Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Islamic Concept NIAT....Raja Petra own ideology Sham??

Becoming common these days for MT to avoid posting my cutting comments.  Maybe there is someone in MT trying to control the mind set of readers.   So blocking Ip address too MT.  What a joke!!  Stay the course and ABU - UBAH - KELUAR!!  Then over time a new Sabah/Sarawak for Malaysia sick of the Sham in Malaya to Migrate!  You have the constituional power to do it and no need to discuss with anyone from Malaya.  Go ask Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore if he was consulted.  They just gave him a VSS, redundancy but today 2013 Singapore GDP is greater than Super Resource Rich Malaysia.  Which Religious NIAT did this?? 

Every Religion also have NIAT to do Good.  So no big Deal about Islam.  It is always the followers of Religion that give religion a Bad name.  That we know.  So we need to follow Religion that has the Best overall Niat, like freedom of religion, freedom of Expression, freedom of choice.....etc.  So who gave the others to make laws, decree to stifle that Freedom. 

Agama yang sesak adalah agama yang pengikutnya tak erti kebebasan beragama.  A Religion that has gone Awry is one that does not allow its followers to have freedom of religion.  That too we know which religion is expert in Enforcing.  Is it ever a wonder then why the Religion of Peace is not so Peaceful??

Like UMNO, the brain washing needs to end.  Born malay is NOT born Islam & Islam is Not Malay or bumiputera.  The Sultan / Agong that continue to maintain this status quo of born malay = islam = bumiputera also have Niat. That niat is a NIAT Jahat/Evil.  That means Royalty have Evil NIAT.  What was their NIAT to sack Singapore from Malaysia??  Power of one race?  Sabah/Sarawak you have been conned big time for 55 years.  End the CON and CAN/Bury UMNO-BN and those munfiq PBS Christian Cult in Sabah!!   Tun Dr. Bapa Kemerosotan Malaysia claiming 100% malay because he is Islam is also a Niat Jahat/Evil.

Adakah seseorang Islam BerNiat jahat kalau terus terima Ajaran sesak??  Macam Buat suicide bomber.  Macam percaya Tun bapa kemerosotan Malaysia 100% melayu.  Macam bolehkan seseorang lahir kedalam satu agama.  There is no compulsion in Islam...#$%^&*.  Islam a religion of Peace...itu semua UMNO lontar batu, lontar cat #$%^&.  Manusia melayu UMNO Islam Cult yang HINA Allah saja buat begini.   Dah bodoh ke selepas berhijrah ke dalam Islam.  Ingat Sharizat lepas NFC dibongkar, buat UMRAH semua dosa habis.  Tapi perangai, Niat, tak pernah Hijrah.  Ini lah Islam Munafiq UMNO Cult.

Please don't insult Allah with your Nit Wit ideology.  Malaysia would be a better place if the Sultan, UMNO, Perkakas UMNO, Media learn to respect other people DIFFERING Opinion and freedom of Religion.  Just because you start losing your support base, you start the Racist Bigots 3 R engine.  (Race religion royalty)  Then I curse Malaysia Economy to suffer the greatest economic crisis if UMNO-BN is returned and Rakyat do not over turn them by hook or crook.

So where is the Islamic Force to take down President Assad Genocide on their own Syrian people??   Do not for once pretend that nothing is occuring there.  I for one am most disappointed at OIC and All Islamic countries.  Better change religion and hope for the best!!

Raja Petra trying to have ALL Angels as MP and ADUN.  He is trying to confuse you from ABU.  He wants to maintain the status quo of Sultan/Agong/Melayu/Islam.  For what?  If they are all Niat Jahat, then time to UBAH!!  No need religion to teach you!!

Don't expect ALL  MP, ADUN to be Angels in this coming GE13.
Certainly the BETTER NIAT is From Pakatan.  ABU!! - UBAH - KELUAR!!

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