Monday, June 17, 2013


Your children, wife and your household will be in danger the moment you step into LAWLESS Malaysia. 

The Police only protect their MAFIA BOSS of UMNO-BN, Sultan - Agong.

Sultan Johor Son Caught Drunk in Singapore last February, thinks he can do whatever he wants ....even KILL, if his are not respected.  This is the DNA of this Mad Johor Rulers and Defender of Islam in Malaysia.

People getting shot by Police for no reason and trying to FRAME you up as criminal + no compensation is the Norm.  This is to protect their incompetence, criminal acts and LAWLESS legacy of Malaysia.

Occasionally the police with do a MEDIA BLITZ like that of Army Against UMNO-Sulu Terrorist where all Minister SUDDENLY wearing ARMY Gear, Photo Session to show their seriousness.  Its  a JOKE!!...But not to families of dead Army/police due to UMNO-BN incompetence!!

I urge ALL Malaysian PLANNING TO come back to Malaysia....learn to Hold a GUN, Arms, rifle and Shoot, self defence weapons, alarm and practice using a Gun.  A time may come when Injustice becomes LAW, Resistance is Duty....Like Libya and Syria Now...maybe North Korea.....and those DESPOTIC country where your life in danger and NO ONE CARES.  THIS IS THE MALAYSIA in 2013.

Police duty are to uphold Law and Order.  They are not there to serve their Pay Masters  of UMNO-BN + Sulu Terrorist.  Unfortunately after 60 years of UMNO-BN rule Police only understand Corruption + Bodek + kow Tow to UMNO-BN ruling elite + Sultan is the only way to earn a rise in "pangkat" RANK + Salary increment.  No suprise then we have a coward police who would only discuss with UMNO-Sulu terrorist who can handle a GUN and Kill, maime, death in custody of Malaysian who are UNARMED and peace loving.  The number of death in custody is SHAMFUL for Malaysia and those who still want Malaysia in the Current state.  Sabah-Sarawak Sack Malaya and take out those UMNO Puppets in your country to have a better future like Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and Hopefully qualify for a SOCCER WORLD CUP!!

Malaysian have to make up their Mind to take Justice into their OWN hands as the Police CANNOT correct their EVIL INJUSTICE ideology in the Current Form and with CURRENT UMNO-BN  Government support with Sultan -Agong Approval + Judiciary backing.  Those Few Police who Tarnish the entire MALAYSIA are not brought to Justice is Giving Malaysia a bad Name.

Now we have Gangs coming to Restaurant where you eat and Rob the ENTIRE Guest.  This is Madness and CRIME Out of control .......thanks for Voting UMNO-BN again.  If yo udon't like the CURRENT Shape of Malaysia...its CONTINUOUS OCCUPY and RALLY.....No other options.  ALL Other Options is Justice Denied.  What Ku Li or Tengku Razaleigh is another Show....we give him 2 months to Kick UMNO-BN out.  We are not Romantics to further delay for a better Malaysia.  Anwar too have his own time limit....  We need to move on for a NEW and Better malaysia!!  OCCUPY, Bantah Raksaksa and RALLY until UMNO-BN Police Collapse to the ANGER of the People!!   UMNO-BN + Sultan/Agong + ruling elite....if cannot handle the Hunger and Anger of the People should Migrate like What Zahid Hamidi said......hope your papers and $$$$$$ all in order!!!

Get Mad and GET ANGRY With Injustice!!  There is no Laws in Heaven and Earth Against them!!

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