Monday, December 16, 2013

Rules of engagement

We have an Objective

We need to stop making changes to Accomodate the brain washing of Peace, safety when Crime, injustice terrorism attack on Sabahans and Terrorist criminals are running the streets of Malaysia.  In the midst of some UMNO Islamic agenda, criminals and Crime in Malaysia all called terrorist, but UMNO-Sulu-Abu Sayaf terrorist under approval of Agong/Sultan are called Gunmen roaming the streets.

Don't be romantics to Malaysia Brain washing media lies and sham....

Name sake Tanah melayu...bumiputera plot of land but Sultan Munafiq Islam UMNO Johor somehow can get his hands on Hecters of Land and Sell to Chinese and other developers for $4.8 Billion ringgit.  Only recently this murderer son of Sultan Johor demolish a surau because buddist used it for prayer in a resort.....
In one hidden swoop...he conned the malays and orang asli of a windfall using the usual Religion blanket to cover the eyes so that corruption and cahoots between UMNO+ Sultan not seen.  Thanks to internet, more malays...yes mind you malay are rebelling and waiting for the time to end the UMNO+Sultan Munafiq Islam Alliance.

UMNO-BN malay and Sultan lemmings like to sing to this Sick tune of Misery and slavery for malays....not knowing malays are singing their demise on that ONE FINE DAY of CITIZEN Arrest.

UMNO Malay  Racist + Sultan/Agong have Delusion of Grandeur.    They want to make islam holy friday in Johor again like in days of past......but those who oppose will be seen as anti Islam, Sultan and malays in one hit.  When the Barang Naik / Price increase and Hunger strikes....lets see if Allah help the Sultan and the UMNO leaders in their day of reakoning.  Malaysia is doom and now is the right time to make preparation to migrate to Sabah-Sarawak and create a more advance and better world.  Surely this Sham of Sultan getting Cash payment $4.5 Billion should not shock you too much....previously for the sake of Democracy in Perak, that Sultan Munafiq also got a few Billions via proxy of Gamuda the builder of the LRT and rail extension to the tune of $10 Billion....

Looks like the bumiputera malays have really been screwed proper after 60 years of shouting Nationalistic malay unity Sham.....  Now in hunger and weak...its on your own and the UMNO+ Sultan UNDERSTAND your PLIGHT but will help 5 Families but SHOW it on RTM and Reported on MEDIA 365 times a year and do a documentary to feed your ILLUDION Driven mentality....  But soon Hunger and Anger will wake up to bring an end to this UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong Grandeur Illusion.

Word of advise is, don't be in hospital with drip feed trying to change Malaysia for the better....DO IT NOW!!

Bangun Bangkit Bantah KOS HIDUP tinggi, High Tax/tax tinggi and Cukai tanah tinggi....  Lodge a permit DAILY to RALLY on the Streets of Malaysia.....and give the PDRM Terrorist HELL!!@#$%^

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