Sunday, June 30, 2013

Winning a Sham Election does not Mean Democracy ends there....Winning the trust of People is KING...

UMNO-BN + sultan/Agong  approval of GE 13 result does not mean an end to ALL the murders, Cheat, Death in custody, Umno-Sulu war in Sabah, Project IC...Project EC....corruption and Increasing Crime.

UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong have NOT Got the RAKYAT/PEOPLE of Malaysia Approval to Carry on your ABUSES and SHAM.  So Do not think we have to live with this government will the Next election.  If Crime wave goes on, death in custody, police abuses, corruption, terrorism by UMNO-Sulu on Sabahans keeps going on without NOW....Of course we rakyat of 60% have the AUTHORITY and CONSTITUTIONAL Right to Bring and topple the 40% UMNO-BN + Sultan Approve government Down.  You mean we have to wait another 5 years to deal with these RISING crime rates in Malaysia...GO to #$%^&*!!

Foreigners needs to stop coming to malaysia for holidays or for business because CRIME RATE IN MALAYSIA is Getting out of control.  Now these UMNO sponsored criminals with Police on the take share their proceed of crime.  You have the IGP tarnished with Death in custody Kugan murder and King approve his Appointment@#$%!  Surely a wise King would ask for a replacement QUICKLY....but no in tell the KING off with his SHAM appointment is insult to King and Islam.  Like these Scums of UMNO-Bn can trap us to their SICK ideology.  Now we have Isolated those scums, then we can safelt take to the streets, occupy and Obliterate this SHAM DEMONcracy of RACISM of UMNO-BN + Sultan / Agong approval.

Now when you visit restaurant with nice cars, the Criminals would come into the restaurant to ask for your keys or Slash you if you do not co-operate.  They are making those who go out and eat easy Brazen target and the UMNO-Police would prefer that you do not make police report #$%^&.  Suggest restaurant hire security guard ala Gansters and protection money#$%^&*!  When it come to protest, rally these Scumbags of UMNO-Police give Rakyat Hell @#$%^&!  Arrest, questioning........see the trend when you are Fighting Injustice.....  Keep up the Disrupt...disrupt...disrupt like the Power Failure in Sarawak and in Putra Jaya and everywhere.  Lets keep up the RESISTANCE until the UMNO regime and their Racist Murderious ideology is Obliterated.

What use a Malaysia where one cannot even walk the streets, stay in a house, eat at a restaurant, drive a car without the thought of some Criminals about to Attack you???  UMNO-BN has failed and we should Send them to Jail ....60% of Rakyat cannot just stand idly by and watch INJUSTICE Carried out by Sultan/Agong with the appointment of Crime tainted IGP and Deputy IGP....!!  Don't Insult Islam with this SHAM appointment. 

Reports that the Army is not gaining the upper hand with the battle of UMNO-Sulu in Sabah.......Sabahans time to take up ARMS and Drive out the UMNO-Sulu sponsored terrorist TOGETHER!!....

ABU ...UBAH ...KELUAR Malaysia....Make Singapore 2 Happen...!!!


Thursday, June 27, 2013

The UMNO-BN Agong -Sultan must Minta Ampun (seek Forgiveness) from Rakyat Malaysia...

Sultan bermula dengan “Ampun Tuanku, beribu-ribu ampun, sembah patik harap diampun.” Dengan Tuhan pun tidak minta ampun macam tu. Dosa yang paling besar yang tidak boleh terampun ialah menduakan Tuhan.

With EC/SPR Sham with indelible ink that is now coming out in dribs and drap to appease 60% Rakyat cheated for a change.  What use after the event?? #$%^.  We need to carry on the Protest, Rally then as not to be denied the Dignity accorded to 60% who are against this SHAM.

Not to Mention the IGP cover up  sham of Kugan Murder........these are the SCUMBAGS that the Sultan-Agong + UMNO-BN approves of without consideration or remorse....swore them in like nothing happened.  Sack them now or forever be a SHAM to islam....sultan-agong!!  You Insult Malaysian with your inept and incompetent Acts and ask us to accept the GE13 result???  @#$%^&

We will not live with the MYTH of the SHAM of the Malay Force Caste systems to Malaysian.  Defender of islam kononya.....what sham defends this type of inept and incompetence.  Not to mention the ongoing WAR by UMNO-Sulu terrorist against Sabahans in Lahat Datu.  Hey Stupid....these UMN-Sulu terrorist is going to get a piece of Sabah land if you keep supporting these munafiq christian PBS-UMNO-BN.  They will have a space to be declared their State if you are not careful and play to UMNO-BN + Sultan racist sacrifice Sabah like Singapore game to maintain their Racist race power.  Don't let the 40% supported UMNO-BN government determine your future....Sack Malaya and create a Better Sabah and Sarawak.

When Malaysia makes $9 Billion a year, according to EQUAL Constitution power of distribution its  Sabah gets $3 Billion, Sarawak gets $3 Billion and Malaya gets $3 Billion.  Today its malaya get $7 Billion and UMNO-BN chief Minister gets $1.5 Billion each.  Rakayat Sabah/Sarawak....just gathering the CRUMBS that fall off their table and like dogs you feel happy to lick them.

Now you know why Singapore had to be sacked because they were EXPOSING the Corruption of UMNO-BN + Sultan Agong Racist and Misery making game for 60% of Rakyat Malaysia.   60 years of misery now is a reflection of the Illusion and Myth and caste systems that UMNO-BN+ Sultan/Agong have created for malaysian.   Today in India there is a movement to try to OBLITERATE the CASTE -Racist Bigot Slave making systems that have occured for generations.  Its time for Malaysia to do whatever it takes to END the MISERY of Life under UMNO-BN + Sultan/Agong Approval.

UMNO-BN + Sultan/Agong Approval. have approved Murderer, Liar, Cheater in the form of PM, IGP, EC/SPR and Judges to keep Malaysian as their slaves.  #$%^&*!

It is TIME to Organise, DEFY, Resist the EVIL Regime of 60 years in the making.   EVIL must be Ended with 60% of united Rakyat Malaysia ready to Wear Black on Merdeka 2013 and OCCUPY Dataran Merdeka 2-3 days before August 31, 2013.........We must PLAN groups...waves and waves of OCCUPY Groups!!!  Its 60% against UMNO-BN 40% support....use the POWER given to you from GOD/ALLAH!!

DO NOT FEAR AND CRITICISE AGONG - SULTAN - UMNO-BN......They are NOT GODS or have any Mythical powers to ZAP you.  If Not careful these Scums can DIE without Notice!!  GOD IS GREATEST!!...take note!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Future cannot Change, with the Present UNCHANGED!!...bumi non malay

Sometimes we need to sit down take a deep breath and look at REALITY.

