Sunday, June 09, 2013

Don't be a ROMANTICS to UMNO-BN racist ABUSER-BULLY of Malaysian for 56 years!!

Sabah Deaths, plane crash...Penan Deaths, Iban death, Kadazan Death are ALL part of UMNO racist with Agong -Sultan Approval albeit discreetly to Maintain the minority UMNO MALAYS racist race.

There is the Malays and UMNO Malays racist race in Malaysia these days.  The UMNO racist Malays can take the form of Sultan-Agong, CEO, Uthaz, mufti, mullah, cikgu, guru, clerk, police, IGP, Army Chief, EC Chairman, Judges, Kings, prince, princess, JAMBANlist, media personality, sportsman/women....etc.  Take heart they are the minority now.....40% even with MCA-MIC-GERAKAN-PBS-PBB worshipping and partaking their racist acts.

So Before election RCI on Project IC Sabah, UMNO-Sulu War on Sabahans suddenly we have NO ISSUES there?? @#$%^  This is the Crap of the MAD-GILA Law and justice systems of Malaysia.  THERE IS NO LAW and ORDER....Just CHAOS and he who hold gun can do whatever needed to discuss!!  Go ask UMNO racist discussion with Sulu Terrorist and Thailand Terrorist.  No need to be romantics with these Islamic Cults.  Leave no room to negotiate and Get the Hell out of Malaysia.

Its about making ALL Malaysian DEPENDENT to UMNO-BN-Sultan racist agenda..... more drip $$$$$ ..Drip feed.....enough to CONTROL you and your destiny.  The moment you try to leave and Fight the Drip feed, UMNO-BN racist send in their Black Ops terror Squad, lawyers, Police, MACC, Tax Officer, Teacher, Headmaster, take you down. 

Fortunately 60% is fighting 40% ficticious UMNO-BN+ Sultan power......  Lets start YOUR Daily Agenda by NOT Being ROMANTICS to EVIL, CRIME, INJUSTICE, Rape, Religion that sama suka sama Crap, or those SYRIAH Laws Romantics that cannot even have Order in their own kind...No need to be a Romantics Apologist to their brand of crime like in England hacking or Boston bombs or Malaysia Umno -Sulu terrorist attack on Sabahans....  Why are we tolerating these scumbags and the SYSTEM of government that support these ACTS??...  Repel them and Obliterate them From your LIVES and YOUR Surrounding.  ENOUGH of Being A ROMANTICS to EVIL!!

Crime and murder were done by UMNO-BN + Sultan to maintain their RULE, EVIL,  rape, stealing, slavery and CONDITIONING of the Freedom Mind Set God gave Malaysian.  WHY Tolerate another 65 Years with the GE14 SHAM And SCAM already in Place.  June 15 - Padang Merbok KL....we March to END this UMNO-BN Rule.

Today its insult to Mohammed,  yesterday Rulers.....#$%^&.....WHAT ABOUT THE DAILY INSULT TO MALAYSIAN with your racist laws and order??  END the Insult by UMNO-BN on June 15.  Apply EVERYDAY to the POLICE that there will be a gathering ....EVERYDAY...UNTIL WE OCCUPY the SPOT...Dataran Merdeka.....then we Bring UMNO-BN rule to an END!!  Be END!!

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