Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Don't Let UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong take away YOUR GOD Given Opportunity!!

Raja Petra trying hard to sing praises of Sultan on the day England have new heir ....3rd in line.  The difference is like Heaven and Earth.  Why bother with 9 Sultan of Malaysia when they did their Best to ENFORCE RACISM in Malaysia by sacking Singapore.  Why?? #$%^&  Stop trying to defend the Racist Legacy of Sultan and Sabah/Sarawak....YOU HAVE BEEN DUPED BIG TIME!!  Sack Malaya....and people of Kuala Besut Just Vote PAS!!

The moment you have an opportunity to profit from something...UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong comes swopping down like vultures and justify a need of license to do you little business.  Setting Racist rules and regulation instead of copying and learning.   Imagine everything needs a license....your Billboard must have Malay words bigger than English, Indian, Chinese characters........Get perfect score in examination ...you miss out on the University of your choice because a certain Race, Colour, Religion License and Quota is needed to be applied to you.

Use Allah and some other Arabic word...these useless UMNO-BN + Sultan/Agong racist agenda needs to patent some words....then we should Patent Tuhan and GOD so that NO UMNO + Sultan/Agong can't use them and cause Sedition and insult ...@#$%^&!;  This is the Racist Sickness of Malaya Law and Order that those Sabahans-Sarawakians continue to support.  Work to get sacked like Singapore and then Realise the difference for Generations to come...or suffer another 500 years in misery and under the TERRORISM of UMNO-BN and Sultan-Agong.

Stupid TITAS compulsory for private university because the License to operate is dependent on those Private schools SUBMITTING to UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong brain washing Racist Agenda.  Why not Teach CORRUPTION, RACISM, MERITOCRACY........????@#$%^&!!;  Meanwhile the UMNO+ sultan-agong keeps sending their children+ relative to ELITE private schools in Malaysia and Overseas at your expense.  UMNO continue to USE the UMNO-Sponsored Sulu Terrorist Guns to threaten you in case you try to REBEL!!  These Scumbags of UMNO + Sultan-Agong have the fire power to threaten.....But they can never THREATEN a UNITED 60% of Malaysian or Sabah/Sarawakians wanting to Sack Malaya and give back the Debt of $1 Trillion to them. 

For Carrying a gun they hang Malaysian...but if you are a UMNO-Sulu Terrorist Terrorising with launcher, bombs....UMNO-BN + Sultan prefer to Bincang in the name of Unity in Islam!  When is the Justice systems going to HANG those Umno-Sulu Terrorist caught with guns?? #$%^&*

Its 60 years and 2013......a top achieving student cannot get to a course of his/her choice in Local University and one POORER performing Malay-muslim is allowed in is a trvesty of Justice and an INSULT.  It is also SEDITIOUS to Islam, Christian, Buddism, Hinduism.  This is called the SICKNESS of RACISM approved by Sultan-Agong ...... in the same manner it Approved the sacking of Singapore to have a Majority Malay Race Evil Agenda....60 years ..and ongoing for another...400 years until Sabah/Sarawak Sack malaya or continue the EVER WORSENING Crime, misery living in Malaysia...   The rest as we say is history....Allah Blessed Singapore and Cursed Malaya......Sabah/Sarawak can break that CURSE by Sacking Malaya....USE the POWER of YOUR Constitution and DETACH From Malaya.  Then see the Progress!  power is Sabah and Sarawakians Hands

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