Wednesday, June 14, 2017

London Fire...Nothing Good when Islam -Sharia enclave and communities start to build and exert their influence...Just like Malaysia Today with the Idiot Sect UMNO-PAS Radical islam malay continue to Financce the Abu sayaf, Sulu and South Thailand Islamic Radical terrorist!!

Radical Malay IS Islam elements of loose partnership with UMNO-PAS claims responsibility for the burning of the London Tower.  Then Later retracting the Quran Inspired Islam EVIL deeds when they realised that many muslim died from their EVIL deeds.  Apparently some sources say that these Radical Islam Terrorist on the Watch list were residing around Level 3-5 of the building.  Some eye witness saw these IS Islam muslim looking male and hijab female elements laughing when the fire started but soon turned scared and ran away because they Killed their fellow muslim in Ramadan.  How many times has it been said that no Islam  BIAS run administration is any good??  No Islam Bias housing area,  No islam Bias Nation, no Islam Bias Religious schools across Malaysia,....Nothing of islam - Quran Origins are any good to society.    Leave and Abandon Islam, embrace other Religion to have a Better Life!! Together Lets March and END Sharia law across the world and especially in Commonwealth Countries....That Means Malaysia too!! ...the alternative is to Break Malaysia up to 12 New nation.....Agenda 2020!!

Now those  muslim  malay and other muslim in England trying to put some show of charity in Ramadan by offering some Tokenism stuff to those Muslim ISLAM Killed in Ramadan, in London!!  So convenient and strange that no Official IS claiming responsibility for fellow their fellow Evil Muslim Death....  Normally any death is always the Acts of Quran Innspired Radical Muslim Acts!!

All Malay muslim students now will need to inform Authorities in England and other Western nation "IF they Agree with Sharia Laws implementation or NOT in Western Society"....Lets hope they are all deported !!

There is an OBVIOUS connection between Islamic Radical Terrorism and Islam and Quran....Do you have Rocks on your Head if you think otherwise??  If you sickos, Romantics to Radical Islam muslim and  deny this then there is no connection between Mao Tze Tung Red book and Communism....Might as well GO TO HELL THEN!!

OF COURSE there is link between Quran-Islam and Radical Islam terrorism and ALL kinds of things EVIL.

Of Course there is links between Muslim-Islam Ramadan and the need for your children in Johor to Eat in Toilets!!

Of Course there is links between Quran Muslim-Islam and Radical UMNO-PAS Corrupted Islam malays and their ideology to have you cover ALL your body when you go to hospitals and ANY government agency.

of course there is links between quran-islam muslim refugees all over the world with Radical Islam terrorist acts.

Of course there is links between muslim-Islam-Quran and all those islamic Schools that teaches kids of Quran Mastery and then Whack the hell of them till they die like Tawfiq in Sekolah Agama Kota Tinggi, johor Baru and these Evil Acts are condone and supported by Sultan Agong-UMNO-PAS Bangsat negara Evil Islamic Idiot Sects!!

Trotting out the more favourable but superseded verses to defend Islam while simultaneously presenting it as a pacific creed is taqiyya in action– the slippery business of telling sanctified lies in order to further the cause.

Preaching in mosques and elsewhere must be strictly monitored, also the teaching at Islamic schools. Those found to promulgate material deemed contrary to pledges publicly given or deemed threats to the security of our country or residents need to be promptly and permanently deported where and when this is possible. Second offences will incur lengthy jail sentences.

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