Thursday, May 29, 2014

Long Live Karpal Singh and Sultan Munafiq Islam Shah Subpoenead to Answers Charges in after life.....

“Ampun Tuanku, beribu-ribu ampun, sembah patik harap diampun.” Dengan Tuhan pun tidak minta ampun macam tu. Dosa yang paling besar yang tidak boleh terampun ialah menduakan Tuhan.

Now in front of God ALL Human are Equal....the GREAT EQUALITY DAY.......Sultan, prince, PM, DIRECTOR, CEO are just mere HUMAN.....ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!....  (bumi non Malay)

So learn to appreciate all humans also have DIGNITY no matter what status they are in society.....(Ip Man)

But Baton now passed on to another Sultan Munafiq Islam cult UMNO cahoots of Raja Nazrin Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah.  He succeeds his father, the late Sultan Azlan Shah.  All a sham when he should not ascend to the throne.....theirs is another fake legacy that UMNO in cahoots with Sultan Perak trying to protect....

But the Sham of Star saying he was instrumental to Malaysian Hockey 4th Placing in 1975 is typical of STAR inept and credibility as a media.  All lies as usual and we have lots of Tun and Tan Sri titled humans who will sing praises when paid to do so ly the cahoots of UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong.    Means nothing when he was instumental of the Destruction of Malaysia Democracy in Perak constitutional crisis.

Bapa Hoki........@#$%^&...soo Sultan Pahang also Bapa Bolasepak Malaysia???  @#$%^&  That is Bapa Rogol...rapisti!!!.

I think a better title Bapa Kemerosotan Perak and Malaysia.  Like Tun Dr Munafiq Mahathir as Bapa Kemerosotan Malaysia.  All these UMNO cahoots are ACTUALLY the FATHER of DESTRUCTION of Malaysia ECONOMY, JUDICAIRY, CONSTITUTION, Law and Order.  Tell them to your children, grand children about the Sultan Azlan Shah TRICKY and Hypocrite legacy as a good judge and Sultan.  He failed the people of Perak at the hour of need and for that We will Black to celebrate your demise.  Go meet your maker and explain to him without the spin and protection from the Evil Gods of Islam UMNO Cults protecting you.   Enjoy the Heat.....

Meanwhile Sultan Munafiq Islam Cult Johor...with his 300 odd cars in air cond like the Panda....asking to Study his STUPIDITY of the move from the usual Sat-Sun day off.  Revert back and don't try to show those poor malays your Islam cult concern with your corruption and Murderous bullying generations of sultan.  At least the Pandas bring some cash back via people willing to pay to see pandas.....  Your 300 odd expensive cars in air cond and special storage....reflects your concern of your own well being and NOT that of Rakyat Johor.......#$%^&*(!!!!  Malays are hungry and living in misery and yet you let your cars live in greater luxury than malays and other race who are equally as poor...that is a reflection of your greed and lets hope you are also answerable Like sultan Munafiq Shah when summon and Subpoenead to the after life....

Malaysia need to wake up the the cahoots with UMNO-BN Racist Terrorist......otherwise your life will diminish, insulted and persecuted till Death.....  Before least show your Anger by Boycott of UMNO-BN Malays Racist terrorist goods and DISRUPT  disrupt...disrupt and Terror Back to those Terrorist UMNO-Boko Haram-Sulu Terrorist Rapist.....PDRM and local media too......all in cahoots with UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong to make life Misery and slavery for Malaysian!!....Equalise and make them FIGURE BOBBING HEAD!!  In front of ALLAH they are all MERE HUMANS nothing more ...Nothing don't go about having special reverence or Fear of these cahoots and cahoots of Islam UMNO cult religion....  Free yourself and embrace other religion before its too late!!  FEAR GOD / ALLAH is the BEST.......and its Seditious to Allah if Sultan Dare to equate to Allah!! let alone defender of Islam Cult UMNO-BN(barang naik)!!!  Stop Lying of the Mythical status that many other race DO NOT BELIEVE and have moved on!!  Those who hold on the the Myth that you need to seek "Ampun"/forgiveness the moment they see you is in a Dellusion and illusion and sick world of unending brain washing...SNAP OUT OF IT!!  Un - Brain WASH!!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

CELAKA UMNO Racist Malays....

