Tuesday, April 30, 2013

4 More Days.....Pahatkan PERUBAHAN Sekarang!! Make History, TODAY!! - ABU!!

Malaysian Needs to CARVE UP HISTORY - ABU - ABCD -Anything BUT Cap Dacing!!

Indelible Ink not indelible(what Crap is this@#$%#), Phantom voters, votes Inside Ballot box, Project EC/SPR throwing in those unused ballots paper into ballot boxes after closing.  No national debate on TV.  This is Dictatorship.  NOT Democracy!! More volunteers needed for observers.  Please go check with PAS, DAP, PKR.


So if you are the first to cast a ballot, see if the ballot box is empty or already 1/4 full of votes!!

If we have MANY reports that ballots boxes were 1/4 Full and you being the first to cast a vote, then we know Project EC/SPR in full swing.  Sufficient criteria in my opinion to Turun Jalan Raya, kuburkan UMNO-BN melalui REVOLUSI.

Harap Polis dan Tentera pangkat rendah yang tahu mana EC/SPR simpan kotak undi, bakar semua kertas undi Hantu dan hilangkan kotak undi Hina Rakyat/Allah!!

Make no mistake that if this election is the dirtiest, the next will be dirtier and dirtier as long as UMNO-BN-PBB-PBS is in power.  Each generation of leaders afraid of losing will continue to cheat to win for another 5 corruption and enrich family years.  That is not Democracy, that is DICTATORSHIP!!  Similar to Gadaffi Libya, Syria, Myanmar, North Korea, Zimbabwe.  Reflect if you want Malaysia to stay like these country OR Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, Japan...etc.  We CANNOT FIX MALAYSIA with the same corruption tools/process/ideology in place.

Syria Cannot be Fix with those Murderous Assad Supporters in Place.  No solution except Assad removal.  Malaysia cannot be fix, cannot be like Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Australia with those UMNO-BN-PBB-PBS scums leaders/supporters in place.   No solution except UMNO-BN Removal from Malaysia....thus ABU.

Its been getting worst for 55 years.  Make no mistake.  Malaysia held up by progress and demand of our resources by China, Japan, USA, Britain, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Europe for 55 years.  By right there should be $500 Billion in Surplus, Fast train from Singapore to Thailand, MRT in EVERY Capital Cities INCLUDING Sabah/Sarawak, Cheap Great Cars.  Yet in those best of years Malaysia is in Debt by $1 Trillion, we don't have 12 Singapore despite the size of Langkawi.  We have DIGNITY of Iban, Kadazan, Orang Asli Insulted by the greed of UMNO-BN-PBB-PBS........#$%^&*#  Do something right this time by Voting STAR-DAP in Sabah State Election and PAS, DAP, PKR in ALL Federal seats to Right the Wrong in Malaysia.. I beg of you!! That is the BEST you can do to help the poor and disadvantage!! ...AND SEND those SCUMS of UMNO-BN-PBB-PBS into jail. Too numerous to name!! Malaysia soccer is also in the same scrap heap of inept incompetence SHAM!!  Sports is not that important.  Who cares.  But Leaders of the country who make life a slave/misery for citizen rakyat Malaysia must be Obliterated!!

Sabahans can have 90% of oil to build MRT, Fast train, English education, Toyota, BMW,VW.....etc for 50% less than what it is. Nothing is too hard with the Unique Constitution you have.  Sack Malaya today, Tomorrow I start the Singapore 2 Dream!!...Believe it! Vote STAR-DAP in Sabah State Election and PAS, DAP, PKR in ALL Federal seats!!   ABU SAMPAI Mati!!  

Mat Kilau Bersedia with Disrupt, disrupt disrupt UMNO-BN tools!!

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