Thursday, April 11, 2013

THE Election SHAM of the century in Malaysia - Double counting by UMNO-BN- Project EC!!

270,000 are postal voters from the army and the police force.

WOW!!  If they are also ask to attend and vote on voting day that will make it 540,000 postal and overseas the anticipated 200,000 phamtom overseas votes + new 300,000 illegals given IC to vote.... Almost 1,000,000 phantom votes that we need to neutralise.  Project IC EC/SPR in all its Glory.  30 years later another SHAM RCI on election commission for what? Like the IC in SabahLife and dreams are lost.  NOW is the time to end the SHAM!!  ABU!! 100%%

How does one check the legitimacy of double voting? #$%^&;*#

Who is going to sit in the truck/van/car that is carrying the ballot boxes to the counting station?

We just have to decide which sector your support comes from and SABOTAGE the Sector NOT going to vote for you!  That means BURN those Ballot boxes coming from sectors not going to vote for Pakatan.
How to ABU - UBAH when one has to deal with ONE MILLION Phantom Project EC votes and the Coming $1 Trillion Malaysia Debt.??  #$$%%$@# 

Malaysia better get ready to hedge their position by getting out of Ringgit and into Singapore Dollar or Rupiah or Thai Baht.

Same government immigration that have no record of Altantuya Entry to Malaysia but 2 Police UTK admitted to c4 her.

Same Judiciary that somehow managed to stop the 2 Murderer Officer Colonel Aziz Buyong - Norhayati,   Sirul Omar, Azilah Hadridan from taking the Witness stand.

Same Project IC Sham in Sabah.

Same Sultan Perak - Lord Sham President who decided against protocol and constitution that MB does not need to meet him to dissolve state parliament yet grant the SHAM UMNO-BN MB audience to dissolve.

Malaysia Will continue to suffer Health, education, flood, infrastructure, environment, crime, law and order problem if UMNO-BN is returned to make it 60 years of one party rule.

So MCA chief no need to take part in election (first ever).  Goes to show the UMNO Malays How Powerful and mighty UMNO to malays is and to show chinese how weak they are in MCA.  Since more malays means UMNO thinks will benefit the malay vote psyche and Munafiq Islam Malay Champion.

Register to vote overseas and come back to vote too...if you have the money!  Otherwise hedge your money!

Sabah/Sarawak you need to ABU and UBAH and Keluar to give Malaya a new place to Migrate!  You have the power in your constitution and don't bother telling Agong or Sultan.  No Need.  Just like when they sacked Singapore from Malaysia.  No need to consult!!


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