Brain washing of UMNO-Barang Naik Stupidity and INACTION by the UMNO  Boko Haram - SULU terrorist Police is what brings Malaysia down another level to HELL with Sultan-Agong Approval.  Mind you the Fiasco and Sham of the 2008 Perak State Assembly compared with the police presence in Penang State Assembly is a OBVIOUS testament to the Racism that is allowed to fester under Sultan-Agong and UMNO-BN Racist bigots watch.  Time to stay alert...the moment you hear of death of many of a certain race...BRACE Yourself for Impact, Defence and WHATEVER it takes to OBLITERATE UMNO in cahoots with Sultan - Agong.

These UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong Obvious prejudice, inaction and encouragement of UMNO-sponsored Sulu- Boko Haram-Al Shabab PDRM terrorist in Malaysia needs to END with their allow the Cancer to stay inside Malaysian Minds is a failure of Malaysian to CUT OFF the Racist Bigots Cancer of UMNO-BN!!

So in future when You say Celaka Malaysia Football standard.....Get ready for Attack by Sultan FAM of Pahang on your premise because you insulted his legacy.

If you say celaka Malaysia Hockey, you will also face the same retribution buy the Sultan of Perak.

When Trengganu tell Celaka to Johor Football team when Trengganu lost 3-1 get ready, beware Trengganu folks because you have insulted the Johor Royal Family and their legacy and you will also receive the terrorism, retribution from the Johor Thugs of  UMNO Ideology.....  CELAKA to this type of Low Intellect UMNO racist thinking!!

When you get ROBBED by a thief and you say celaka to the thief....Live in fear because the thief will come back and Whack you like those UMNO racist Thugs and terrorist on the Penang state assembly.  If this is the ideology and mind set you live in, then I thing you need to either change religion or UN BRAIN WASH your mind and RESET!

This is how these UMNO-Racist terrorist Boko Haram- Sulu Terrorist is trying to set your mind...but we have the power to resist them and Whack them back to their caves...

Just need a bit of planning, trappings....and show no mercy when you get them.  Terrorise them like those MACC murdereres gets those 2 Altantuya UTK Najib-Rosmah police gets terrorised and living in fear....Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar.  Like those JAIS Bible Robber and NGO living in fear.....  If we cannot get them in daylight...there is always night time to get them.  There is always their place of abode and their family if insurance is needed.....There is always the element of Suprise and the Art of War.  So don't think those who have guns call the shots....sometimes one need to rise up with wisdom too.  Those stupid chinese and indians, non malays and malays of BN cronies mindset and who have good life in Malaysia....serve you right for voting UMNO-Barang Naik.....stop complaining and for Peace and stability you voted on got more Crime, Break in , Murder, Deaths, Barang Naik, TOL and Water ration.....  enjoy the fruits of your STYUPIDITY!

For making jokes on Rosmah....Teresa kok gets a Sedition charges.....those UMNO-Boko Haram Terrorist who storm the Penang state assembly is not a seditious act that was approved by UMNO-BN Terrorist, by police and Agreed by Sultan-Agong.......  Now that you are clear of the KANGAROO Court and inaction of the LAW and INCOMPETENCE of the Malaysia MH370 Judiciary, we must learn to retaliate in the right manner and time.  

Those in cahoots to DESTROY your DIGNITY, LIFE, Keep you in Misery and constant terror to your daily Life will have their days numbered.......TIME TO RISE UP Like the Mat Kilau of PAST to TERROR BACK......   in quietness....unknown....DISRUPT DISRUPT .DISRUPT DISRUPT!!!...Don't just tolerate more water ration......MORE Flood....more traffic Jams....time toi react by  BOYCOTTING Malaysia UMNO economy....Petronas, Local Banks, Astro, STAR, Utusan, Petron....and Any business related to UMNO-BN Racist in cahoots with sultan-agong!!  Spend LESS on their stuff if you must and give them a CASH FLOW CRUNCH to CRUSH their Evil deeds!!

Everytime you buy something....THINK...Think... in your SUB CONSCIOUS whether it will Support-Enhance the funding of UMNO-BN BokoHaram, Al shabab, Hudud, Sulu terrorism/terrorist   in cahoots with Sultan-Agong or IS THERE ANOTHER ALTERNATIVE!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Today, our leaders are afraid to act swiftly to contain the extremist elements, nor are our police able to act with complete impartiality.