Reality is Crime is increasing and daily you hear of car jacking, snatch thief, house invasion, POLICE BRUTALITY, UMNO CORRUPTION, Sultan-Agong Do nothing attitude, Myth becoming facts.  Why we continue to live in fear of questioning, challenging the CURRENT Situation is a Fact that your have been CONDITIONED to FEAR.

Once you tell yourself......what have I done wrong in VOICING my displeasure, injustice, unfairness???  @#$%^.  Did you take up arms like UMNO-Sulu Terrorist in Sabah, Lahat Datu to kill police and army??  Did you plot or instructed others to murder someone to further your political progress??

So learn to voice against all EVILS of UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong Approval.  Everything from this evil Regime is correct and yours .....wrong.  So why don't you go and WORSHIP Them??  #$%^&  We cannot because this UMNO-BN + sultan-agong intentions, NIAT, are ALL Racist bigots EVIL.  God never intended Malaysia to be ruled by EVIL-Corrupted government.  Regardless of great titles, awards and people supporting the Evil UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong defender of Islam Cult Regime.  No need to be shy when a religion does EVIL.  Why?

Hindus also does evil with their Caste systems.  One that make you born into untouchables and slavery.  Who gave these Hindu diety, maharajahs the right to condemn humanity to that state for eternity.  Did Malays get this idea from Parameswara....first Sultan of malaya???  Is that why malays today are TRAPPED in their beliefs, caste systems of only Worshipping the Myth Sultan-Agong Defender of Cult-fake Islam.???  Why then is there a problem when a malay covert to other that in India??  Interesting...that it takes many generations to realise the flaw and UBAH - CHANGE.

We need to CHANGE TODAY...UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong + ruling Elite + PDRM + EC/SPR + Judiciary + Syriah NEEDS TO BE OBLITERATED for Maintaining this SICK CASTE Ideology within the malays , chinese, indians, iban, kadazan, mururt, orang asli community.  RISE UP AND CHALLENGE the UNFAIRNESS....  You have the right to live with DIGNITY.....  Carry on EVERY REBELIOUS ACTS that DISRUPT UMNO-BN and their Tools in Malaysia!!    Undermine...undermine...undermine this 40% unpopular UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong Approved Government!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

We need to plan to Win......Hide, be unknown ..>DISRUPT to Obliterate UMNO-BN + Sultan Agong approval of Terrorism against UnARMED Malaysian...@$##@!.

3 days before Merdeka August 31.....we gather at Padang Merbok ....and then with 300,000 we OCCUPY Dataran Merdeka and Disrupt whatever events planned by the UNLOVED UMNO-BN.

From today...we need to apply for Police permit to gather everywhere in Malaysia.....EVERYDAY at ANY Corner and MAKE a FARCE of those Assembly, gathering and Draconian Racist bigots REGIME Ganas, Evil Laws.  We need to plan and make a mockery of the "Moronrity" UMNO-BN laws.

Meanwhile UMNO-Sulu terrorist causing havoc in Lahat call that peace in Malaysia in the midst of gun fire and mortars??....Like Gadaffi Calling the rebels losing....or Assad of Syria calling "pockets" of rebels causing terrorism?? #$%^&  Know when you have lost the mandate and the right to Rule the same way for 60 years.  Sabahans/Sarawakians its better you stage some revolt and sack malaya for your OWN security, economic management and SURVIVAL.  Crime spree EVERYWHERE in Malaysia and that is progress.??@#$%^.  KEEP MAKING A POLICE REPORT FOR EVERY PETTY CRIME TO MAKE SURE CRIME INDEX RISE Significantly...EVERYDAY!  Make Police, Crime Controller and NOT RAKYAT ABUSER on any Rally protest against UMNO-BN election Cheater!!

We need to UNITE in Sabah to Kick out UMNO-BN + PKR and their goons and start a NEW Sabah agenda where you get your fair share of development.  You have equal rights to Malaysia and your states should have MRT/Monorail, Very FAST Train connecting Kuching and Kota Kinabalu......60 years of living in poverty will NOT change with the Current  racist bigots terrorist Lover UMNO-BN + approval of Sultan-Agong.

Keep Asking who and why was Singapore sacked from Malaysia instead of Bincang like with those Sulu-UMNO terrorist.??
Why was Sabah/Sarawakians not sacked at the same time?
What benefits did Sabah/Sarawakians get after 60 years??
How come those UMNO-BN Ministers have a Mega Rich live while your land gets smaller after staying there for 300 years??

Don't be stupid and just submit to the unity of religion for the sake of progress and improving your small family circle DIGNITY of Life.  What use your circle is safe and the entire socity is in SHAMBLES and living in POVERTY.  Don't become like Bangladesh where people work a month for what you earn a day and the same stupid muslim government calling that progress because JOBS were created in garment industry @#$%^&*.  Don't FALL into this POVERTY and MISERY DECEPTION of JOBS security that SEAL your Slavery to UMNO-BN-PBB-PBS + Sultan/Agong Sham.  Time to rise above and UNITE against a REGIME with GUNS DETERMINE to CRUSH you the moment their security and RULE is threaten.

Weaken UMNO-BN daily with ALL Kinds of Flash Mob, disrupt, flood, traffic jam....etc.....make all ills as UMNO-BN including SMOG and Death in police custody!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Night RAID Terror by DBKL + UMNO Police....Help to OCCUPY Dataran Merdeka...

Looks like the UMNO-BN Perkakas coward attack early on those Occupy at Padang Merbok.....SO we now Need to Occupy Dataran Merdeka or Parliament.  Please help ...bring some food water, biscuit......we need to teror back.

These scumbags UMNO-Police + DBKL terrorise UNARMED citizen on their only avenue of protest.....With the UMNO-SULU terrorist in Sabah they have room for discussion - "bincang" and provide care and food.  #$%^&*(  That's what makes Malaysian Angry at the method of terrorism.  Armed UMNO-Sulu terrorist...lots of leniency and no one HUNG for carrying ARMS.....Malaysian on Occupy protest.....THE FULL Force of Law thrown at them.

We need to UNITE regardless of Race to RESIST the EVIL UMNO Regime....

Haze, Crime all good and a reflection of UMNO-BN EVIL.....Serve them right for a little incovenience.....those who are WELL and Healthy Need to SHOW Support to those who camped by bringing food to those still there....  Bring Stick Along as KEM tools ...hint...hint nudge...nudge......time to defend against THUGs and TERRORIST UMNO-PDRM....

Haze also caused by companies linked to UMNO-BN + Sultan -Agong Cronies......  been happening since 10-15 years.....just that the wind blew to Indonesia and not to Malaysia/Singapore......Sometimes We need to Obliterate UMNO-BN to clear the AIR.    Nothing else matters.  Soon there will be FLOOD too...also UMNO-BN inept and incompetence!!  Lets see how swiftly UMNO-BN and their tools react to help.....possibly not as fast to disperse those OCCUPY at Padang Merbok.


