Thursday, March 21, 2013

Operation Daulat then OPS SAPU Pakatan in ISA??

WARNING!!!  OPS SAPU ISA can happen anytime......Lets disrupt UMNO-BN EVIL plan Now!!

Inside Information brewing that UMNO racist with IGP & Police & Army are using those SULU Terrorist caught to sign a confession that ALL Pakatan Leaders have asked them to create problem in Sabah.  They are threaten with DEATH by hanging if they don't sign the confession.  UMNO-BN can be using Anwar, Lim Kit Siang, Mat Sabu, Karpal, Lim Guan Eng, Rafizi, Nik Aziz, Gobin, Tony Pua, Khalid....etc respective mobile number to send SMS to the mobile phone of these Sulu Terrorist.

Pakatan Leaders have no idea how come those SMS are not on their hand set but can be sent to those Sulu Terrorist mobile.  Believe me this is all possible. Its happening now with all these mobile Scam and Sham. Any telco people with any brains can edit any file and make it seem like its from your mobile and thus your dispute is rendered invalid in Malaysia Sham court.  Of course there are also mobile provider systems/tools that are available to crooks, gangs, terrorist, corrupt government to implicate innocent people.

If Altantuya Immigration record can be erased, it also means records can be INSERTED.  It means it can be inserted into your mobile phone list of SMS, by date, time order.  Those IT tech must be working overtime to try make the timing as close as possible to where these Pakatan Leaders were on those Eventful WAR days in Sabah.  Making it look legally correct and prove their guilt!!.  Pakatan leaders will be charged with treason because those police and soldiers were killed defending Malaysia.

UMNO-BN Najib, Tun Kemerosotan Malaysia, Hissapmumb, Muhidong, Zahid Hamasdin.....all working on OPS ISA SAPU Pakatan.  Then election is called on the day these Pakatan Leaders in Prison and cannot campaign.  UMNO-BN will say election must be called as stated in the constitution and by Project  EC/SPR.  Pakatan Leaders will be kept hidden for 14 days but election will be over in 7 days.  Agong/Sultan, all will just keep quiet and play their part according to UMNO-BN tune!!

Now these terrorist are in court, saying all kinds of things under duress.  The question is what will Rakyat do??  Don't expect Sultan / Agong to do anything.  They are oblivious of how the WAR on Sabah occured.  Oblivious of the suffering of Malaysian in Sarawak. Oblivious of the lies and sham, scam, corruption, murder by UMNO-BN, oblivious, oblivious #$%^*&%$#.  Hell will freeze over, before Sultan/Agong does anything!!!  Rakyat Malaysia UNITE to Obliterate the UMNO-BN + Ruling Elite SHAM and SCAM!!

In order to frustrate UMNO-BN evil plan, lets spread the news and get geared up for the event IF it occurs.

Organise, Disrupt, Obliterate UMNO-BN.

The campaign will be run from here!!

OPS Freedom/Bebas will be invoked.  Together with OPS MAT KILAU!!! 


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