Monday, June 10, 2013

Sirul Azhar and Azilah Hadrfi - Killers to Roam Free in Malaysia - thank you Najib UMNO-BN

The 2 UTK, SB, special killer squad of UMNO can hide face from public recognition, from being seen in court...having admitted to murder of Altantuya can soon walk free.  What is the big deal??  Like GE 13, cheated Rakyat malaysia, use all kinds of tools and mechanism to FOOL the people with UMNO evil brand of Justice and DEMONcratic process.  Want to wait for GE 14 and another 65 years of UMNO-BN rule??
Muslim Child Rapist in Sabah to marry the child he raped and used as Sex slave....THIS IS UMNO-Islam Terrorist Cult Rule of laws in Malaysia #$%^&*.  Yet Malaysian not ANGRY enough to Terror back on UMNO companies and business...WHY??#$%^&..Fear? security?  Family??

Be unseen, Unheard, Covered, Mat Kilau until UMNO EVIL is Obliterated!!

Better Selangor, Penang, Kelantan Sack malaysia and seek Autonomy and start a Singapore or Taiwan 3,4 5 after Sabah, Sarawak sack malaya.

Why do we have to wait and submit to regulation to Rally, Gather, Occupy when UMNO-Terrorist Killers are FREE to ROAM about, commit their crime spree and create chaos in your life so that UMNO can come to the scene and provide yo security.??? @#^%#%#   UMNO created the monsters and then try to be seen controlling the monster.  This is like Triad, Gangsters, terrorist, Islamist, Jihadist groups...that promise no alcohol, video, Syriah Laws...terror and when the people get hooked to this brand of populist  ideology, implement their SUKA SAMA SUKA sick koran based laws where the rapist gets to marry the 13 year old girl he raped. #$%^&*

Did this Sabahan muslim man threaten the girl family with terror??  Like the same brand of Islam Sex network in London, England??  These Scum muslim in London CONDITIONED their victims with THREATS to their parents with Death, if they do not follow their Sick ways??  I am beginning to think Malaysia UMNO muslim have a FREE day in carrying out this type of torture and terrorism of CHILD ABUSER and we need to stop this like we are going to STOP UMNO.

We must not be threaten IF WE WANT Justice.  RALLY, OCCUPY, DEFY is part of instrument to take down government Without Popular People Support.  UMNO can use the Army, police to control with guns.  The problem is Army + Police = 600,000 guns.  Rakyat Malaysia against UMNO-BN + Ruling Elite is like 6.7 million based on election result.  How many can the Guns Kill??  Want Syria and Libya in Malaysia??  To avoid Libya and Syria style Malaysia is for UMNO to Resign from Governing Malaysia!  Simple!!

USE the POWER of UNITY against EVIL to End the EVIL regime of UMNO-BN.....Occupy June 15....June 22 Gather and support the Occupy at Datan Merdeka.  Bring food, bring water and tents.....apply permit everyday for gathering at Dataran Merdek...and keep applying to UNDERMINE the PERMIT SHAM & SCAM!!.  Don't Let UMNO racist brain wash you that Dataran Merdeka HAS A imaginary BERLIN WALL......there is none....the is no IMAGINERY BARRIER....WE NEED to gather, OCCUPY and KEEP Running Supplies coming in.  THAT is how UMNO-BN wilts to the power of the People!!  Break the ILLUSION and END UMNO-BN DEMONcracy!!

Don't be called a ROMANTICS to EVIL and UMNO IS EVIL Racist Nazi Malay Islam Scum Cult....make no mistake about it !!

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