Thursday, October 10, 2013

UMNO Racist getting ready with ISA 2 in different name of PCA to shoot & imprison ANY Malaysian oppose to UMNO-BN Islam Cult ideology!!

But they (rakyat Malaysia)  miss the point. All political activity is aimed at: (1) gaining power, (2) holding onto power and (3) using power to transfer wealth, status and more power to the insiders.

There are two ways a government can rip off its citizens – force and/or fraud. Health care uses both.The beauty of democracy is that it defrauds the average person into believing that he has been taken into the ruling elite. He thinks that, ultimately, he decides what government does. Naturally, he deserves a share in the spoils.

All government is an exercise in larceny. All governments take things away from some people – power, money, dignity, freedom – to bestow favors on the ruling elite and its clients. The masses willingly and eagerly comply, as long as they think they can get something out of it – that is, someone else’s property.
To win elections, governments need to give as well as take. So, in addition to public safety and national security, they offer free health care, free education, free highways, and free elections to determine who gets what. 

Taken from various quotes and collection........a sign of times and more so in Malaysia as UMNO Racist readies itself with sweeping powers on ISA 2 to CLAMP down on Malaysian who oppose UMNO-BN + Sultan approval of course.... 

Malaysia can start the Agenda 2020 and Migrating to Sabah-Sarawak.....take power Sack Malaya and create a new and FASTER Growth Region.........Sack Malaya much in the same way UMNO-BN + Sultan Sacked Singapore....this time we see how Malaya perform.....  bangkit Bantah!!

When Injustice becomes Law, Resistance is DUTY!! 

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