Despotic and EVIL Regime always start with High and lofty goals and then slowly use the consolidation of power in ARMY, Police, Judiciary, Media, Education to maintain their status quo of EVIL and Crush any dissent.  That is what Malaysia is today and not an inch more should Sabah-Sarawak need to tolerate this NOR should any from Malaya.

UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong would prefer to use guns on their OWN Citizen Rakyat Malaysia than against those UMNO-SULU-Abu Sayaf-Jemmiah Islamiah-Al Shabab, BOKO Haram Islamic terrorist.  The UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong will always use EXCESSIVE force to Whack the UNARMED CITIZEN Malaysia and prefer to NEGOTIATE with Islamic UMNO-Sulu-Abu Sayaf terrorist in Sabah.  That is their ideology of EVIL Power and those who dare question or POKE fun at the METHOD of dealings with these terrorist as Seditious and Warrant  investigation by Police, AG, Media DEMONISISNG and ALL with the Agreement of Sultan -Agong.  If defender of Islam in Malaysia or Brunei is so great..... go stop the Syrian War and Secure the release of the kidnapped girls/ children in Nigeria by Boko Haram.....As usual their golden Mythical GOD Cult Islamic Lips are just a Bunch of Lies. If nothing can be done...please RELINQUISH those Constitutional titles and don't EMBARASSED the Good Religion of Islam with your cult like behaviour!!...  Speaking of scumbags....have that recent Indian Islam Cult convert Izwan Abdullah Scumbag returned the Kidnap Force Convert to Islam Indian child back to the mother or are the terrorist Boko Haram, Al Shabab Malaysian NGO still protecting these Violaters of Malaysian Constitution???  Time to Rescue that Child like we need to rescue the girls from Boko Haram Clutches.....Unite against Evil ..We Must!!....don't bother with the Criminal PDRM Police of malaysia under instruction & corruption $$$$ from UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong......its Our move now!!

So like Survivor Series we need to break the Alliance of UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong and also the UMNO and BN alliance with the stupidity of the Alliance.  Now Many in the Alliance are REALISING some are PAID more WITH Corruption Money than the those 3 Trengganu State ADUN being Pain around $15-25 Million ringgit each to keep their mouth shut and soon those 11 From Sarawak......I wonder how much they want for being more prosperous and richer than trengganu plus the Ability to SACK Malaya???  Maybe they can ask for $20-30 Million each before being Sack from contesting in the next election??? 

Everyone it seems wants to make Hay while the sun shine and there is a common MODUS Operandi to get more money by playing Politics RATHER than REALLY SERVE the People.  When the people start to rise up and wise up that those election Bags of rice, schools bags, $1000 for for another 5 year term is NOT making them move forward and in fact more back ward.......lets hope these citizen rise up and REBEL....Like a Rebellion...  A rebellion against evil is normal in a country whose Leaders thinks they have consolidated power for 60 years and THINKS the citizen have been TAMED like in North Korea.

Some times we need to B B B B - Bangkit Bangun  Bantah BERONTAK.....against Evil and Not let them sleep one more day.....  Take to the streets...Jam the streets like Thailand....before the economic infrastructure Collapse Crushes citizen Malaysia and those UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong terrorist with guns and terror.  When you consolidate power to one race, one religion, one SICK ideology...the Descent have begun and never going to stop.....The question is What are you going to do.....  Keep tolerating the Barang Naik...Price Rise, Tol Rise, Electricity Rise....INFERIOR EDUCATION for your Children in preparation for them to be Tamed Slaves to Pharaoh UMNO in cahoots with Pharaoh Sultan-Agong.....Inferior Food....constant Flood, Jam and DIFFICULT Lifestyle...???  While you have to make way when these Scumbags who do not need to suffer water ration in the midst of flood???? or traffic jam and suddenly you hear siren to make way? WHY....? WHY tolerate the inequality?  Time to EQUALISED the Whole mantra of society...

