Sunday, April 21, 2013

How to vote Sabah/Sarawak

Now that the Project ROS and Project EC is  in full force this is what voters in Sabah / Sarawak need to vote.  UMNO-PBS support the Sulu terrorist Jihadist.  What good is that for Sabahans or Sarawakians.

1.  ABU Anything BUT UMNO-BN - ABCD put " X" Anything BUT cap dacing on ballot paper.

2.  Let Pakatan take the Parlimentary Seat but make sure State seats in the coalition of DAP-STAR.
Take the State for STAR but let PAKATAN win Federal.

2.  Seats with PKR, SAPP, STAR - Vote STAR - don't bother BN.  Just make sure the ballot paper do not have a single dot near the Dacing area.

3. Seats with DAP, SAPP, STAR, PKR -  vote DAP.  STAR would still come up on top if they won all their state seats and DAP will keep a check on them.  Get rid of PKR from Sabah/Sarawak.  Can't even manage their PKR poor showing in malaya want to make Big waves!!

4.  That way we can start forming a STAR-DAP state government alliance and Kick out those Scums and DNA of UMNO.  After this UBAH - the we Keluar.

You get the drift.  Take the State for STAR, but kick the UMNO-BN or their DNA out.

For state Parliament, vote STAR, DAP Adun.  Kick PKR,BN.   Kick those people that have NO desire to make Sabah/Sarawak a new Destination for Malaysian to migrate.  Lets face it, PAS can make kelantan sort of a Islamic state like it or not with all their SHAM rules and Laws.  Sabah/Sarawakians have also their own agenda to pursue.  Like Singapore 2 & 3.  English education medium thru to Parliament and everyday life.  Freedom of religion, press and from ISA.  Make no mistake that UMNO-PBS will implement their Apostasy, Islam syriah Sham if you give them another 5 years.

Firstly, have the laws hung any of those SULU Islamic terrorist yet??  I mean, Malaysian who are caught with a gun are send straight to the Gallows.  What deals have UMNO-BN-PBS done with these terrorist that allows them to be above the laws??#$%^&!!  Yet these media and Scum wants to HANG Ambiga of Bersih 3 but not these Jihadist UMNO-Sulu Terrorist!!  Where is RCI on this??  Want to distort history like May 13 again??  Sabahans SACK UMNO-PBS-SULU Terrorist from Sabah!!  Make no mistake about it!

So UMNO-Sulu Terrorist can have guns in case rakyat Sabah/Sarawak revolt.  While the rest of Law abiding citizen becomes sitting ducks to their close door Racist Bigots agenda???  #$%^&!!  Its ok for UMNO Tools to hold guns while citizen Malaysia live at the mercy of UMNO organised Jihadist Terrorist??  Hope its clearer now with the UMNO agenda to make Sabahans live in misery!!

Don't bother about Malaysia Today - Its been infiltrated with UMNO-BN money takers editor to confuse the Rakyat who wants to ABU.   Blocking ip, posters and what not.  No one can stop 6 corner fight, but we can START ABU or ABCD!! Raja Petra have escape strategy, rakyat Malaysia don't.  So fight Like Mat Kilau - unseen, unheard and WHACK those 3 Line, Perkakas UMNO and their Racist Scums/tools who cause trouble and asking for a fight.  Whack them when they are alone walking home.

Everthing Malaysia Media is about Chaos in Pakatan, STAR, SAPP and Unity Sham in come top man MCA cannot be involved??  UMNO to sack MCA, MIC after election?  UMNO youth and Perkakas UMNO slashing people not putting up their flag in their premise. SLASH them Back!!  ABU!!

What has really improved for 55 years of UMNO-BN-PBS-Sham....more Barang Naik, more Flood in Sabah, More Terrorist Jihadist Atttack in Sabah, more murder, crime and corruption?  More Misery, suffering and less opportunity to have a better life??

Don't focus on the Boston Islamist Jihadist terrorist or President Assad terrorist to Syrians.....Focus on Ending UMNO-PBS-Sulu terrosist on Sabahans.  ABU - ABCD!!  INI KALI LAH!!

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