Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Burmese Clashes or WAR in KL....Soon UMNO-Sulu Sabahans War escalate....

56 years of same UMNO-BN terrorist EVIL against Malaysian  must END TODAY!!...JUNE 15 - Padang Merbok - tipu pilihanraya - Turun Jalan Raya!!

This is the way UMNO racist uses these illegals and then crack down hard after GE13 to put them in place, terrorise them, brain wash them to listen...listen...listen psycho brain washing.  That is the way UMNO terrorist control law and order in Malaysia with approval from Agong/Sultan defer of Islam and commander in chief kononya....

What is happening in Malaysia is exactly a break down of everything.  Law and order, Legitimacy of UMNO-BN, Democracy, Injustice....etc.  Cost of living rising, misery increasing, flood, crime rate rising, murder, snatch thief, robbery....etc.  Why must we sing and play to UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB racist enrich themself theme??$%^&.  Rise up, Rally and bring about change.  NO FEDERAL ELECTION CAN BE WON BY ANY OPPOSITION IN MALAYSIA.

Unless the state level Pakatan decide to SACK MALAY enblock, Malaysian would not have ANY other Alternative but to choose the REVOLUTION WAY!!  IN hunger and Anger we unite against the "Sama - suka -Sama rape - marriage Romantics of UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong".  We need to end this type of SICK Justice NOW and that can only be possible with the REMOVAL of UMNO-BN_PBB-PBS........we need to storm, hold them insurance in case the PERKAKAS UMNO of UTK, SB, Police are used to carry out Colleteral Damage like in May 13, Kg Medan, Memali.....Sabah v UMNO-Sulu terrorist war.

Police that are suppose to be paid by tax payers are spending time being REACTIVE to crime.  NOT PRO-ACTIVE.  The more UMNO Cow Gate, NFC, Land Grab Sham are sent to prison, the better the law and order in Malaysia.  But justice is not serve on BLATANT ABUSES.  What did Sultan / Agong TITAH/say??? #$%^&*  56 years from Bank bumi, bank negara forex, MAS, petronas $$....etc......BILLIONS of Lost opportunity to MAKE RAKYAT/CITIZEN live in MISERY...and UMNO-BN + Sultan in LUXURY + Gated security + 24/7 Police/army protection.  You rakyat are left to FEND for yourself..@#$%^&   against these THUGS, Crooks, murderers....etc.

UNITE We must to OBLITERATE UMNO-BN and their Ruling Elite.....Mat Kilau says DISRUPT  DISRUPT  ....  DISRUPT.....whatever it takes until UMNO-BN is Obliterated.....

IMF admits Greek bailout failures - get ready Malaysian who still have money in Local cut coming like 30% on your Fix deposit!!

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