Saturday, December 16, 2017

Time to have Royal Commission on the ABUSE of Orang Asli by ALL Malay Sultan-Agong-UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara instead of trying to defend Rohingya, Palestine, Yemen, Syrians.......Really Go to Hell you Hypocrites Islam who EVEN makes Slaves of stupid UMNO-PAS Malays!!.....Your Blessing from Allah is more flood, High Cost of Living and see your Malay umno-pas Islam children DIE of Hunger!! Leave ISLAM and you will notice the difference....NO Islam Nation is ANY Good!!

Also Royal Commission on Sultan, Iman, UMNO-PAS, Jakim, JAIS, Jawi, Sekolah Agama IS Islam Religious Schools for being Sexual Predator of Children, women....etc... You scared isn't it....No wonder We are ALL Doing our Best to Destroy Malaya,,,,, Sweep the Taliban UMNO-PAS Sultan-Agong- Shariah Rules and those Rubbish Sunni-Shia CRAP away.  NO ISLAM NATION IS ANY GOOD, Name me one you will MIGRATE to........Answer : NONE..
>>>>SO MAKE MALAYSIA NON ISLAM AS Before!  Enough Said!!!  Go to HELL with tudung, Halal, Umrah, Haji  CRAP!!  Get Lost if you feel you are hard done Radical IS Islam Malay UMNO-PAS...Go Migrate to Pakistan, turkey, Saudi, UAE, Yemen, Somalia, Bangladesh....etc...No Scumbags Islam Nations is any Good....So DON'T MAKE us BOW to your RUBBISh Hadi-PAS -UMNO-Sultan-agong Islam......Hypocrites!..  Take note its the Malay Bugis java pakistan mamak ISLAM UMNO-PAS Sultan Agong govenor.....Key Word ISLAM... No Islam Nation is ANY good to Migrate...Why Allow their EVIL to Continue their Racist  Terrorism & FESTER??!!

Sultan-Agong- Govenor Support USA recognition of Isreal and Najib-PAS Bangsat negara IS Islam just disappointed because...a lot of their UMNO-PAS Leaders  money tied in USA banks.  Maybe even Najib have money stash in Isreal because there is no way ANY Malaysian can investigate because no links with Isreal...think about it!!
Sultan Selangor Behaving and  Aligning to be like Sultan Berak in the event there is opportunity to Makan More Dedak from UMNO-PAS-BN(Bangsat Negara)...

Wawancara dengan UtusSEKS Fake News..... Sultan UMNO ni pun akan terima balasan dari Allah....Kesultanan Melayu dah mula Berakhir....Pecat malaya dari Sabah - Sarawak..... dah dapt $36,000,000 setahun dari Najib UMNO-PAS MO1...terror sungguh....Rakyat Selangor Melayu dah Muak dengan Sultan Selagor  IS Islam Kahwin/cerai Main perempuan Islam ni... Rakyat Melayu Selangor pun harap Sultan duduk Diam Makan Dedak.....Rakyat Berprinsip, tak Dedak, akan di pintu Rumah Awak pada Hari Agenda 2020....Malaya Retak!! Eckonomi Runtuh!!