Tuesday, June 11, 2013

UMNO-BN is defrauding citizens Malaysia daily for 60 year and ongoing...

That is because SPR/EC/NRD Cannot Gurantee Phantom, illegal, duplicate, sham votes in the NEXT ELECTION in 5 years.  Note GURANTEE!!...or Work to make it credible.  Not like the Indelible ink SHAM.  What next?  Go slow on checking data on election day to reduce People's anger vote in GE 14??  and I am sure many more Sham and SCAM to Legitimise again UMNO-BN for another 5 years making it 65 years.

Cannot Gurantee Clean up of Voting list so that my dead grandfather and 156 year old DO NOT EXIST on electoral Rolls.

ALL This NO Gurantee is at UMNO-BN racist request with APPROVAL of SULTAN/AGONG!!

Lets Start From GURANTEE with the PEOPLE WILL and RIGHTS in Fair Election....otherwise its DEMONcracy of SHAM!!

Since No one, not Agong/Sultan nor UMNO-BN....can give us this undertaking (which is expected)...we have to Take to the Streets like Turkey, Occupy Dataran Merdeka day by day...week by week until they see the HUNGER and Anger of the people.

Increasing the cost of living so that YOU feel bad for not working hard, while UMNO-BN  cronies + Sultan/Agong wine and dine to the tune of  5,000 x $5,000  minimum daily.....  yes there are about 5000 ruling elite in total MAKING you slaves to their Opulant lifestyle.  Meanwhile WE are trying to switch off light, walk to school, skip a meal to save and feed our children.  You seriously think this type of GAP can make a better Malaysia??

60% voted for cheaper petrol, Abolish Tol free education......and UMNO-BN racist DEFRAUDED you of that RIGHT to just LIVE.  To improve our life we need to wait another 5 years??#$%^&*  Go to Hell UMNO-BN and its GAME on time.  Continue to Rally, OCCUPY, Lodge a permit to Rally EVERY DAY until the sham Laws of Slavery, misery and DEMONcracy is Obliterated.  We have no other means to change Malaysia but by the STREETS. 60 years is too long for a SAME RACIST REGIME to Reign....Generations of Opportunity, lives and Injustice Left to Grow UNCHECKED.  TIME TO CHECK MATE UMNO-BN Racist + Agong-Sultan Starting June 15-22....Rally to Dataran Merdeka then Occupy then Resist the Police Army until UMNO-BN gets OBLITERATED!!  Not a DAY LONGER for UMNO-BN racist SHAM DEMONcracy Rule!!

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