Monday, June 24, 2013

We need to plan to Win......Hide, be unknown ..>DISRUPT to Obliterate UMNO-BN + Sultan Agong approval of Terrorism against UnARMED Malaysian...@$##@!.

3 days before Merdeka August 31.....we gather at Padang Merbok ....and then with 300,000 we OCCUPY Dataran Merdeka and Disrupt whatever events planned by the UNLOVED UMNO-BN.

From today...we need to apply for Police permit to gather everywhere in Malaysia.....EVERYDAY at ANY Corner and MAKE a FARCE of those Assembly, gathering and Draconian Racist bigots REGIME Ganas, Evil Laws.  We need to plan and make a mockery of the "Moronrity" UMNO-BN laws.

Meanwhile UMNO-Sulu terrorist causing havoc in Lahat call that peace in Malaysia in the midst of gun fire and mortars??....Like Gadaffi Calling the rebels losing....or Assad of Syria calling "pockets" of rebels causing terrorism?? #$%^&  Know when you have lost the mandate and the right to Rule the same way for 60 years.  Sabahans/Sarawakians its better you stage some revolt and sack malaya for your OWN security, economic management and SURVIVAL.  Crime spree EVERYWHERE in Malaysia and that is progress.??@#$%^.  KEEP MAKING A POLICE REPORT FOR EVERY PETTY CRIME TO MAKE SURE CRIME INDEX RISE Significantly...EVERYDAY!  Make Police, Crime Controller and NOT RAKYAT ABUSER on any Rally protest against UMNO-BN election Cheater!!

We need to UNITE in Sabah to Kick out UMNO-BN + PKR and their goons and start a NEW Sabah agenda where you get your fair share of development.  You have equal rights to Malaysia and your states should have MRT/Monorail, Very FAST Train connecting Kuching and Kota Kinabalu......60 years of living in poverty will NOT change with the Current  racist bigots terrorist Lover UMNO-BN + approval of Sultan-Agong.

Keep Asking who and why was Singapore sacked from Malaysia instead of Bincang like with those Sulu-UMNO terrorist.??
Why was Sabah/Sarawakians not sacked at the same time?
What benefits did Sabah/Sarawakians get after 60 years??
How come those UMNO-BN Ministers have a Mega Rich live while your land gets smaller after staying there for 300 years??

Don't be stupid and just submit to the unity of religion for the sake of progress and improving your small family circle DIGNITY of Life.  What use your circle is safe and the entire socity is in SHAMBLES and living in POVERTY.  Don't become like Bangladesh where people work a month for what you earn a day and the same stupid muslim government calling that progress because JOBS were created in garment industry @#$%^&*.  Don't FALL into this POVERTY and MISERY DECEPTION of JOBS security that SEAL your Slavery to UMNO-BN-PBB-PBS + Sultan/Agong Sham.  Time to rise above and UNITE against a REGIME with GUNS DETERMINE to CRUSH you the moment their security and RULE is threaten.

Weaken UMNO-BN daily with ALL Kinds of Flash Mob, disrupt, flood, traffic jam....etc.....make all ills as UMNO-BN including SMOG and Death in police custody!!

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