When Injustice becomes Law ..>RESISTANCE is DUTY!!.......DEFEND JUSTICE WE MUST!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

I Like Haze.....because the UMNO-BN- SULTAN-AGONG Suffers TOO!!!

Yep serve those Ruling Elites right on this suffering Haze.  So who cares if  UMNO-BN-Cronies-Sultan-Agong family and children suffer.  A small inconvenience and these illegitimate UMNO-BN government trying to find solutions....ha ha ha  There is NO solution for the yearly suffering until UMNO-BN-Sultan-Agong suffer what the entire 60% rakyat against UMNO-BN suffers.  The ruling Elite can stay at home on June 22...turn on the Air Con and hide while we ... 60% POWERFUL RAKYAT Malaysia take over Parliament, Dataran Merdeka and PUTRAJAYA.....come one come ALL!!

The IGP and Deputy IGP famous for Police Brutality and Abuses....You better watch your ways....WARNING!!

We suffer higher petrol, TOL, no free education on a daily and generational basis......We need to put an end to this by Going to Padang Merbok...then Occupy Dataran Merdeka.  How many can they arrest 200,000???  Is there enough jail space, police pondok.....??  How many can they arrest and put in trucks.  WE DEFY on 20 JUNE...DEFY until EC/SPR, IGP, Deputy IGP chief Resigns....Zahid Hamidi Resign...over his keluar malaysia remarks...Hissapmuddin Resign over his handling of UMNO-SULU terrorist attacks/deaths in Sabah....Najib on his Murder-Lies and Muhiddin on his stupid dumb down Force malay language racist education policy on your children....while the ENTIRE UMNO-BN -Sultan-Agong in Private ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOLS in Malaysia @#$%^&*,  These scumbags Ruling elite must go or RAKYAT will MAKE YOU GO.

We have a gut full...and 60% are surrounding you PALACE Houses all over KL.  If UMNO - PDRM becomes Evil and Starts ABUSING and Killings.......then GUESS where we WILL SHOW UP IN MASSES.  Sometimes Insurance is good when Madness Prevails...that is a warning.  60% Malaysian are not ROMANTICS to Suffering, Misery or Police Brutality, Abuses, injustice CRIME WAVE.....

Bring face Mask, water, wet ones, food, tent, long strong stick to use as LEVER to overturn FRU water Cannon......OCCUPY DATARAN MERDEKA.....  WEAR BLACK on  MERDEKA 2013!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Padang Merbok 20 June, 2013...gather then OCCUPY DATARAN MERDEKA!!....  bring some food water, umbrella, stick disguise as a flag for protection against Police, FRU, SB, UTK, Brutality.  PDRM and all umno-tools should stay away!!  the people are VERY angry.

When injustice becomes Law Resistance is Duty!!

So now the UMNO police and city hall working together like the UMNO-EC/SPR working with Police and UMNO-Sulu terrorist to attack and bring fear to Malaysian.  Pity its not working and Watch this Rally...

This time we will OCCUPY and stay UNTIL you respect our DIGNITY.  Every human have dignity regardless of Class or socio-economic position in life.  UMNO-PDRM have NO RIGHT to deny you that dignity.  That Dignity is also linked to Freedom of RELIGION, SPEECH and RALLY and Protest.

Malaysian of 60% are not ROBOTS and mindless zombies working to keep UMNO-BN_Sultan-Agong afloat and on the ALTAR of Worship.  We have the same DIGNITY in the eyes of GOD / Allah to seek JUSTICE, FREEDOM and the right to QUESTION Corruption, EVIL, Murder, Police Brutality, Lies...SHAM....etc.

Make no mistake that 60% of Rakyat is SICK of UMNO-BN and the longer the Sultan - Agong supports these Scumbags who support Child Rapist - Pedophile in Sabah with the sick Islam-koran alibi of "Sama suka sama"......  the more Damning it will be in the sight of the people and God-Allah.  Don't for once think that the MYTH of Sultan-Agong-UMNO will last FOREVER.  Enjoy it while you can because the people are sick of HUNGER, High cost of Living and Above all the CORRUPTION of this Sick MYTH!!  MYTH cannot feed family, reduce Tol, reduce petrol price, free English Education.  Once we get the same education as UMNO-BN_Sultan-Agong English education in Private will be ceremonial or in ........

Hell have no fury when the people DIGNITY is trampled upon like no one business.  ITS for a better Malaysia....and the Cheats, Lies, SPR-EC-Judiciary SHAM, Police Brutality and UMNO-BN-Sultan-Agong Racist bigots agenda will have to make way for a NEW Malaysia.

KALI INI LAH...... UBAH!!... 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Gather, Occupy, plan to SHOW PROTEST to UMNO-BN Police Brutality, Hight Petrol, Crime!!

JUNE 19-22...PLAN, Gather...ORGANISE FOOD, water, goggles...OCCUPY Padang Merbok... THEN to DATARAN MERDEKA and EVERY Landmark Spots....  UNITE AND FIGHT TO DEFEND EACH OTHER.  DON'T allow UMNO PAID THUGS, Gangsters, SB, PDRM, UTK to BULLY YOU.....60% of Rakyat have power over the Mythical Majority in UMNO-BN.  There is Fear and NOW is the TIME to TERROR Back. 100 People with a 3 metre strong Rotan stick or iron pole CAN TIP the FRU Water cannon truck over in one UNISON from left or right side........Terror back!!     The only way forward for Cheaper Fuel, LESS CRIME, Abolish Tol and Free education in ENGLISH is to TERROR Back....Forget about Ku Li Agenda...we give him 2 months starting 15 June.... to ABU....Lets see if UMNO-BN can be BURIED!!

The list goes on like ..

Rally to Protest Zahid Hamidi - Get lost if You Cannot restore Law and Order.  How dare this Scumbag call Malaysia oppose to UMNO-Bn to leave Malaysia.  Agong Sould SACK him but as you all know the Alliance of UMNO+ Sultan was sealed on Singapiore Sacking.

Protest the Latest Death in Custody, shoooting, robbery, kidnapping.......above all the INEPT and INCOMPETENCE IGP and DEPUTY IGP.  But again with Agong-Sultan+ UMNO-BN ALLIANCE approval...nothing will change UNLESS we TAKE to the Streets with HINTS of Toppling these Institution that EXIST to serve the People Interest.

Lets not be Romantics to Crime and Injustice.  UMNO-BN + Rulers + elites have their own Personal army to "FIX" things when something unfortunate happens.....Rest of Malaysia follow the LAW to the Letter and Get SHAMMED, Insulted and ABUSED.  Go to Hell about Following the Law.