Now these Scumbag trying to make BIG news with non issues like making MIRI a Capital and not Kuching???  They can twist and turn, rename streets with Islamic and Glorious Mythical figure name....But the SAME SH*T remains in this Cursed Nation of Malaysia until the UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan -Agong and their Ideology are removed......that means PKR Crap too.......  Sack PKR from Sabah-Sarawak and then Sack UMNO-BN and then SACK Malaya.......Reset....Renew.....RE-ESTABLISH ENGLISH as the MEDIUM for everything and you are Free to Learn whatever......Don't be a loser and only allow the Ruling Elites of UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong children to be Groomed for the ascend to the Corruption Throne....Groome your children too to Kick these SCUMBAG into Jail by not Submitting to the UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong racist Bigots ideology!!

Today, our leaders are afraid to act swiftly to contain the extremist elements, nor are our police able to act with complete impartiality.

Monday, May 12, 2014

May 13...a Good day to Obliterate the UMNO-BN islamic racist Cults of Malaysia and their cahoots...

So nice to see flood in KL and Bangsar and those inept and incompetence UMNO LRT MH370 builders.....blocking natural flow of water in the midst of water rationing.  How ironic some might ask...think harder and you see the Scam and SHAM.  you suffer water ration, while the sultan-agong-UMNO-BN and cronies continue UN-RATION.  Malaysia turning WORST than Communist ideology!!!   This is the classic case of how a State Government cannot do much when a Federal Government calls its shots and decide on your well being......CHAOS will follow.  That is why Malaysia need to wake up to the fact that Senators must be voted in rather than picked and choosen...60 years of salary of $6000 a month for doing Nothing for Malaysia.....and you struggle to survive????.....regardless if Pakatan wins Federal Government, Senators have hidden power that can destroy Pakatan hope of governing Malaysia even with Majority.....This is the constitution problem Malaysian have not awaken to yet and looks like it will be too late anyway when the times comes to Rule!!  Wake up to this before its too late.  Senator have the constitutional power  block supply of money to the government in power.

From a position of envy after world war 2, Malaysia can be said have descended to HELL if compared to Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore.....  Keep having Royal commission on how, why, what...they are pointless CONTROLLED outcome because ALLAH have NOT BLESSES Racist Bigots UMNO-BN in Cahoots with Sultan-Agong Racist Bigots agenda.  As simple as that and until these SCUMBAGS are removed the Cancer will continue to SPREAD...the Corruption and EVIL racist bigots Islamism ideology will ruin Malaysia.

Timing is good after the Nigeria kidnapping of Schools girls and CONSTANT Kidnappings in Sabah by the UMNO-Sulu-Abu Sayaf Islamic Cult Terrorist with approval from Sultan-Agong.  That is the constant Agenda of these Scumbags and its now UP TO YOU TO REACT with Terror BACK or like Raja Petra suggest....You try to have some rooms to understand these Islamic Cults Ideology.   Keep doing it for another 60 Years and you get Afganistan, Pakistan, Palestine, Egypt, Nigeria, Iran, Iraq, Libya...and whatever Sham Islamic Kingdom that everyone wants to get out......yet those that tries to promote the Greatness of this Racist Bigots Islamic Cults likes to migrate to Western Countries.......and dare call it their birth right because they are born in England.. Go to Mecca, Saudi, Qatar, Bahrain.....instead...???@#$%^&

Lets hope by these pain and anger citizen Malaya will learn to see that there is so much EVIL in UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong...UMNO-Sulu-Abu Sayaf Islamic terrorist.  Evil people can do their Evil and be protected in Najib-Rosmah special force police - chief inspector Azilah Hadri and corporal Sirul Azhar Umar...those MACC Killers and perhaps the Karpal Singh Lorry Driver Killer.....could they be UMNO, 3 Line, Perkasa, UTK people, May 13 PAID Killers???........and buried in MASS grave in Sg Buloh.  DIG deeper and perhaps some light will be shed.

Malaysia is stuffed.  Kuala Lumpur is the best and greatest city of Malaysia...the show case to the world of how 3 rd world development and Chaos can occur with corruption.  Still have not got it right after 60 years of UMNO-BN......CRIPPLE Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia MH370 can be wonderful and Shameful.  That is the CURSE of upholding to the hope that Sultan-Agong defender of Mythical Cult Islam. Nothing can change Malaysia when the Cahoots with those UMNO-Sulu-Bn-PBS-PBB-Abu Sayaf terrorist continue their Evil....  Only chaos ..Hunger and Anger can be seen and are seen.

