLAM TERRORIST HAMAS-HEZBOLLAH AGENDA.....IT ALWAYS FAIL AND FAIL BADLY IN ISLAM BAIS NATION.



MalaysSIAL is a classic example because we have a Singapore to Measure against!!...Once we were ONE Nation......Now MaluSIAL Malaysia is in Economic Collapse!!.>>Everyone Investor and business Get out and SELLLLL Ringgit NOW!!!

Click Sign Sack IGP & Muhyiddin Yassin - ex Home Minister

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