Sunday, June 30, 2013

Winning a Sham Election does not Mean Democracy ends there....Winning the trust of People is KING...

UMNO-BN + sultan/Agong  approval of GE 13 result does not mean an end to ALL the murders, Cheat, Death in custody, Umno-Sulu war in Sabah, Project IC...Project EC....corruption and Increasing Crime.

UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong have NOT Got the RAKYAT/PEOPLE of Malaysia Approval to Carry on your ABUSES and SHAM.  So Do not think we have to live with this government will the Next election.  If Crime wave goes on, death in custody, police abuses, corruption, terrorism by UMNO-Sulu on Sabahans keeps going on without NOW....Of course we rakyat of 60% have the AUTHORITY and CONSTITUTIONAL Right to Bring and topple the 40% UMNO-BN + Sultan Approve government Down.  You mean we have to wait another 5 years to deal with these RISING crime rates in Malaysia...GO to #$%^&*!!

Foreigners needs to stop coming to malaysia for holidays or for business because CRIME RATE IN MALAYSIA is Getting out of control.  Now these UMNO sponsored criminals with Police on the take share their proceed of crime.  You have the IGP tarnished with Death in custody Kugan murder and King approve his Appointment@#$%!  Surely a wise King would ask for a replacement QUICKLY....but no in tell the KING off with his SHAM appointment is insult to King and Islam.  Like these Scums of UMNO-Bn can trap us to their SICK ideology.  Now we have Isolated those scums, then we can safelt take to the streets, occupy and Obliterate this SHAM DEMONcracy of RACISM of UMNO-BN + Sultan / Agong approval.

Now when you visit restaurant with nice cars, the Criminals would come into the restaurant to ask for your keys or Slash you if you do not co-operate.  They are making those who go out and eat easy Brazen target and the UMNO-Police would prefer that you do not make police report #$%^&.  Suggest restaurant hire security guard ala Gansters and protection money#$%^&*!  When it come to protest, rally these Scumbags of UMNO-Police give Rakyat Hell @#$%^&!  Arrest, questioning........see the trend when you are Fighting Injustice.....  Keep up the Disrupt...disrupt...disrupt like the Power Failure in Sarawak and in Putra Jaya and everywhere.  Lets keep up the RESISTANCE until the UMNO regime and their Racist Murderious ideology is Obliterated.

What use a Malaysia where one cannot even walk the streets, stay in a house, eat at a restaurant, drive a car without the thought of some Criminals about to Attack you???  UMNO-BN has failed and we should Send them to Jail ....60% of Rakyat cannot just stand idly by and watch INJUSTICE Carried out by Sultan/Agong with the appointment of Crime tainted IGP and Deputy IGP....!!  Don't Insult Islam with this SHAM appointment. 

Reports that the Army is not gaining the upper hand with the battle of UMNO-Sulu in Sabah.......Sabahans time to take up ARMS and Drive out the UMNO-Sulu sponsored terrorist TOGETHER!!....

ABU ...UBAH ...KELUAR Malaysia....Make Singapore 2 Happen...!!!


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