Friday, June 07, 2013

The fight for Freedom from Misery is Eternal....

Royalty, dictator.......those Cambodian who Massacred millions of innocent people are feeling remorse now....after killing, murder and making orphans of millions of children.  Same  goes to those Penans, May 13, Kg Medan, memali, death in custody victims.  What have change is just that Justice gets Delayed and victims suffer.  #%#$%^

There is no fair play when injustice becomes law.  The only fair play is RESISTANCE.......what ever you can think of to disrupt the evil regime and their tools.  Which can include transmission tower, ATM machine, Newpapers printers factory, police, MACC, army.  Do it quietly, discreetly and wear gloves, mask...etc.  Pointless to have you caught in your first act of disruption.  Disrupt until we see the Obliteration of UMNO-BN and their Ruling elite.

PDRM says Black June 15 incomplete.....UMNO racist numerous Rally...NO NEED TO BE COMPLETE. #$%^&!  It is coming to a time when we have to say why bother with the Law and Order in Malaysia.  It exist for the sake of existence.   We should ALL now plan for the RALLY at Padang Merbok and END this ILLEGITIMATE UMNO-BN 40% rakyat supported government.  They demand peaceful rally but send in their UTK, SB, thugs to ruin the rally and make Pakatan, Bersih and NON ARM Malaysian seem like terrorist.

Remember UMNO-Sulu terrorist style is to NEGOTIATE with THOSE Carrying ARMS like in Sabah and South Thailand.  Those unarmed MALAYSIAN are Killed, murdered, maimed, tortured because UMNO racist likes to BULLY and Behave like Nazi.  UMNO thinks with guns at their disposal we 60% rakyat would wilt to their terror.  Time to TERROR back with Mat Kilau ....disrupt...disrupt...disrupt.  Spread the word on the Internet that Malaysia is a Racist bigot and CHILD RAPIST-Peadofile supporter UMNO-BN government......sama suka sama Islam Crap #$%^&!

IT IS OUR MALAYSIA after all or WE SACK Malaysia with Penang, Selangor and Kelantan.....ALL Possible to become an AUTONOMOUS region and see if they too can be Singapore 3,4 5..... 60% of Malaysian voted for cheaper cost of living option of Abolish TOL, Free education and cheaper petrol.......To Cheat and deny us of our rights VIA EC/SPR project EC/IC is a CRIME AGAINST humanity Malaysian.

Move money to overseas banks...lets bring UMNO-BN companies to their knees and destroy UMNO along the way.  Lets leave aside the useless Mythical Agong/Sultan.  Keep focus on UMNO racist and break their SHAM!!   UMNO racist have 1/3 of Malays support and trying to say ALL Malays love them.  Lame duck government needs to be OBLITERATED for a better Malaysia!! 

 JUNE 15...come one COME ALL!!!  SHARE the THUNDER!!  - Tipu Pilihanraya, Turun Jalan Raya!!

WEAR BLACK on MERDEKA 2013...lets together SHAM the UMNO-BN and the ENTIRE Royalist for SIDING WITH UMNO racist for 56 years!!  Allah have eyes and that is why GDP of entire Malaysia LESS than Singapore.  

Malaysia is Corrupted to the CORE and only MASSIVE RALLY and REVOLUTION can fix it.  The Election over the years are used for legitimising the Cheat, Sham and Murder.  MALAYSIA is GETTING WORST each days unless you are an UMNO-BN + Agong-sultan......why pay police with your tax money to give these racist scums security the rest of malaysian have INSECURITY and Misery daily!?? @#$%^&

WE have the power to Reverse the Outcome with 60% and send those UMNO-BN scums to Jail....

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