Monday, July 01, 2013

Democracy does not mean a MINOR can be force to be Islam...>GO to HELL Syriah Courts and UMNO-BN ....

When you prosecute that Scumbag Islam malay rapist in Sabah via Syriah or secular law then we consider the merits of Islam run Malaysia leaders of UMNO-BN + Sultan -Agong.  Meanwhile go to hell with trying to determine a minor or anyone freedom to choose their religion.

We now see that Turkey and Egypt Brotherhood of Islam is just another front to promote some fake Islam way of life.  Obama should be criticized for not supporting PEOPLE POWER.  Take note Sultan-Agong + UMNO-BN type ideology.....winning an election DOES NOT mean FREEDOM to haveCONTINUOUS ATROCITIES, MURDER, DEATH IN CUSTODY, CORRUPTION, Persecution of Rakyat Malaysia, killings, supporting UMNO-Sulu terrorist attacks on Sabahans, PDRM britality.

60% of Malaysia will take to the streets to bring you down and we will NOT tolerate the SHAM anymore.  What is life living an illusion when the reality is misery.  The hunger, anger and crime prone Malaysian is the works of UMNO-BN + Sultan/Agong inept and incompetence MANAGEMENT of Malaysia.  Never have there been so frequent violent crime in Malaysia, home invasion, snatch thief, car jacking, hold up in Restaurant......not banks...Restaurant @#$%^&!  This is not the Malaysia with BILLIONS $$$ spent on police force.  It seems $$$$$$ spent to protect the ruling elite in their GATED community and house.  Serve you right Khairy - UMNO Babies house got Robbed/Invaded.....  and the robbers are right to Target the UMNO-BN leaders houses, Sultan-Agong + their relatives houses.....they are the one with Gold bars, $$$$$ and expensive wine and paintings! kudos to those robbers!  Rest of malaysia is struggling with life of misery under UMNO-BN with not much money left in house!!

What is wrong with Malaysia....EVERYTHING.  We need to to a Revolution and kick UMNO-BN, out of every state ESPECIALLY SABAH / SARAWAK to realise the dream of another Country to migrate to and make greater than Singapore, Taiwan.  Make UMNO-BN + Sultan/Agong live a life of Misery and Suffering.........that means Rakyat Malaysia have Obliterated Crime, Corruption and Racism.  That means we have freedom of Religion, Freedom of Press/media, Free to get those Criminals and send them to jail, free to enjoy the a BETTER LIFE.  No law or GODS is against that......Why wait a day longer??

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