Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Economic Chaos is dawning on the world and more so for Malaysian.

What have changed for Malaysia?? NOTHING. NOTHING!!

Be prepared, be frugal, help the needy and poor and do your best to have enough for 4 more years of DEPRESSION in Malaysia. You heard it here first, ignore at your own peril!!

We Continue Whatever it takes until UMNO-BN is Obliterated. Nothing else Matter. Be Like Mat Kilau, be unknown, unseen, undetectable yet inflicting Maximun pain and economic damage to UMNO-BN. Boycott!!

Racism in Islam UMNO-PAS in overdrive mode with their stupid support for Yoga Fatwa and still no ability for any malay humans to convert to other religion. Still Flaw in the Sultan and Agong ideology to declare Fatwa that it is Illegal to be born Malay Islam. Curses on Malaysia Economy until we Obliterate UMNO-BN racist policies and games.

The Battle goes on from Mumbai against Islamic Terrorist. It seems the world have become politically correct to REMOVE the ISLAMIC word from associated with Terrorism. Well Tough, it will be Highlighted, repeated in many more blogs until ISLAM as A WHOLE Allows Conversion out of Islam and start CONDEMNING these Cowardly Acts as Against Koran. Yet the media are trying to cover it up and water it down as a small sector of society that just profess to be Islam Extremist. Well Call them Insulter of Islam Extremist. Do something for goodness sake. Those High Priest of Islam are silent because they Silently CONDONE these Sick Insulter Of Islam Terrorist Acts. Don't for a moment think we BUMI NON MALAY of Malaysia will tolerate this Islamic Dominance Rubbish in Malaysia. Malaysia Will be Broken in time. Believe it!!

51 years of Racism in Islam UMNO-PAS Malaysia will NOT Be tolerated.

Keep up the Boycott of Proton, Petronas petrol, Kancil, Maybank & all Local Banks, Air Asia, McDonalds, KFC, MAS....and all companies owned and operated by Cronies of UMNO-BN racist. Each Dollar NOT SPENT with UMNO-BN is like 10 PUNCHES in their stomach. Makes them poorer and therefore less power in their continual quest for Racism to Be Obliterated and Islam to be a religion of Self Guidance and Choice. We did pay taxes to suppport these Religious Bigots team of MAIS, JAIS, Syriah. Go tax your own Islamic people to maintain your own Islamic rules and laws. What is the Penalty for Stealing and Corruption In Islam?? ....Need we keep quiet anymore? Keep on Criticising UMNO-BN or PAS if Racism in Islam UMNO-PAS games keeps going on.

For A Better Malaysia we need FREEDOM OF Religion, Freedom From ISA and Freedom of Press.