Monday, December 09, 2013

Proven UMNO-Sulu-Abu Sayaf is also UMNO-Hamas Terrorist Organisation

Fancy meeting with Hamas leader and talking reconciliation....Hamas - Hezbollah - Taliban - Sulu - Abu Sayaf - Jemmiah Islamiah all have terrorist links to UMNO and Sultan/Agong.  Did you see the Agong/Sultan speak out against terrorist as Defender of Islam Malaysia??  Ziltch.  Now it is getting clearer that the Sham of Racist Islamic Cult UMNO + Sultan to Sack  Singapore and retain Sabah-Sarawak is to Force them under Duress to sign their slavery away.

It is nothing wrong to RIGHT the wrong of History.  You have paid and corrupted Scums like the MCA and MIC and Now PBS and PBB....they signed away rights of Chinese, Indians, Iban, Penan, Kadazan, Murut, Orang Asli.  Now the Agong - Sultan + UMNO are in an Alliance to do the same tango that sacked Singapore.....this time its seems WHATEVER it takes to Destroy any Rebellion.  Even if the rebellion is in thoughts, words and deeds of Boycott.

Mandela died,  but Tun Dr,.Racist M says he admire him the most......??@#$%^& The Father of malaysia demise and racist God of UMNO...  what an insult to Mandela legacy.  The cheek of Tun to associated with him.   There the UMNO claim they honour Mandela and here we have hand shake with HAMAS-Hezbollah Terrorist groups by UMNO and Approved by Sultan-Agong. ...You wonder Allah can bless have FLOOD.....  A testerment to your Munafiq Islam Cult UMNO - Approved by Sultan -Agong.  The Blessing from Allah is more floods, economic crisis and chaos...and only the Death of UMNO and Sultan - Agong Aproved racism can stop the trouble ahead of malaysia or Sabah-Sarawak SACK Malaya!!!

Sabah - Sarawak need to start attracting migration from those seeking to retire and preserve wealth from Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, England...etc.  Why take islam terrorist like Abu Sayaf, Jemmiah Islamiah, Umno-PBS -Sulu terrorist??  Sell stuff in Malaya like properties then Sack Malaya.  We don't need the munafiq Terrorist sponsoring UMNO + Sultan Approved racist acts to govern our lives.  We have the will and the power to migrate and it has started in 2013.  by 2020 we Sack malaya and have ENGLISH as the Medium of commerce, need to send children to private schools and be seen disadvantage anymore.  ALL UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong send their children + relative to ENGLISH Medium private schools in the name of making you dumber and preserving theUMNO Islam Cult + Sultan -Agong Racist dominant legacy.  Fortunately when you want population dominance, you suffer malnutrition + misery if you keep following the UMNO-Islam Cult of born malay = Islam sickness.

A great man Mandela is in his version of Truth & Reconciliation tribunal......Mandela did not go the Zimbabwe or Malaysia way of forcing whites and discriminating against them in business.  Today South Africa is one the richest nation in Africa.....albeit its problems with crime.  Its time to Migrate to Sabah/Sarawak and SACK Malaya....that is the Agenda 2020 for Malaysian.  Law & Order, Judiciary, education, election commission are all STUFFED with UMNO Nazi Goons - approved by sultan-agong to continue the racist agenda.  Now the Ponzi is about to explode...they talk Islam , race and Royalty.  If these things cannot feed your children then you need to take action and OCCUPY.....Citizen Arrest all UMNO-BN leaders......leave the Sultan-Agong in their Ivory glass tower as a museum piece.... a legacy of what they REALLY did to alleviate your current Need.... do nothing to these leeches too!!...But Spare not the UMNO-BN scums and their Islamic terrorist they sponsor in Sabah - Sarawak.  Show no mercy and DON'T be a ROMANTIC to Crime and Terrorism!!

Help the Iban, Penans, Orang Asli, the Kadazan, Murut, malays, chinese, indians,  that are NOT them to migrate too to Sabah-Sarawak...and send the UMNO-Sulu-Abu Sayaf islamic terrorist to Malaya!!

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