Its was a fitting Ominous sign that the streets of KL was in Chaos like in May 13 of distant is a sign of things to come with UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong and Islamic Cults Abu Sayaf, Sulu, Al Shabab, Al Qeada, Jemmiah Islamiah.  You see UMNO in cahoots with Myth Defender of Islam Cult Malaysia Needs them to create Chaos in case they are on the verge of Losing Power.......  Sabahans have tasted it but were AFRAID to FIGHT Back in that moment of History.  That is Call the OPENING to SACK Malaya and Create a better Sabah-Sarawak.  Deport those Islamic Terrorist Cult to Malaya and let them fulfill their hudud, Syriah laws in Kelantan, Trengganu, Johor and see how the Myth Defender of Islam fight each other for their DWINDLING corruption Cash Flow$$$$$$$!!!

The day you lose the ability to carry gun, weapons to defend yourself will be the day you surrender your DIGNITY, Self Respect, children to these UMNO-BN Sulu-Abu Sayaf, Al Shabab Islamic terrorist cults who have no regards of laws and best of all in cahoots with Sultan-Agong.  Fight Back and never Let your GUARD Down!!  Be Smart, be on Alert and be aware that UMNO in cahoots with Sultan-Agong are just playing a racist bigots islamic Cult game....60 years and still going strong......more kidnappings and War in Sabah is NOT NORMAL in 2014......  Wake UP ..Sabahans and Sarawakians...and for that matter Malaysia!!....don't wait for it to be like Nigeria girls kidnapping by Muslim Islamism terrorist cult to hope for government to do something....How is it possible for cahoots in Evil to fix Evil tragedy monsters  they created???

Be of DIFFERENT MIND SET TO FIGHT THESE EVILS...  Don't Be ROMANTICS to EVILS of Islamic Cults of UMNO-Sulu-Abu Sayaf in cahoots with Sultan-Agong!!

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Teach your Malaysian Children to run away FAST when you see Gun Carrying Masked men entering your school.....

So teach your Malaysian Children to run away fast when you see Gun Carrying Masked men entering your away and fast and DO NOT LISTEN to the Headmaster or Captain like the Korean Ferry Disaster Captain....!!!...Sabahans and Sarawakians have been warned!!

Wrong in Islam to Kidnap innocent People???... ha ha ha

From Nigeria Islamic terrorist to Sabah UMNO-Sulu -Abu Sayaf...the trend of these SCUMS of the Earth are the same and islamic UMNO-terrorist cults must be Obliterated.  Never mind their constant call to Allah and whatever Cult Gods of islam they seems to resonate a theme.  That theme is EVIL and Money......and money is the root of their evil.

These UMNO-Sulu Scumbags Islamic terrorist have the same ideology of using Islam to unite their evil cause.  Sabahans better start your defence league and start organising TERROR Back and drive these UMNO-SUlu Terrorit back to the Palace of the Defencder of Islam Malaysia in Sultan and Agong to educate and you wish.

When you hear those title of defender of Islam and Head  of Islam ....don't you malaysia.  If these are their ACTS of doing nothing to make a better Malaysia after 60 years.....nothing to educate the Islamic word apart from their well scripted talk fest, lectures...nothing really changed.  Cheap talker talking CRAP if you ask me #$%^&!!

The Nigeria Kidnaps of girls is a precursor to what may happen to Sabahans if you continue to tolerate the Politics of Allah, UMNO-Sulu Terrorist War on Sabah, their Kidnappings and those BN in PBS doing nothing.  Knowing those UMNO-PBS will do nothing until their plane crash and disappear like MH370...we need to start organising groups to defend your own terrotory by hook or crook.  make Arrows, blow pipes and whatever needed to defend your own home against Foreign Invasion like these UMNO-Sulu-Nigerian Terrorist.  The ideology is the same and have no part in Sabah.  Send them to Malaya as part of your negotiation and RESETTLEMENT Plan.......send them to Kelantan for their Hudud dream.

