Monday, July 29, 2013

Obliteration of UMNO-BN + Sultan Agong Racist ideology is the ONLY Solution...

So what have changed after 60 Years of independence????  #$%^&*

Same test, better result....Cannot get into course of choice due to quota, reason, colour, race. religion, connection....RACISM....with Sultan./Agong Approval.

Same sedition, insult, Sham....different treatment by police, judges, law and order with Sultan./Agong Approval.

Carry a gun...its a hanging crime......An army carrying guns like the UMNO-Sulu Terrorist in Sabah...they sit down on round table and discuss the problem???

Houston we have a SERIOUS Problem in malaysia...there is NO LAW and LAW and CHAOS if you hold the Guns!!  @#$%^&

Land stolen, kicked out, resettle elsewhere, so that UMNO-BN + Sultan -Agong profit from it......FAST FORWARD.....14 years later...building you settled in is crumbling.....14 years ago you thought the deal was great, sweet, hidup UMNO-BN+ Sultan Agong....  like this 80 families from the Taman Permata low-cost flats in Dengkil.  low cost flat crumbling after 14 years......Now living in tent...but if its UMNO-BN + Sultan Agong they will be in 5 star hotels.....  Get Angry and Get Mad...its UMNO-BN Fault!  These UMNO-BN Scumbags will make you think its not their Fault when it was planned 15 years ago!!!   No wonder the Real Orang Asli like Penan wants their OWN Land rather that be Slave or Cheated by the UMNO-BN-PBB-PBS + Sultan Agong.....

We need to UNITE to SACK malaya from Sabah/Sarawak to  bring about Change in Malaysia....HOW??  Use the 60% people power in Sabah/Sarawak to Sack the UMNO-PBB and UMNO-PBS......then sack malaya.  The moment you sack Malaya its TRUE FREEDOM... UMNO-BN crumble because the Parliamentary Seats is no longer 133 for UMNO-BN...its Zero....kosong...because this is the NEW Malaya...with debt of $1 Trillion given to UMNO-BN + Sultan -Agong to settle or the Debt would be your life in malaya. Knowing these scums will run with the help of Army, Police like those scumsbags of Gadaffi Family or President Assad......  We Catch them and make them live the Life of MISERY and Suffering!!

Everyday we have crime, killings and only if you hold guns like those UMNO-Sulu Terrorist.......there will be NO ROOM for Discussion.....bincang....Apa lagi UMNO-BN-Sultan-Agong Mahu??  What more do they want from Malaysia....??  You want citizen worship you like Gods....waiting for gome $$$$$ to fall into our daily sustenance??  you want Malaysian citizen to Kiss your feet, hands, and the moment we see you say... "Ampun Tuanku"????...   Fortunately 60% of Rakyat and citizen Malaysia have woken up to the reality...of

Sultan bermula dengan “Ampun Tuanku, beribu-ribu ampun, sembah patik harap diampun.” Dengan Tuhan pun tidak minta ampun macam tu. Dosa yang paling besar yang tidak boleh terampun ialah menduakan Tuhan.

How true....even with God we do not do it daily to ASK for FORGIVENESS.. when we meet and talk to GOD/Allah.......who the HELL does these Sultan -Agong UMNO-BN thinks they are @#$%^&*??..........Sultan /Agong UMNO-BN are Actually Orang Biasa.....Mere humans.  No need to accord them God like status or Else your God Will send you to HELL!!!

To all Criminals go after the UMNO-BN Leaders - Sultan-Agong Relatives house...they are the ones who have stolen the money from Rakyat Malaysia in an elaborate Ponzi scheme of RACISM approved by no other than UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong.  How else can you explain their high life, rich and famous lifestyle, unlimited spending even though the Malaysia Debt is $1 Trillion and health systems, law, order, education, economy, that are crumbling and cost of living RISING.  These scumsbas of UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong have asked you to change YOUR lifestyle and eat less, argue less and just listen to their RACISM and Misery making Ideology for another 60 Years....

Perhaps we need to learn to shoot a GUN so that we can be given the Royal Right to discuss in a civil manner like that given to the UMNO-Sulu Terrorist?? #$%^&  When are you going to HANG those Sulu Terrorist caught with guns like any malaysian??  I see 2 for those who insult Ramadan and one who Force you to Ramadan in a toilet??  @#$%^&* ....and approved by Sultan-agong!!  Sack the head master or the education minister or Whoever gave the approval for such unhygenic practice....  you like it there so much then all teachers who are Buka Puasa can do it there in the toilet daily!!  No insult intended, just the same application of your sick muslim SESAK Cult  ideology of UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong Approval!!

Open your eyes and compare to a small country like come Combine total GDP of Malaysia Less than small Singapore......  #$%^&*  bangsat betul ni UMNO-BN + Sultan Agong!!

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