Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Malaysian MUST NOT be a tolerance Romantics!

Don't be a tolerance ROMANTICS with the inept and incompetence Handling of Sulu War on Sabah. It is a good UMNO-BN PLOY to Gurantee no one goes out to vote for the coming election in those areas.  Frightening people is UMNO Racist trump card.  Soon election voting day may be called on May 13, 2013.  Ironic or not, we WILL BURY UMNO on that DAY and those who try to be smart and create chaos like 3 Line, Perkakas UMNO, Silat Sham, RTM, Star, Utusex, Nanyang, NSTipu....etc @#$%^&#.  search how to relentless DDOS Attack the web site that will bring Malaysia UMNO Sham cronies site down, with Relentless DDOS attack based on those time mentioned in my blog.

 DDOS Attack UMNO Croniess

UMNO racist have killed those police and soldiers in Sabah.  When someone send you to death without a proper strategy, it is MATI KATAK. Don't be a Romantics to UMNO Gila Kuasa!!  Meaningless Death, colleteral damage as long as UMNO Racist stay in power.  Make no mistake UMNO is doing its best to declare EMERGENCY.  That way, easier to move their 300,000 Phantom OVERSEAS votes across Malaysia.  All seats under 4,000 majority will be in trouble.  Hope those voting observer in Pakatan are VIGILIANT to vote rigging.  Low ranking police and army can burn those boxes kept by your superior as they killed your colleagues in Sabah!!  Honor their sacrifice by seeking JUSTICE!!

Article 153(1) - Article 153 of the Constitution of Malaysia grants the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (King of Malaysia) responsibility for “safeguard[ing] the special position of the malays and natives of any of the States of Sabah and Sarawak and the legitimate interests of other communities” and goes on to specify ways to do this, such as establishing quotas for entry into the civil service, public scholarships and public education.

So after 55 years this 153 is being quoted for the convinience of UMNO-BN continuing thier SHAM & Scam. Don't be a Romantics to a 55 years of inept and incompetence.  So what did Sultan and Agong do to the War on Sabah?  Were Sabahans security safeguarded or was it SHAM guarded?#$%^#   $300 Billion spent on armed forces over 55 years it seems used to enrich UMNO-BN, Sultan and Ruling elite.  Fast forward 2013 and need to use Airasia to send troops to Sabah.  That is the SHAM state of alertness and does point to MEGA CORRUPTION by UMNO-BN!!

Sabahans and Sarawakians just need to come out VOTE and KICK UMNO-BN out.  That is the only hope for malaya.  After that you can create a Singapore 2 & 3.  No need to consult Agong or Sultan like these Scums of UMNO-BN kicked Singapore out.  Take the route of kicking Malaya out.  Let malaya be Cyprus with Debt and get those SCUMS of UMNO-BN and TOSS them from the Top of Mulu caves and Mount Kinabalu.  55 years of misery needs to have a decisive end. End the Misery in 2013.  Don't end up being like a Gadaffi, Assad or Kim Jon Il state.  Take the power, feel the freedom and be a ROMANTICS of Progress in English Education, Better Health, Good Judiciary, Freedom of Religion, Freedom from ISA, Freedom of Press.  Be a Romantics of Law and Order, Justice and opportunity for PROSPERITY.  Be a ROMANTICS to Singapore, Taiwan, Australia style nation.  Not the Phillipines or Malaysia or Myanmar current state of nation.  Even the Sulus, Indonesia, Phillipines can be better off as a New Sabah & Sarawak!!  The choice is obvious.  EVERY ONE vote Pakatan. JOM UBAH Kemudian KELUAR!! 

End the misery, the land stealing for UMNO-BN + Ruling elite cronies, poverty and living UMNO dream.  GIVE BACK the NIGHTMARE to UMNO Malaya.  That nightmare is DEBT of $1 Trillion and like Cyprus, if money have not been moved out of Malaysia by now before election, even those converted to other nation currency but kept in LOCAL Bank is at RISK!!  You will LOSE 60% of money kept in Malaysia.

Get ready for Agenda Mat Kilau......>>>  DISRUPT  DISRUPT  DISRUPT!!!!

Anything that disrupt the election commission/SPR and their phantom overseas votes is good!

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