We need to bring Food, tent.....Move from Padang Merbok and OCCUPY DATARAN MERDEKA until the WILL of 60% of the people are carried out.  The time of Bincang, listening haveended after 60 Years of DO NOTHING UMNO-BN + Sultan_Agong.  Don't insult our intelligence with your silence and MYTH and perceived Defender of Islam...that is the Joke Malays need to Overcome.  Who died and Made you God Defender of ALLAh??  Insults and Myth like this need to be erased because it is NOT REAL.  Reality is like Feeding kids...having enough to put food on table, pay mortgage, own a land that one can cultivate and not be STOLEN and then SOLD for Millions $$$$$$  because of Links to UMNO-BN-Sultan-Agong.  This Sham must NOT only end but those SCUMbags be STRIPPED of the Corruption Profit and return to the people.  When are Sarawakians Going to Taken Down that EVIL TAIB and PBB Family there??  These Scumbags really want to make Malaysian their slave and LOOK to them like GODS, Allah...Vishnu...Buddah....and MUST Be obliterated.

Now Father Son of Sultan of Pahang Royalty sham wants to Ruin Malaysia Soccer and hockey......I WILL NOT SUPPORT Malaysia while these Inept and Incompetent Royals still head ANY of the sports.  Rightly Malaysia also NOT Blessed in Sports arena due to RACISM!!  Padan Muka...and BERAMBUS!!

Monday, June 17, 2013


Your children, wife and your household will be in danger the moment you step into LAWLESS Malaysia. 

The Police only protect their MAFIA BOSS of UMNO-BN, Sultan - Agong.

Sultan Johor Son Caught Drunk in Singapore last February, thinks he can do whatever he wants ....even KILL, if his are not respected.  This is the DNA of this Mad Johor Rulers and Defender of Islam in Malaysia.

People getting shot by Police for no reason and trying to FRAME you up as criminal + no compensation is the Norm.  This is to protect their incompetence, criminal acts and LAWLESS legacy of Malaysia.

Occasionally the police with do a MEDIA BLITZ like that of Army Against UMNO-Sulu Terrorist where all Minister SUDDENLY wearing ARMY Gear, Photo Session to show their seriousness.  Its  a JOKE!!...But not to families of dead Army/police due to UMNO-BN incompetence!!

I urge ALL Malaysian PLANNING TO come back to Malaysia....learn to Hold a GUN, Arms, rifle and Shoot, self defence weapons, alarm and practice using a Gun.  A time may come when Injustice becomes LAW, Resistance is Duty....Like Libya and Syria Now...maybe North Korea.....and those DESPOTIC country where your life in danger and NO ONE CARES.  THIS IS THE MALAYSIA in 2013.

Police duty are to uphold Law and Order.  They are not there to serve their Pay Masters  of UMNO-BN + Sulu Terrorist.  Unfortunately after 60 years of UMNO-BN rule Police only understand Corruption + Bodek + kow Tow to UMNO-BN ruling elite + Sultan is the only way to earn a rise in "pangkat" RANK + Salary increment.  No suprise then we have a coward police who would only discuss with UMNO-Sulu terrorist who can handle a GUN and Kill, maime, death in custody of Malaysian who are UNARMED and peace loving.  The number of death in custody is SHAMFUL for Malaysia and those who still want Malaysia in the Current state.  Sabah-Sarawak Sack Malaya and take out those UMNO Puppets in your country to have a better future like Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and Hopefully qualify for a SOCCER WORLD CUP!!

Malaysian have to make up their Mind to take Justice into their OWN hands as the Police CANNOT correct their EVIL INJUSTICE ideology in the Current Form and with CURRENT UMNO-BN  Government support with Sultan -Agong Approval + Judiciary backing.  Those Few Police who Tarnish the entire MALAYSIA are not brought to Justice is Giving Malaysia a bad Name.

Now we have Gangs coming to Restaurant where you eat and Rob the ENTIRE Guest.  This is Madness and CRIME Out of control .......thanks for Voting UMNO-BN again.  If yo udon't like the CURRENT Shape of Malaysia...its CONTINUOUS OCCUPY and RALLY.....No other options.  ALL Other Options is Justice Denied.  What Ku Li or Tengku Razaleigh is another Show....we give him 2 months to Kick UMNO-BN out.  We are not Romantics to further delay for a better Malaysia.  Anwar too have his own time limit....  We need to move on for a NEW and Better malaysia!!  OCCUPY, Bantah Raksaksa and RALLY until UMNO-BN Police Collapse to the ANGER of the People!!   UMNO-BN + Sultan/Agong + ruling elite....if cannot handle the Hunger and Anger of the People should Migrate like What Zahid Hamidi said......hope your papers and $$$$$$ all in order!!!

Get Mad and GET ANGRY With Injustice!!  There is no Laws in Heaven and Earth Against them!!

Friday, June 14, 2013


From Sabah Rape of child-minor & then FORCED to Marry Rapist by Parents is some kind of Brain Washing, Threats to Girl parents to agree to the Pedophile POWER.  He must be funded by a team of similar Muslim Padeofile.  If there is Christian, Buddist, Hindu pedofile.  They are scumbag no matter what and we should not be ashamed to name them, their religion associates if any and where they live and work.

These Scums cannot be make your child to their slavery via Chaos and security.  That child life is ruined forever.  Lets hope a sultan-Agong child, niece, relative gets raped and gets quoted by Syriah courts of Malaysia that it was sama-suka-sama (agree to like each other and rape)....  Better still the Syriah courts then decide that they have married the couple as PERMITTED by Koran #$%^&*.  This is the Defender of Islam Munafiq Sultan-Agong....a Myth!!  Disengage and try other Religion to save your SOUL!!

In a similar Chaos -Security threats is the attack on Sabahans by the UMNO-Sulu terrorist.  Why tolerate this UMNO discussion with terrorist?? #$%^&  Now we have Rohinya burmese-Bangla alliance UMNO sponsored illegal terrorist in Malaysia.  First they create the Chaos ...then UMNO deploy Police-Immigration-Rela.....etc to be reported daily in Mdia to PROVE UMNO-BN racist scumbags are doing something.  Maximum impact but reality like Sabahans...the UMNO-Sulu terrorist threats still exist like the robbing, murder, snatch, kidnap still occurs with these other UMNO-BN sponsored illegals terrorist.

Don't feel BAD if the majority of these illiegals happens to be Muslim and Islam because that is the type UMNO prefers to come to Malaysia to help prop up their DEMONcracy.  Malaysia now is living under a state of CHAOS and more police needed to just protect the Ruling elite.  Rakyat - Citizen just have to take laws into your own hands and OBLITERATE or Get OBLITERATED.

Hope you quickly reach the  mood to OBLITERATE instead of your SPACE, Security, wealth gets Obliterated by UMNO-BN + sultan-Agong racist hidden agenda policy.  Don't be a ROMANTICS to incompetent, murder and INJUSTICE.

