Thursday, April 04, 2013

Time to SLAP Munafiq Islam UMNO Proper and ALL their ILKS...

Ampun Tuanku, beribu-ribu ampun, sembah patik harap diampun.” Dengan Tuhan pun tidak minta ampun macam tu. Dosa yang paling besar yang tidak boleh terampun ialah menduakan Tuhan.

Of all the dissolution of State seats for GE13 that I was waiting to watch, was that of Perak.  Here we have the 2 scumbags playing to the audience their TRUE Hypocrisy/Munafiq-ness for Citizen Perak and Malaysia to laugh.  Mind you these 2 scumbags thought they were showing tradition, culture and civility.  In truth their acts HAVE PASSED Judgement on themselves!  Guilty as charged!  Ha ha ha ha!!

Here we have Mamak Zambry(scumbag 1) asking AUDIENCE with Fake Sultan/Raja Muda(scumbag 2) to dissolve State.  Rewind 3 years ago, Nizar cannot get audience to dissolve state for election.  If the Sultan/Raja Muda of Perak have Dignity of their EVIL Corrupt acts of 3 years ago,  he should NOT BOTHER to see Mamak Zambry. Just write a decree note to Election Commission/SPR that state is dissolve.  Be Alof  and think Malaysia is still in their Feudal GRIP!! Do like what the Munafiq fake Sultan of Perak did previously on Nizar.  Talk about inconsistant Judgement.  The precedent set is a SHAME and SHAM to the Justice systems in Malaysia and around the world.  Shame on the ex Lord President.  You have insuted the name Lord President with your Arrogance!!  You should have submitted to the contitution that current MB can ask for dissolution like in any democratic country.  The Sultan Arrogance is a sign that your legacy is about to END!  BE END!!!  Every Dignitaries, diplomat, company CEO, Nobel Prize winner should just laugh at the LEGACY of the Perak Current Royalty from 2000-2013 if you ever meet them.  Just snigger after shaking their hands of Sham.  These sultan needs replacing with a legitimate ones and its Allah will that you did your corruption arrogant acts.  Shame on you and hope Perak vote 100% Pakatan to SLAP you proper on the Perak Royalty face & the Judiciary & UMNO-BN & Police & EC/SPR!!

Is is also becoming clearer by the day that like Negeri 9, these current batch of Perak Royalty is also not Legitimate or have RUN their course.  Its up to malay and those in the voting process who are about to Meet ALLAH to right the wrong.  When Death bed is near like in Negeri Sembilan, things happens.  End the SHAM in Perak Royalty and restore the dignity of the Malay Sultan.  Same goes to Kelantan current Sultan who kicked his father off the throne.  When unprecedented things happens, it does not bode well for Malaya.  So Sabah, Sarawak do a first mover move by sacking malaya and start the process of Singapore 2 & 3.  You have the constitution power do do it alone.  Each state(Sabah/Sarawak) is SAME POWER as the Collective state of malaya.

Get rid of those SCUM BAG Christian Munafiq/Pharisees Dompok, Kurap, Pairin, Ongkili...PBS-UMNO. Lets not be a tolerance romantics to inept, incompetence, arrogant and corrupt people.  These scums will do little to improve your life.  If 55 years have not given you an idea of Progress and SHAM...then there is NO cure for such sickness.

Do they provide a useful service? Do they make the world richer... or better... in any way at all? Are they productive members of society or bloodsucking parasites? Does it need 55 years to decide inept, incompetence, injustice, corruption, racism??

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