Thursday, June 20, 2013

I Like Haze.....because the UMNO-BN- SULTAN-AGONG Suffers TOO!!!

Yep serve those Ruling Elites right on this suffering Haze.  So who cares if  UMNO-BN-Cronies-Sultan-Agong family and children suffer.  A small inconvenience and these illegitimate UMNO-BN government trying to find solutions....ha ha ha  There is NO solution for the yearly suffering until UMNO-BN-Sultan-Agong suffer what the entire 60% rakyat against UMNO-BN suffers.  The ruling Elite can stay at home on June 22...turn on the Air Con and hide while we ... 60% POWERFUL RAKYAT Malaysia take over Parliament, Dataran Merdeka and PUTRAJAYA.....come one come ALL!!

The IGP and Deputy IGP famous for Police Brutality and Abuses....You better watch your ways....WARNING!!

We suffer higher petrol, TOL, no free education on a daily and generational basis......We need to put an end to this by Going to Padang Merbok...then Occupy Dataran Merdeka.  How many can they arrest 200,000???  Is there enough jail space, police pondok.....??  How many can they arrest and put in trucks.  WE DEFY on 20 JUNE...DEFY until EC/SPR, IGP, Deputy IGP chief Resigns....Zahid Hamidi Resign...over his keluar malaysia remarks...Hissapmuddin Resign over his handling of UMNO-SULU terrorist attacks/deaths in Sabah....Najib on his Murder-Lies and Muhiddin on his stupid dumb down Force malay language racist education policy on your children....while the ENTIRE UMNO-BN -Sultan-Agong in Private ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOLS in Malaysia @#$%^&*,  These scumbags Ruling elite must go or RAKYAT will MAKE YOU GO.

We have a gut full...and 60% are surrounding you PALACE Houses all over KL.  If UMNO - PDRM becomes Evil and Starts ABUSING and Killings.......then GUESS where we WILL SHOW UP IN MASSES.  Sometimes Insurance is good when Madness Prevails...that is a warning.  60% Malaysian are not ROMANTICS to Suffering, Misery or Police Brutality, Abuses, injustice CRIME WAVE.....

Bring face Mask, water, wet ones, food, tent, long strong stick to use as LEVER to overturn FRU water Cannon......OCCUPY DATARAN MERDEKA.....  WEAR BLACK on  MERDEKA 2013!!!

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