Take to the streets on June 15-22  OCCUPY Dataran Merdeka to defeat Evil regime of UMNO.  Tol roads have been paid off by the Billions......why are we still slowly being SUCKED our energy and $$$$ by UMNO Crooks. WHY ALLOW this SHAM.??  You have paid off your mortgage and you are ask to keep paying Installment to the Bank for the priviledge ???@#$%^&* 

Hope USA just Blast all the Syrian Air Force to 6 feet under ground.  As usual.....the Justice of Islam -muslim nation is Crap.  Still think no Chemical weapons used??  Don't expect any better with Hudud, Hadhari, the way of life....ALL Rubbish when they allow 200,000 children, women being killed by Assad Islam madness.  If Isreal did something there will be unity in Islam..when 200,000 islam -muslim people die - no issues #$%^&!  THIS BLATANT INJUSTICE SICKNESS MUST END! That is what happens when ONE PARTY rules TOO long in a Country.  Like Malaysia, the Media loves UMNO-BN racist but 60% rakyat have rejected them.  Using Illusion to keep Ruling Malaysia and Agong-Sultan Myth, unaware or refuse to acknowledge the PEOPLE will,  SAME fate of Nepal Kingdom is upon Malaysia....Make them PURE ceremonial........What have the Rulers done to make a Better Malaysia after 60 Years of Sacking Singapore??.............  ZILCH....ZERO....Kosong.....We want the Proof NOW!!

Myth, malay custom are all myth.  Where is Hang Tuah Myth??  Surely you know he was a great Chinese Fighter and the Keris was actually a normal Chinese Steal sword versus those Kayu Jati Keris those Malays used at that time.  Unable to replicate the sword the Sultan called the Mythical sword Taming Sari......  Rejected by 60% of NON Illusion Malaysian...UMNO seeks to bring out the Sultan Myth, the Insult Islam Myth...the Sham and SCAM!!...the style is the same But unfortunately now UMNO using 40% Illusion support to CLING on to POWER!! ....  THE Mirror of Illusion is CRACKING for UMNO-BN racist......Lets OCCUPY and BREAK the mirror of Illusion for UMNO-BN racist on  June 15-22 Dataran Merdeka.  Apply a police permit everyday. 


Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Everyday we need to do our BEST to end this EVIL DEMONcracy Regime of Racist UMNO-BN with APPROVAL from Sultan & Agong.  Lets not kid ourself with the Rulers.  The rulers Legacy does NOT translate to FOOD, Eternal Life.  If having such THOUGHTS is considered SEDITIOUS and INSULT and TREACHERY then YOU HAVE BEEN BRAIN WASHED with the UMNO-BN Brain Washing Systems!  Snap out of this ILLOGICAL Fear and live to End the fear.  Don't live with Fear like those London muslim - Islam who Condition the girls to serve as their SEX SLAVE MONEY by either killing her parents or bring harm to them.  It is probably the same BRAND of muslim that CONDONE the Child Rape and then FORCE to MARRY the Rapist like in SABAH.

Please....WHO HAS that SCUMBAG muslim CHILD rapist Restaurant Manager Home and RESTAURANT he works in SABAH - kota kinabalu ...the Address??  Please post it here!!  

This type of Scumbag needs to be put in Jail or DRIVEN Away from ANYWHERE Near Children.  They are probably also a muslim Paedofile.  Lets not kid ourself with the defence of SAMA Suka SAMA.....#$%^&*  INI TIGA SUKA PUNYA Logic ZALIM...@#$%^  This is Mental Asylum Stuff EVIL.

Just because he is muslim and Islam, that means we have to TREAD CAREFULLY in CONDEMNING HIM...that Scumbag in Sabah and in LONDON??  @#$%^  Go to Hell.  Show NO FEAR to INJUSTICE and You can BREAK the Curse of FEAR and ILLOGICAL NONSENSE.  EVEN MUSLIM HAVE THEIR FORM OF PEDOPHILE DISGUISE AS ISLAM LAWS AS SAMA SUKA SAMA ... liking each other Crap!!  Obliterate THEM even if it means INSULT to their koran rules!  IT IS A SICK LAW/RULES/RELIGION then! Give them NO ROOM for this NONSENSE!!

On a daily basis we have to deal with Criminals, child rapist, murderers, kidnappers snatch thief around where we live.  We need the Police to clamp down and ENFORCE Law and Order.  Yet what we have is the constant PERSECUTION of UnArmed Rakyat Malaysia, politicians with the UMNO-BN racist scum and Sultan / Agong Approval.  That is the Police and law and order KPI.  KILL OFF ANY OPPOSITION TO UMNO-BN EVIL Regime and Keep Plundering.  Its all with Agong / Sultan Approval......otherwise have they shown any DISAPPROVAL like in days of OLD .....  Like we read in the 1800s all the Rulers are NO Different to thsoe Tan Sri and TUNs of Malaysia.......the VOICE of those who are in UMNO-BN Drip Feed CORRUPTION DRUG.  Sorry to those few specs of good people who have Tan Sri and TUN....but the Majority- 99.99% are the same SCUMBAGS of PAID MOUTH PIECE/MEGAPHONE for UMNO-BN Racist!  Lets stop kidding ourselves of good and bad and evil.  Majority of those with titles are BAD.....UMNO-BN racist is EVIL-ZALIM!!

DON"T LIVE IN CONSTANT FEAR FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ....LIVE IN FEAR OF GOD/ALLAH IS BETTER!.....  Make UMNO-BN live in FEAR/INCONVENIENCE is the BEST you can DO for a BETTER Malaysia!....That is the only way to keep scumbags from doing their evil like the Sabah muslim pedofile/child rapist approved by UMNO + Agong/Sultan, Mullah, Syriah courts.....this is the REALITY.  Otherwise...where is the protest/anger?? @#$%^&...wait 60 years later?? #$%^&

Freedom and Justice will not be handed to you on Silver Platter...We must FIGHT, Protest, RALLY, OCCUPY, WEAR BLACK on Merdeka 2013 celebration!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

UMNO-BN is defrauding citizens Malaysia daily for 60 year and ongoing...

That is because SPR/EC/NRD Cannot Gurantee Phantom, illegal, duplicate, sham votes in the NEXT ELECTION in 5 years.  Note GURANTEE!!...or Work to make it credible.  Not like the Indelible ink SHAM.  What next?  Go slow on checking data on election day to reduce People's anger vote in GE 14??  and I am sure many more Sham and SCAM to Legitimise again UMNO-BN for another 5 years making it 65 years.

Cannot Gurantee Clean up of Voting list so that my dead grandfather and 156 year old DO NOT EXIST on electoral Rolls.

ALL This NO Gurantee is at UMNO-BN racist request with APPROVAL of SULTAN/AGONG!!

Lets Start From GURANTEE with the PEOPLE WILL and RIGHTS in Fair Election....otherwise its DEMONcracy of SHAM!!

Since No one, not Agong/Sultan nor UMNO-BN....can give us this undertaking (which is expected)...we have to Take to the Streets like Turkey, Occupy Dataran Merdeka day by day...week by week until they see the HUNGER and Anger of the people.

