Thursday, June 06, 2013

Interpretation of Insult and Criticism is like intepreting if a glass is half full or empty!!

To ALL whom the police charge as insulting the Sultan/Agong, Islam you can have tons of escape strategy.

Don't admit to the crime.  It is not a crime to criticise of heap insult.

You can also use their prosecution on your ALLEGE posting as insulting to your integrity and freedom of religion....and do a REVERSE counter Claim on this RIDICULOUS Sedition, insult NONSENSE LAW in Malaysia!!  

Ask the prosecuting police to define insult, sedition and criticism.

Drag it out in the court until the case is thrown out of the Stupid courts in Malaysia.

One man criticism is another insult and vice versa.

Make the police prove BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT its your posting even though there are many fake facebook, blogs and media created by UMNO racist and their tools which have not been charged with insult to Islam , King, Sultan, race and religion #$%^&.

Keep asking for proof BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT and play dumb with I don't know, I cannot recall, I cannot remember, could be someone hacking into my Facebook account....etc.  Don't sing to UMNO-BN-Police racist and selective persecution theme.  NFC Blatant corruption, Land stealing corruption no issues #$%^&*(!  Malaysia MAD-GILA laws....

When injustice becomes Law, Resistance is DUTY!!

You see UMNO-BN racist is playing the race, religion, royalty cards in light of its LACK of LEGITIMACY to run Malaysia.  Now it wants to run it like an EMERGENCY State.  56 years the SHAM was played out with the sacking of Singapore with Sultan / Agong Approval but ALLAH BLESSED Singapore.  With Langkawi size and GDP Bigger than MALAYSIA WHOLE with the TONS of Natural and HUMAN Resources,  Singapore Beat malaysial GDP Pants down.  Either we are Blind to CORRUPTION of we are ROMANTICS to Incompetence for 56 years.

Don't expect Agong/Sultan to improve anything.  They are part of the Incompetence, Sham, racist game UMNO racist plays.  Please remove the titles of Defender of Islam, Commander in Chief from these Agong /Sultan because they have insulted ALLAH with their Racism, injustice, incompetence and participants in the CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY Malaysia.  Penan died, Sabahans died to UMNO-Sulu sponsored terrorist, May 13, Kg Medan, Memali, Death in custody.  Did these Ruling elite ever bothered about improving the Freedom and Rights of Malaysian or are they supporting this EVIL UMNO-BN Regime after 56 years??    The sooner Malaysia discard these MYTHICAL powers of these mere humans in Sultan/Agong...UMNO-BN power via Internet and education, sharing and BOYCOTT of UMNO-BN goods...the quicker we can have a NEW Malaysia.

Sultan Johor Recently Insulted and Criticise Sultan Pahang on the FAM handling why did the Stupid Racist UMNO Police not charge the Sultan for the same crime of Sedition and Insult.  Stupid Malaysian to believe whatever the local media writes.  They are all Lies and should be avoided to save you tons of money.  Boycott Astro, local papers and move money to overseas banks + Bocott petronas petrol!!

Malaysia of 60% majority voted for cheaper petrol, Abolish tol and free education.  UMNO-BN have denied you the things and tools to get out of your misery.  Don't expect Rakyat Malaysia to wait another 5 years.  We will continue to do WHATEVER we can to OBLITERATE UMNO-BN racist....  Disrupt...disrupt...disrupt!   June 15 Padang merbok...Tipu Pilihan Raya, Turun Jalan Raya....Kuburkan UMNO-BN racist!!

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yang baik......  uncle seeker

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