Life can be simple if WE UNITE against these UMNO sponsored Nigerian-Sulu Terrorist.  Same Ideology...same crap...same type of government style that can RUIN a Nation.....  Even Nigeria with all the oil ...the people in poverty and keep spewing their Islamic greatness....Just imagine when the oil runs out???  @#$%^!  All hell break loose for sure.....Warning!! warning!!  Foreign Investors Avoid Malaysia and Investing in Malaysia like a Plague.... UMNO in cahoots with Sultan-Agong have the same Ideology like the Nigerian islamic terrorist that kidnap those schools girls.....

So teach your Malaysian Children to run away fast when you see Gun Carrying Masked men entering your away and fast and DO NOT LISTEN to the Headmaster or Captain like the Korean Ferry Disaster Captain....!!!

Friday, May 02, 2014

Rising Anger of Malaysian...Lets hope that will CRUSH and Break up Malaysia...SELL and don't ever invest in collapsing Malaysia!! bad as Zimbabwe coming!...Use Foreign Currency as medium of exchange...Never in Ringgit...even BIT Coin could be beter....LOL!!

We need a new ideology...  One that of Survival mode and plan for survival.  Not one that we have to change our lifestyle, ration, lock gates up, update house security, hire guards, live in gated security....and keep spending for protecting our basic needs and rights.

Time to Paradigm change and come out to fight the UMNO sponsored terrorist in Sabah , Sarawak and alll over Malaysia.  The UMNO-Sulu-Abu-Sayaf...PDRM...UTK are all terrorist in cahoots with Sultan-Agong to make you submit to some Islamic type ideology

Bring back the JURY systems....then every muslim and malay can exercise their justice systems and other religion also have the opportunity to front their view OUTSIDE UMNO Baru.  Want to instill moral ground legally is like having a ulama and mufti walking and sleepijg with you daily 24/7 to make sure everything you do is according to law.  Stop the madness and bring back the Jury systems.

If GST implementation is going to be so good for Malaysia...then why was it not implemented 50 years ago??@#$%^&*!   That how how Malaysian are continuosly being dumbed down, made stupid with the Bahasa Malaya education system that they cannot think beyond the consequence of their peace and quiet servitude attitude towards their constant misery and slavery.

This is the looming  descend of Malaysia void not only of leadership, morality, injustice, lawlessness but that of a simple ability to think...THINK...yes think "if so good why am I still not better off"...."why I am still struggling"...."how come my tax money goes to building and paying UMNO-sulu-abu sayaf religious bigots and structures"....."why is UMNO-sulu-abu sayaf terrorist still causing troble in Sabah if the actions of the Army is so decisive....."what is the hidden agenda in all close door discussion"?  Will Sabah be the first Islamic state ahead of Kelantan....all possible if deals are done and you have no guns to fight back the UMNO-Sulu-Abu Sayaf terrorist....Goes back to its ok for UMNO-Sulu-Abu sayaf terrorist to hold guns, get captured and discuss their release...but to law abiding, peaceful, slave and brainwashed Malaysian...the posession of guns without a permit like those UMNO-Sulu-Abu Sayaf Terrorist, WILL BE Judge Guilty and HUNG at the Gallows.

The moment you see this sort of inconsistency and the quicker one reacts to SACK Malaya  agenda, the better it will be for you.  EVEN BETTER THAN the GST you are all going to get.  We cannot wait 50 years more to RID Sabah-Sarawak of the UMNO-Sulu-Abu Sayaf-Islamic PBB -PBS terrorist....  Now is the time to act and react before the collapse of each state law and order and economy......Ponder no more.....SACK Malaya and Sack the cahoots of UMNO-BN...i.e the Agong and Sultan.....Let the Royals elite fight among themselves in malaya for survival with the reduce resources after being SACKED by Sabah-Sarawak.......imagine the Joy and future without Malaya and their Fake and coverup legacy of the racist Sultanate......mostly LIES to promote a fake UMNO  racist malay legacy....go ask where are the Treasure in Pulau Nangka......under OSA...because Hindu and Chinese /buddist artifects of gold found and nothing malay of islamic.....there goes another hope to make UMNO Malay legit in cahoots with Sultan-Agong!!  Tear down the Wall of UMNO MH370 LIES...