Monday, June 05, 2017

Jiba = Cowards Radical Islamic terrorist fighting unarmed people..... Cowards like thos London Islamic Radical Terrorist!!

Radical Islamic terrroist are supported by Malaysia UMNO-PAS & Sultan agong-Govenors, Council of Rulers who are all Malay Muslim Racist radical Islam Race.  No wonder they Tolerate and condone the Beatings of Tawfiq, of Kota Tinggi Religious Schools approved by none other than Sharia Sultan-agong group of Radical Islam promoters.  The world should wake up to their vast business dealing in Qatar, and Freeze their money because they are all Supporters of Radical Islamic Terrorist case they need to call on them to fight for them when Malaysia DISINTERGRATE!!

 We know these are Fake news like Sultan Selangor giving directive as to what can be done and cannot be done....When over the years uMNo-Pas Bangsat negara have given speeches and paid for titles given by Sultan Jiba Selangor....who Will Not condemn sekolah Agama Killing of Tawfiq not Condemn Manchester and london Radical Islamic Terrorist and also Zakir Naik Hate preaching in Mosque and Surau all over Selangor...that is called JIBA...Coward Islamic Terrorist..... time to Expose those Families whose children Dies Serving IS in Syria , Phillipines, Afganistan fighting for Radical islam.....and Burn their Homes and kampung down ....starting from sabah sulu, abu sayaf that Council of rulers support ..the Isreal way is BEST!!... Jiba = those Johor Friday prayers Road Blockers Jiba islam melayu UMNO-PAS terrorist!

Thanks to donplaypuks on more donation that Najib used to Silence the Sultan-agong-Govenor Corruption and JIBA Radical Islamic Sharia followers and cowars to return Paint Brushes that was illegally taken from retailers in the name of Islam Jakim, Jais, Jabatan Agama, Sharia Jiba-Coward Islam acts!!

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