Thursday, April 18, 2013

OPS Daulat ROS - Registra of Societies Obliterate DAP, Interrrupt Pakatan,Confuse Rakyat!! #$$@!!

Looks like there is Project EC and Now Project ROS to make all DAP candidate illegal.  Macam-macam tiap hari kat Malaysia.  All kinds of Sham that only those Scumbag of Perkakas(tools) UMNO Racist can think of to frustrate the WILL of Anger and Fire of the rakyat.

Then the Current UMNO Baru racist have Ruled Illegally for 55 years!  

Perhaps we need to tell UMNO-BN and all those scums that if you want security, safety YOU BETTER Vote Pakatan!  Just as he told those Sabahans that if they want safety, better vote UMNO-BN #$%^&*!
UMNO-BN Epic Fail in the war on Sabah by Sulu Islamic Terrorist cult.  If they choose War under UMNO Instructions and some Failed negotiated Plot then SACK Malaya from your MAP.

Sabah/Sarawak have the power unlike the other nine states with the complexity of Agong & Sultan Sham in malaya.  Just Sack Malaya, declare autonomy, sack the ringgit and peg it to Singapore dollar for the first few years like Brunei.  EXTINGUISH all Land gained by UMNO-BN cronies and their right to illegal corruption money.  EXTINGUISH is the power that is also within your constitution power.  Catch those scums as insurance and see your GDP greater than malaya in 10 years.  At the rate UMNO-BN is borrowing, Fat hopes in their effort in paying of $1 Trillion debt that is hidden from Rakyat Malaysia.  Don't live to be a slave of UMNO-BN, or Sultan or Agong or Raja Petra ideology that all must be angels before voting Pakatan.

55 Years of UMNO-BN is the longest REGIME in the WORLD.....even Longer than the North Korea Regime.  Spend a few moment and ponder on their PLUNDER.  While you live in misery, they live in Luxury in the name of Race, Religion and Royalty.  End that sham and make them like Allah sees these Ruling Elite.  They are also citizen-rakyat mere humans and ORANG BIASA!!  Nothing special and merit super-human status that needs respect.  They kill, rape, murder, torture and continue to dumb you down with brain washing and live in misery.  Sack UMNO-BN from the administration, from managing your money, your life, your destiny.  Break the Chains of illusion that you have been living under.

If things have improved, then why on earth some companies that need to transport stuff from KL-Johot need to have an escort car for the truck in case it get highjacked by Criminals in bed with UMNO-Police?  And Sabahans think if they want security, vote UMNO-BN??#%^&#.  Stupid if you think UMNO-BN have your interest at heart.

UMNO did nothing to improve your life, society, of made Malaysia a better place.  Is that so hard to see??  How many more Armies need to invade Malaysia before you wake up and take up arms to defend your own space??  You want Foreign armies dictating what you eat, what religion you can embrace, what education you can have, what language you can speak....etc.??  ENOUGH - ABU - UBAH - KELUAR!!

Don't waste this moment of time to CREATE HISTORY and send UMNO-BN to Hotel Bamboo River with those PBS-BN, Taib Sarawak -BN to that hotel and enjoy the Banquet there!!  The Misery and Burden for Malaysian, Sabah, Sarawakians MUST end and ENDED Decisively!!  ENOUGH - ABU - UBAH - KELUAR - MIGRATE!!

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