Increasing the cost of living so that YOU feel bad for not working hard, while UMNO-BN  cronies + Sultan/Agong wine and dine to the tune of  5,000 x $5,000  minimum daily.....  yes there are about 5000 ruling elite in total MAKING you slaves to their Opulant lifestyle.  Meanwhile WE are trying to switch off light, walk to school, skip a meal to save and feed our children.  You seriously think this type of GAP can make a better Malaysia??

60% voted for cheaper petrol, Abolish Tol free education......and UMNO-BN racist DEFRAUDED you of that RIGHT to just LIVE.  To improve our life we need to wait another 5 years??#$%^&*  Go to Hell UMNO-BN and its GAME on time.  Continue to Rally, OCCUPY, Lodge a permit to Rally EVERY DAY until the sham Laws of Slavery, misery and DEMONcracy is Obliterated.  We have no other means to change Malaysia but by the STREETS. 60 years is too long for a SAME RACIST REGIME to Reign....Generations of Opportunity, lives and Injustice Left to Grow UNCHECKED.  TIME TO CHECK MATE UMNO-BN Racist + Agong-Sultan Starting June 15-22....Rally to Dataran Merdeka then Occupy then Resist the Police Army until UMNO-BN gets OBLITERATED!!  Not a DAY LONGER for UMNO-BN racist SHAM DEMONcracy Rule!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Sirul Azhar and Azilah Hadrfi - Killers to Roam Free in Malaysia - thank you Najib UMNO-BN

The 2 UTK, SB, special killer squad of UMNO can hide face from public recognition, from being seen in court...having admitted to murder of Altantuya can soon walk free.  What is the big deal??  Like GE 13, cheated Rakyat malaysia, use all kinds of tools and mechanism to FOOL the people with UMNO evil brand of Justice and DEMONcratic process.  Want to wait for GE 14 and another 65 years of UMNO-BN rule??
Muslim Child Rapist in Sabah to marry the child he raped and used as Sex slave....THIS IS UMNO-Islam Terrorist Cult Rule of laws in Malaysia #$%^&*.  Yet Malaysian not ANGRY enough to Terror back on UMNO companies and business...WHY??#$%^&..Fear? security?  Family??

Be unseen, Unheard, Covered, Mat Kilau until UMNO EVIL is Obliterated!!

Better Selangor, Penang, Kelantan Sack malaysia and seek Autonomy and start a Singapore or Taiwan 3,4 5 after Sabah, Sarawak sack malaya.

Why do we have to wait and submit to regulation to Rally, Gather, Occupy when UMNO-Terrorist Killers are FREE to ROAM about, commit their crime spree and create chaos in your life so that UMNO can come to the scene and provide yo security.??? @#^%#%#   UMNO created the monsters and then try to be seen controlling the monster.  This is like Triad, Gangsters, terrorist, Islamist, Jihadist groups...that promise no alcohol, video, Syriah Laws...terror and when the people get hooked to this brand of populist  ideology, implement their SUKA SAMA SUKA sick koran based laws where the rapist gets to marry the 13 year old girl he raped. #$%^&*

Did this Sabahan muslim man threaten the girl family with terror??  Like the same brand of Islam Sex network in London, England??  These Scum muslim in London CONDITIONED their victims with THREATS to their parents with Death, if they do not follow their Sick ways??  I am beginning to think Malaysia UMNO muslim have a FREE day in carrying out this type of torture and terrorism of CHILD ABUSER and we need to stop this like we are going to STOP UMNO.

We must not be threaten IF WE WANT Justice.  RALLY, OCCUPY, DEFY is part of instrument to take down government Without Popular People Support.  UMNO can use the Army, police to control with guns.  The problem is Army + Police = 600,000 guns.  Rakyat Malaysia against UMNO-BN + Ruling Elite is like 6.7 million based on election result.  How many can the Guns Kill??  Want Syria and Libya in Malaysia??  To avoid Libya and Syria style Malaysia is for UMNO to Resign from Governing Malaysia!  Simple!!

USE the POWER of UNITY against EVIL to End the EVIL regime of UMNO-BN.....Occupy June 15....June 22 Gather and support the Occupy at Datan Merdeka.  Bring food, bring water and tents.....apply permit everyday for gathering at Dataran Merdek...and keep applying to UNDERMINE the PERMIT SHAM & SCAM!!.  Don't Let UMNO racist brain wash you that Dataran Merdeka HAS A imaginary BERLIN WALL......there is none....the is no IMAGINERY BARRIER....WE NEED to gather, OCCUPY and KEEP Running Supplies coming in.  THAT is how UMNO-BN wilts to the power of the People!!  Break the ILLUSION and END UMNO-BN DEMONcracy!!

Don't be called a ROMANTICS to EVIL and UMNO IS EVIL Racist Nazi Malay Islam Scum Cult....make no mistake about it !!

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Don't be a ROMANTICS to UMNO-BN racist ABUSER-BULLY of Malaysian for 56 years!!

Sabah Deaths, plane crash...Penan Deaths, Iban death, Kadazan Death are ALL part of UMNO racist with Agong -Sultan Approval albeit discreetly to Maintain the minority UMNO MALAYS racist race.

There is the Malays and UMNO Malays racist race in Malaysia these days.  The UMNO racist Malays can take the form of Sultan-Agong, CEO, Uthaz, mufti, mullah, cikgu, guru, clerk, police, IGP, Army Chief, EC Chairman, Judges, Kings, prince, princess, JAMBANlist, media personality, sportsman/women....etc.  Take heart they are the minority now.....40% even with MCA-MIC-GERAKAN-PBS-PBB worshipping and partaking their racist acts.

So Before election RCI on Project IC Sabah, UMNO-Sulu War on Sabahans suddenly we have NO ISSUES there?? @#$%^  This is the Crap of the MAD-GILA Law and justice systems of Malaysia.  THERE IS NO LAW and ORDER....Just CHAOS and he who hold gun can do whatever needed to discuss!!  Go ask UMNO racist discussion with Sulu Terrorist and Thailand Terrorist.  No need to be romantics with these Islamic Cults.  Leave no room to negotiate and Get the Hell out of Malaysia.

Its about making ALL Malaysian DEPENDENT to UMNO-BN-Sultan racist agenda..... more drip $$$$$ ..Drip feed.....enough to CONTROL you and your destiny.  The moment you try to leave and Fight the Drip feed, UMNO-BN racist send in their Black Ops terror Squad, lawyers, Police, MACC, Tax Officer, Teacher, Headmaster, take you down. 

Fortunately 60% is fighting 40% ficticious UMNO-BN+ Sultan power......  Lets start YOUR Daily Agenda by NOT Being ROMANTICS to EVIL, CRIME, INJUSTICE, Rape, Religion that sama suka sama Crap, or those SYRIAH Laws Romantics that cannot even have Order in their own kind...No need to be a Romantics Apologist to their brand of crime like in England hacking or Boston bombs or Malaysia Umno -Sulu terrorist attack on Sabahans....  Why are we tolerating these scumbags and the SYSTEM of government that support these ACTS??...  Repel them and Obliterate them From your LIVES and YOUR Surrounding.  ENOUGH of Being A ROMANTICS to EVIL!!

