Tuesday, March 05, 2013

SABAH..Stand FIRM....Fight to Keep Terrorist and UMNO Terrorist OUT!!

 MANY CIVILIANS ALSO DIED...why no report??   #^&*(*#!

For all you know maybe the death of Malaysian are 50, 100, 200....all paid HUSH money...manage media ..manage the rakyat.  UMNO is expert....like the PSY....SHAM...this is a BIGGER SPIN SHAM in the RTM rooms these days.  Thanks to Internet....ITS Najib, Muhiddin, Hissapmuddin, Zahid Hamidi, Agong & Sultan Fault......IGP & Generals TOP BRASS Also better gantung diri/ hang yourself for the blood of the Dead police/army/rakyat.  YES MANY CIVILIANS ALSO DIED!!!  But media trying to cover up this matter BIG TIME.    UMNO-BN, Ruling Elite ALL STUFFED UP BIG TIME.

If convention of parliament is taken seriously....with election Less than 60 days away.....  We need to be in Caretaker Mode.....i.e Anwar will have a say in how to deal with these TERRORIST.  Equal Power in running the state of the nation.

Lets not kid ourselves with this Sabah SPIN Sham....as out law, gun holders, Sulu Sultan team, and some lame name to play down the issues.....  MALAYSIA DISERANG / ATTACKED!!  Tun Bapa Kemerosotan Malaysia can try to talk the Islamic "Kum ba yah" way like Najib, Muhiddin, Zahid Hamidi(where is this Pondan btw??), Hisspmuddin.  UMNO-BN show Maximum fire power when fighting with UNARMED, OLD, children BERSIH 3.0 rally.....  Now we know how UMNO-BN reacts to Guns and terror....Sabahans need to start thinking taking control of your own borders, RICH resources and right to live a FREE life away from the DICTATION of UMNO racist.

Its good that someone have put a spanner to UMNO Evil works there in Sabah.....Now you know why this PROJECT EC/SPR needed to be invoked to allow overseas voters to vote.  The Sabah project IC people cannot be relied or trusted upon now.....so Plan B.  Massive Fraud on Project EC/SPR Phantom overseas votes.  As we focus on this Sabah issues....Truck Loads of postal votes have been carried to those MARGINAL Parliament Seats as we speak.  We need a big FALSE FLAG to get other things into order.  2 weeks ago a BIG police spin for Election as reported in the UMNO Media.  More Police for GE13.  Now that these project EC Phantom votes Sham in place....probably in police station or army camp......Those police and Army should BURN them.  You see UMNO have Killed Your Police, Army, civilians/rakyat in Sabah for the sake of staying in power.  Ignore your 4 star generals, IGP....they are all USELESS.

As I have said give me 3 Apache strike helicopter and I will wipe them .....  now the time have passed...the terrorist are changing their clothes and back among the Sabah Rakyat.  So keep an eye out for those murderers.  They will appear again when UMNO-BN get KICK OUT Proper in the GUT in the coming election.  Make sure the PBS Pairins and Ongkilis are history by then.....(btw where are these Scums hiding after making Najib chief of Kadazan??)  To Tourism minister MCA Ng Ibrahim Yen Yen Face.....go walk in Sabah KK, Kuching, Tawau, lahat Datu, Semporna...etc if you think Sabah is so SAFE.......  No one thinks you are a worthy kidnap candidate.....they prefer rakyat, police and army as bargaining tools.

Malaysia is Stuffed....Sabah is Stuffed......Restart, RESET, ABU, UBAH, KELUAR & TELANJANG UMNO-BN!!!....make Singapore 2 & 3 a reality!!!  Live your Dream and NONE of UMNO-Terrorist Dream!!

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