Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Malaysia Law and Order is STUFFED BIG Time....

When IGP and Police blame random crime of ASSULT, base on the Alvivi stupid blogger insult.  I cannot imagine that the UMNO-Police would use such LAME excuse to justify the crime.  I guess that is why these muslim UMNO-Police also justify the Child Pedofile Rape then Marry of a minor in Sabah as Justify under Islam.  #$%^&*

Have Malaysian sense of justice and morality gone so HAY WIRED until every little thing can be made a MOUNTAIN and A Mountain be made a MOLE HILL???  $%^&*  Fortunately no one reads the press of UMNO media or listen anymore to their STUPIDITY.  Mind you these are all approved by the Sultan - Agong under the coalition with UMNO-BN.  If Malaysia is to ever progress then Sabah / Sarawak needs to SACK Malaya and Malaya Sack UMNO-BN automatically.....  You see UMNO-BN Without Sabah / Sarawak is a MINORITY Government.   This is the thinking outside square stuff and good for a NEW country for Malaysian to Migrate.  A win-win for everyone to create a new beginning and fix the 60 year old Racist Sham of UMNO-BN + Sultan -Agong Approval.

Its such a big deal to make a greeting of buka puasa with Bak kut Teh.....but not when Allah Issues is banned or cow head dragged to Indian temple, or Indians killed in police custody (with IGP-Deputy IGP+ UMNO-BN + Sultan Approval)....or White Ang Pow given to chinese.....  It is a BIG deal if you listen to the Propoganda of UMNO-BN machinery but nothing if you avoid it.....SIMPLE!!  A Mountain be made a MOLE HILL and Vice Versa!!

The BIG Deal is CRIME......ANY CRIME....Murder.....C4......UMNO-Sulu Terrorist attack on Sabah....Corruption...  People kill jogging, driving a car....getting bag snatched and dragged to Death...home invasion Killers....  Hello...UMNO-PDRM...Don't try to be a MUNAFIQ ISLAM in the month of Ramadan and try to create Racial and Religious Tension.  Crime is the Highest in the month of RAMADAN because muslim IGP and Deputy IGP + UMNO Muslim leaders + Sultan-Agong are just using the resources to protect themselves.  Rakyat Malaysia feeling insecure need to Hire their OWN Body Guards...#$%^&*!  When are you going to Hang that 2 UTK Cops for C4 Murder they Admitted??  You mean they will be free to walk......We will track them down and Obliterate them like those May 13, Kg Medan, Penan and Memali Murderers ???...time will tell....We blame that on the UMNO-BN -Sultan-Agong Approval??...Lets continue their Fruit Loop ways of Justice!!...Can work Both ways and lets hope these scums suffer the same fate as Morsi, Nepal King, Gadaffi and Assad of Syria!!....Who cares really when one is struggling to feed family and from HUNGER!!  Blame UMNO-BN + Sultan -Agong for all your Misery!!

END UMNO-BN + Sultan / Agong Approval and have a Better Malaysia.....that is the short facts for a better Malaysia.  These scums (UMNO-BN + Sultan / Agong +PDRM+Army )have Lied and tricked Malaysian to Live in MISERY, POVERTY and NOW at the Mercy of CRIMINALS......  Malaysia is now UNSAFE and should rightly go down the drain of SHAM!!....Start Planning an Alternative and New Country.....all in your POWER to Create a New Malaysia without the Racist Bigots Policy and Misery!!

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