Crime and murder were done by UMNO-BN + Sultan to maintain their RULE, EVIL,  rape, stealing, slavery and CONDITIONING of the Freedom Mind Set God gave Malaysian.  WHY Tolerate another 65 Years with the GE14 SHAM And SCAM already in Place.  June 15 - Padang Merbok KL....we March to END this UMNO-BN Rule.

Today its insult to Mohammed,  yesterday Rulers.....#$%^&.....WHAT ABOUT THE DAILY INSULT TO MALAYSIAN with your racist laws and order??  END the Insult by UMNO-BN on June 15.  Apply EVERYDAY to the POLICE that there will be a gathering ....EVERYDAY...UNTIL WE OCCUPY the SPOT...Dataran Merdeka.....then we Bring UMNO-BN rule to an END!!  Be END!!

Friday, June 07, 2013

The fight for Freedom from Misery is Eternal....

Royalty, dictator.......those Cambodian who Massacred millions of innocent people are feeling remorse now....after killing, murder and making orphans of millions of children.  Same  goes to those Penans, May 13, Kg Medan, memali, death in custody victims.  What have change is just that Justice gets Delayed and victims suffer.  #%#$%^

There is no fair play when injustice becomes law.  The only fair play is RESISTANCE.......what ever you can think of to disrupt the evil regime and their tools.  Which can include transmission tower, ATM machine, Newpapers printers factory, police, MACC, army.  Do it quietly, discreetly and wear gloves, mask...etc.  Pointless to have you caught in your first act of disruption.  Disrupt until we see the Obliteration of UMNO-BN and their Ruling elite.

PDRM says Black June 15 incomplete.....UMNO racist numerous Rally...NO NEED TO BE COMPLETE. #$%^&!  It is coming to a time when we have to say why bother with the Law and Order in Malaysia.  It exist for the sake of existence.   We should ALL now plan for the RALLY at Padang Merbok and END this ILLEGITIMATE UMNO-BN 40% rakyat supported government.  They demand peaceful rally but send in their UTK, SB, thugs to ruin the rally and make Pakatan, Bersih and NON ARM Malaysian seem like terrorist.

Remember UMNO-Sulu terrorist style is to NEGOTIATE with THOSE Carrying ARMS like in Sabah and South Thailand.  Those unarmed MALAYSIAN are Killed, murdered, maimed, tortured because UMNO racist likes to BULLY and Behave like Nazi.  UMNO thinks with guns at their disposal we 60% rakyat would wilt to their terror.  Time to TERROR back with Mat Kilau ....disrupt...disrupt...disrupt.  Spread the word on the Internet that Malaysia is a Racist bigot and CHILD RAPIST-Peadofile supporter UMNO-BN government......sama suka sama Islam Crap #$%^&!

IT IS OUR MALAYSIA after all or WE SACK Malaysia with Penang, Selangor and Kelantan.....ALL Possible to become an AUTONOMOUS region and see if they too can be Singapore 3,4 5..... 60% of Malaysian voted for cheaper cost of living option of Abolish TOL, Free education and cheaper petrol.......To Cheat and deny us of our rights VIA EC/SPR project EC/IC is a CRIME AGAINST humanity Malaysian.

Move money to overseas banks...lets bring UMNO-BN companies to their knees and destroy UMNO along the way.  Lets leave aside the useless Mythical Agong/Sultan.  Keep focus on UMNO racist and break their SHAM!!   UMNO racist have 1/3 of Malays support and trying to say ALL Malays love them.  Lame duck government needs to be OBLITERATED for a better Malaysia!! 

 JUNE 15...come one COME ALL!!!  SHARE the THUNDER!!  - Tipu Pilihanraya, Turun Jalan Raya!!

WEAR BLACK on MERDEKA 2013...lets together SHAM the UMNO-BN and the ENTIRE Royalist for SIDING WITH UMNO racist for 56 years!!  Allah have eyes and that is why GDP of entire Malaysia LESS than Singapore.  

Malaysia is Corrupted to the CORE and only MASSIVE RALLY and REVOLUTION can fix it.  The Election over the years are used for legitimising the Cheat, Sham and Murder.  MALAYSIA is GETTING WORST each days unless you are an UMNO-BN + Agong-sultan......why pay police with your tax money to give these racist scums security the rest of malaysian have INSECURITY and Misery daily!?? @#$%^&

WE have the power to Reverse the Outcome with 60% and send those UMNO-BN scums to Jail....

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Interpretation of Insult and Criticism is like intepreting if a glass is half full or empty!!

To ALL whom the police charge as insulting the Sultan/Agong, Islam you can have tons of escape strategy.

Don't admit to the crime.  It is not a crime to criticise of heap insult.

You can also use their prosecution on your ALLEGE posting as insulting to your integrity and freedom of religion....and do a REVERSE counter Claim on this RIDICULOUS Sedition, insult NONSENSE LAW in Malaysia!!  

Ask the prosecuting police to define insult, sedition and criticism.

Drag it out in the court until the case is thrown out of the Stupid courts in Malaysia.

One man criticism is another insult and vice versa.

Make the police prove BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT its your posting even though there are many fake facebook, blogs and media created by UMNO racist and their tools which have not been charged with insult to Islam , King, Sultan, race and religion #$%^&.

Keep asking for proof BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT and play dumb with I don't know, I cannot recall, I cannot remember, could be someone hacking into my Facebook account....etc.  Don't sing to UMNO-BN-Police racist and selective persecution theme.  NFC Blatant corruption, Land stealing corruption no issues #$%^&*(!  Malaysia MAD-GILA laws....

When injustice becomes Law, Resistance is DUTY!!

You see UMNO-BN racist is playing the race, religion, royalty cards in light of its LACK of LEGITIMACY to run Malaysia.  Now it wants to run it like an EMERGENCY State.  56 years the SHAM was played out with the sacking of Singapore with Sultan / Agong Approval but ALLAH BLESSED Singapore.  With Langkawi size and GDP Bigger than MALAYSIA WHOLE with the TONS of Natural and HUMAN Resources,  Singapore Beat malaysial GDP Pants down.  Either we are Blind to CORRUPTION of we are ROMANTICS to Incompetence for 56 years.

Don't expect Agong/Sultan to improve anything.  They are part of the Incompetence, Sham, racist game UMNO racist plays.  Please remove the titles of Defender of Islam, Commander in Chief from these Agong /Sultan because they have insulted ALLAH with their Racism, injustice, incompetence and participants in the CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY Malaysia.  Penan died, Sabahans died to UMNO-Sulu sponsored terrorist, May 13, Kg Medan, Memali, Death in custody.  Did these Ruling elite ever bothered about improving the Freedom and Rights of Malaysian or are they supporting this EVIL UMNO-BN Regime after 56 years??    The sooner Malaysia discard these MYTHICAL powers of these mere humans in Sultan/Agong...UMNO-BN power via Internet and education, sharing and BOYCOTT of UMNO-BN goods...the quicker we can have a NEW Malaysia.

