Sunday, June 02, 2013

Who Cares about those Titles Agong/Sultan Gives.....take it back and have a happy holiday!!

For Malaysian we need to wear the prejudice protocol songkok....for foreigners, there is no need when receiving the award.  #$%^&#  Only lame and people dying for recognition ampun and bodek to get those useless titles.  The best title is the title and name your parents gave you!!

We don't have to be Romantics to these racist protocols to make non malays bow to the malay = born Islam Munafiq customs.   While there is these racist and INDIFFERENT Sultan/Agong, be wise to just avoid their useless titles when in front of God / Allah.  56 years of UMNO-BN rule after sacking Singapore from Malaysia, still these so called Defender of Islam have NOT denounce the fallacy and ignoramous ideology that born Malay = Islam.  This racist fallacy is used to unite the race who are mostly muslim malays.  What else is left with the CREDIBILITY of these MUNAFIQ Defender of Islam??

If that is the case, then don't need Syriah Laws or any laws as when the person of malay - islam heritage will always  DIE an Islam.  Why the SHAM apostasy laws....and worst SAMA SUAKA SAMA Islam crab to legally RAPE a 13 year old in Sabah but can also Force the girl to marry the Rapist because Syriah laws permit under Koran. $%^&*#.

Every Malaysia should work on migrating to Sabah/Sarawak and then SACK Malaya.....  Malaya is FILLED to the brim with $1 trillion debt which will soon be exposed in the Mega Crisis coming to Malaysia and regions with Debt to GDP at unsustainable rate.

Every week in malaysia is either Road Deaths, death in custody, robbery, rape, crime....yet the PDRM  - PERKAKAS diraja Malaysia prefer to investigate sedition posting on facebook, stifle democracy, freedom, BULLY those unarmed Malaysian....etc.  Yet once you take up arms like UMNO-Sulu Terrorist....there is room to with those Thai Muslim Terrorist....Peace loving malaysian cannot discuss....terrorist can discuss with the Scumbas of UMNO-BN government...#$%^#  We as rakyat Malaysia should then use whatever means we can to DISRUPT...DISRUPT....DISRUPT the illegitimate and racist UMNO-BN government.  This is really a MAD/GILA systems of Malaysia!!

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