Monday, December 23, 2013

Change ..>>We must.....of the Present...and not be Romantics of Past or Future.....

The current UMNO-BN + Sultan Sulu + Abu Sayaf terrorist are the present ILLS that have DESTROYED MALAYSIA.  No point trying to negotiate with deft, dumb, evil minded racist and slavery driven agenda Leaders.  Out they go now, today and the future WILL change for the Better.   UMNO-BN + Sultan Munafiq Islam Mind set is set in stone with all their wealth and trappings.  Cannot give up on the easy money to enjoy the live, while in a fake sense show their concern via Permata, child care, disable, surau, temple, and feel good Malaysia Brain washing media stories....

Nothing that is left Unchanged in the present, can make a better tomorrow.  EVIL ends Today is better than a continuous EVIL tomorrow......and there is a possibility that a new Evil can emerge tomorrow or a GOOD LIFE agenda starts tomorrow.

The paradigm we need is to Change Today...this second, minute hour...  No matter how hard you try, you cannot change the past or the future...that is the reality.  The reality is NOW....this moment in history, not next hour or tomorrow.....the reality is NOW.  NOW is this second.  That is the reality.  Sit ponder and wonder are you any better off with racist slave making UMNO-BN +  Sultan-Agong??  If not then Change it NOW....  Not tomorrow but now.  Don't make the tomorrow another 60 years of racist bigots rule of UMNO-BN + SUltan Agong Approval.

Make to Sabah/Sarawak, when this reality happens, sack malaya.  Let the Terrorist UMNO-BN + Sultan Agong approval ponder on what could have been......  We have the destiny of Change Today for a Different Tomorrow.  That means we need to Sack terrorist sponsoring UMNO-BN with Sultan -Agong Approval from running and RUINING our lives.

It is a Good Christmas to ALL....lets be MERRY and SACK Malaya..leave malaya with $1 Trillion Ringgit debt to manage & the CHAOS that follows....  We have a New tomorrow and a New Nation to build in Sabah & Sarawak......>Singapore Welcome to Join.  Use Allah word Freely because we CHOOSE to DEFY, Defend and EXERCISE OUR FREEDOM ..>TODAY!!

Sack malaya & the Racist Agenda of UMNO-BN & Sultan Munafiq Islam Agong!  Here they are defender of Islam ....there somehow they can lay their hands on johor Malay reserve land and Sell it for $4.5 Billion and benefit the same CIRCLE of Shamful Sultan-Agong family & UMNO-BN.  This is TERRORISM of the highest order because no poor Malaysian will benefit from these SCUMS corruptions.....multiply that with 9 Sultan-Agong + UMNO-BN Scums and the money goes out of Malaysia is about $200 Billion.  Same for Felda, Petronas....etc..etc...and billions and billions out flow....Rakyat happy to accept this reality because
Nothing was done for 60 Years to end it Today!!  Because it is not ended today,  it continues tomorrow....simple logic  Sultan Perak Munafiq Islam gave an insight of what money can buy during the election of 2008 and the daughter of Sultan Perak is the wife of current Sultan Johor.......Now the alliance is complete...lets see how they insult the people or bring REAL progress....they are the ones with UMNO-BN who have the Billions $$$$$ of your money.....or will CONTINUOUS Natural disaster strike Malaysia until people wake up to corruption infrastructure Sham....flood, roof collapse, release Dam water to Kill,  Landslide from logging to Kill, Road tol to kill....  People will soon realise WHAT IS IN IT FOR ME???

Today change must happen!!  Merry Christmas!! Migrate to Sabah Sarawak and SACK Malaya...agenda 2020!!

Bangkit ..Bantah and RALLY...the Rally against price rise and continuous evil regime and Election Sham!! Rally against INJUSTICE, CRIME and UMNO-SULU -ABU SAYAF terrorist to end !!  2014 Year of RALLY!!

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