Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Everyday we need to do our BEST to end this EVIL DEMONcracy Regime of Racist UMNO-BN with APPROVAL from Sultan & Agong.  Lets not kid ourself with the Rulers.  The rulers Legacy does NOT translate to FOOD, Eternal Life.  If having such THOUGHTS is considered SEDITIOUS and INSULT and TREACHERY then YOU HAVE BEEN BRAIN WASHED with the UMNO-BN Brain Washing Systems!  Snap out of this ILLOGICAL Fear and live to End the fear.  Don't live with Fear like those London muslim - Islam who Condition the girls to serve as their SEX SLAVE MONEY by either killing her parents or bring harm to them.  It is probably the same BRAND of muslim that CONDONE the Child Rape and then FORCE to MARRY the Rapist like in SABAH.

Please....WHO HAS that SCUMBAG muslim CHILD rapist Restaurant Manager Home and RESTAURANT he works in SABAH - kota kinabalu ...the Address??  Please post it here!!  

This type of Scumbag needs to be put in Jail or DRIVEN Away from ANYWHERE Near Children.  They are probably also a muslim Paedofile.  Lets not kid ourself with the defence of SAMA Suka SAMA.....#$%^&*  INI TIGA SUKA PUNYA Logic ZALIM...@#$%^  This is Mental Asylum Stuff EVIL.

Just because he is muslim and Islam, that means we have to TREAD CAREFULLY in CONDEMNING HIM...that Scumbag in Sabah and in LONDON??  @#$%^  Go to Hell.  Show NO FEAR to INJUSTICE and You can BREAK the Curse of FEAR and ILLOGICAL NONSENSE.  EVEN MUSLIM HAVE THEIR FORM OF PEDOPHILE DISGUISE AS ISLAM LAWS AS SAMA SUKA SAMA ... liking each other Crap!!  Obliterate THEM even if it means INSULT to their koran rules!  IT IS A SICK LAW/RULES/RELIGION then! Give them NO ROOM for this NONSENSE!!

On a daily basis we have to deal with Criminals, child rapist, murderers, kidnappers snatch thief around where we live.  We need the Police to clamp down and ENFORCE Law and Order.  Yet what we have is the constant PERSECUTION of UnArmed Rakyat Malaysia, politicians with the UMNO-BN racist scum and Sultan / Agong Approval.  That is the Police and law and order KPI.  KILL OFF ANY OPPOSITION TO UMNO-BN EVIL Regime and Keep Plundering.  Its all with Agong / Sultan Approval......otherwise have they shown any DISAPPROVAL like in days of OLD .....  Like we read in the 1800s all the Rulers are NO Different to thsoe Tan Sri and TUNs of Malaysia.......the VOICE of those who are in UMNO-BN Drip Feed CORRUPTION DRUG.  Sorry to those few specs of good people who have Tan Sri and TUN....but the Majority- 99.99% are the same SCUMBAGS of PAID MOUTH PIECE/MEGAPHONE for UMNO-BN Racist!  Lets stop kidding ourselves of good and bad and evil.  Majority of those with titles are BAD.....UMNO-BN racist is EVIL-ZALIM!!

DON"T LIVE IN CONSTANT FEAR FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ....LIVE IN FEAR OF GOD/ALLAH IS BETTER!.....  Make UMNO-BN live in FEAR/INCONVENIENCE is the BEST you can DO for a BETTER Malaysia!....That is the only way to keep scumbags from doing their evil like the Sabah muslim pedofile/child rapist approved by UMNO + Agong/Sultan, Mullah, Syriah courts.....this is the REALITY.  Otherwise...where is the protest/anger?? @#$%^&...wait 60 years later?? #$%^&

Freedom and Justice will not be handed to you on Silver Platter...We must FIGHT, Protest, RALLY, OCCUPY, WEAR BLACK on Merdeka 2013 celebration!!

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