Wednesday, June 21, 2017

NOTHING GOOD Exist in MALAYSIA IN ITS CURRENT FORM...Its time TO Destroy MalaySIAL Economically.....Its Syria, Afganistan, pakistan, Zimbabwe, Libya in the making....Create your own Space and defend it Like Isreal - SINGAPORE!!!!

If a Bangla can be bumiputera ....  a right originally intended for Orang Asli can be stolen and abuse by UMNO-PAS Malay Bangsat Negara.... and in Pujut....UMNO_PAS - PBB sarawak Bangsat Negara Speaker and Election commission acting beyond their Jurisdiction to enforce Crap IS Islam Laws to disqualify MP.....  To hell With Malaysia System of justice and Judiciary.  Goes to Show Sultan-Agong_Govenor IS ISlam will continue to condone IS radical Islam UMNO-PAS chaotic Agenda because they thinks their few guns can control the 99% Malaysian sick of their Ongoing Felda Corruption!!

How is that Pujut Dr Ting Tiong Choon still struggles to have his wife, children family get Malaysian citizen and still struggle after 20 Years.....YET the Bastard Orang Asli Land Robber Taib Mohd Govenor IS Islam of Sarawak can get it for his IS ISlam Syria Wife- Rahad as Bumiputera Citizen Malaysia in Less than 12 months.  Its Obvious there is a LINK TO IS Radical ISLAM Terrorist Songkok Babi  ideology!!  While these malay Idiot Sect muslim UMNO-PAS-Sultan-agong-govenor scumbag try to make BIAS Racist  Islam muslim agenda, we continue to HELP MUSLIM - ISLAM LAST Forever Until 12 New District and Sharia is Abolish Across MalaysiaL!!

There lies the continual Sickness of Radical Islam UMNO-PAS sultan-agong govenor malay muslim Racist terrorist ideology going on for 60 Years......same goes for Education entry to local university, business...etc.  Is it a wonder then why there is a NEED to Destroy Malaysia Economy and the Radical Malay ISLAM UMNO-PAS Bangsat negara ideology so as to Allow 12 new Nation to appear??  NOTHING GOOD Exist in MALAYSIA IN ITS CURRENT FORM.  IF Malaysia do NOT react FAST and Claim their own State...then the SYRIA-Zimbabwe-Nor Korea-Afganistan-Pakistan Like Malaysia will Emerge...

1% Islam malays UMNO-PAS Sultan-agong-govenor are like the the Bullies, Killers, murderers of Bullies of T. Nhaveen, like North Korea Torture of Otto Warmbie of USA, like killers of Mohamed Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi, 11by Malaysia Religious Schools staff.....

When Malaysia Shun these 1% Malays Leaders of UMNO-PAS-sultan-Agong-Govenor of Gadaffi, Assad, Sadam, Idi Amin type Thinking.....YOU BETTER WATCH OUT !!......Mercy will be Hard to Find.....  Leave islam and Leave Malaysia for YOUR OWN GOOD......or Face the Appropriate Punishment from your Maker!!

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