Sultan Johor Recently Insulted and Criticise Sultan Pahang on the FAM handling why did the Stupid Racist UMNO Police not charge the Sultan for the same crime of Sedition and Insult.  Stupid Malaysian to believe whatever the local media writes.  They are all Lies and should be avoided to save you tons of money.  Boycott Astro, local papers and move money to overseas banks + Bocott petronas petrol!!

Malaysia of 60% majority voted for cheaper petrol, Abolish tol and free education.  UMNO-BN have denied you the things and tools to get out of your misery.  Don't expect Rakyat Malaysia to wait another 5 years.  We will continue to do WHATEVER we can to OBLITERATE UMNO-BN racist....  Disrupt...disrupt...disrupt!   June 15 Padang merbok...Tipu Pilihan Raya, Turun Jalan Raya....Kuburkan UMNO-BN racist!!

                                                 Mengkritik tidak bererti menentang:
Memuji tidak semestinya menyokong:
Menegur tidak bermakna membenci dan
berbeza pendapat adalah kawan berfikir
yang baik......  uncle seeker

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Burmese Clashes or WAR in KL....Soon UMNO-Sulu Sabahans War escalate....

56 years of same UMNO-BN terrorist EVIL against Malaysian  must END TODAY!!...JUNE 15 - Padang Merbok - tipu pilihanraya - Turun Jalan Raya!!

This is the way UMNO racist uses these illegals and then crack down hard after GE13 to put them in place, terrorise them, brain wash them to listen...listen...listen psycho brain washing.  That is the way UMNO terrorist control law and order in Malaysia with approval from Agong/Sultan defer of Islam and commander in chief kononya....

What is happening in Malaysia is exactly a break down of everything.  Law and order, Legitimacy of UMNO-BN, Democracy, Injustice....etc.  Cost of living rising, misery increasing, flood, crime rate rising, murder, snatch thief, robbery....etc.  Why must we sing and play to UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB racist enrich themself theme??$%^&.  Rise up, Rally and bring about change.  NO FEDERAL ELECTION CAN BE WON BY ANY OPPOSITION IN MALAYSIA.

Unless the state level Pakatan decide to SACK MALAY enblock, Malaysian would not have ANY other Alternative but to choose the REVOLUTION WAY!!  IN hunger and Anger we unite against the "Sama - suka -Sama rape - marriage Romantics of UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong".  We need to end this type of SICK Justice NOW and that can only be possible with the REMOVAL of UMNO-BN_PBB-PBS........we need to storm, hold them insurance in case the PERKAKAS UMNO of UTK, SB, Police are used to carry out Colleteral Damage like in May 13, Kg Medan, Memali.....Sabah v UMNO-Sulu terrorist war.

Police that are suppose to be paid by tax payers are spending time being REACTIVE to crime.  NOT PRO-ACTIVE.  The more UMNO Cow Gate, NFC, Land Grab Sham are sent to prison, the better the law and order in Malaysia.  But justice is not serve on BLATANT ABUSES.  What did Sultan / Agong TITAH/say??? #$%^&*  56 years from Bank bumi, bank negara forex, MAS, petronas $$....etc......BILLIONS of Lost opportunity to MAKE RAKYAT/CITIZEN live in MISERY...and UMNO-BN + Sultan in LUXURY + Gated security + 24/7 Police/army protection.  You rakyat are left to FEND for yourself..@#$%^&   against these THUGS, Crooks, murderers....etc.

UNITE We must to OBLITERATE UMNO-BN and their Ruling Elite.....Mat Kilau says DISRUPT  DISRUPT  ....  DISRUPT.....whatever it takes until UMNO-BN is Obliterated.....

IMF admits Greek bailout failures - get ready Malaysian who still have money in Local cut coming like 30% on your Fix deposit!!

Monday, June 03, 2013

Justice delayed is a crime against Malaysian and a Denial of Justice!!

Malaysian Brain washed for generation with Delayed action.  From election to corruption, everything that can be covered up WILL be covered up by UMNO-BN + Agong+ Sultan buat tak Tahu (pretend to not know - ignoramous is not alibi to crime against Malaysian).

Brain washed because when it comes to Crack down on dissent, rakyat anger against this Racist criminals in UMNO-BN + their is always swift and fast like lightning.  When it comes to integrity, fraus, cheat, free IC, lies, corruption, stealing election victory, death in custody there is a  massive excuse, delay, Royal Sham Commission.

After 56 years that is modus operandi of UMNO-BN + their Cahoots from royalty to PAID CITIZEN.  Yes the PDRM, Agong, Sultan, Phd, Datuk, Tan Sri, Pastor, Mufti, monk........lots of Paid voice of reason to maintain the UMNO-BN illegal and illegitimate existence and keep making Rakyat and citizen Malaysia their slave.  That happens from generation to generation until one generation decide enough is enough.  Lets hope Malaysian current generation wanting Abolishing of Tol, cheaper petrol, free education, lowering cost of living with stronger Ringgit as the DREAM and Ideology of SACKING these UMNO-BN scumbag snd sending them to the Gallows or Prison for their CRIME AGAINST humanity Malaysian!!

To overcome all this brain washing is a shock treatment.  Like hunger or Anger.  If the 13 year old raped and forced to marry the rapist is not making you angry enough under the sham Syriah or Secular law then perhaps the constant delay in reporting death in custody.  The delay is again a PAID ACTION to the police concern so that the body rot sufficient enough to render further autopsy useless and inconclusive!!  By right we should be made know of death immediately and not 1 -3 weeks later.  But again this is the Paid Perkakas UMNO-PDRM modus operandi to delay bad news to an already ANGRY Rakyat.

When Rakyat is Angry and Hungry...the UMNO-BN is in overdrive to make insulting KING, Sedition talk as the MOST importang thing that could Affect your MISERABLE LIFE.  Really #$%^&*(!  UMNO-Sulu terrorsit now playing terrorist game and discuss-bincang in Sabah.  UMNO-Thai Muslim talking and bincang on how to create a muslim state in south Thailand.  Daily car jacking, false accident claim against you, robbbery, house invasion, snatch thief is a sign that UMNO-BN is using resources meant to FIGHT CRIME for OWN security Protection company.  #$%^&! ... while citizen Malaysian SUFFER Daily.  Poice paid by citizen Malaysia tax do you job and fight crime and not to investigate USELESS Seditiuos charges.  Cow gate, land grab in Sarawak, UMNO-Sulu terrorist attack on Sabah, corruption, murder, bombings during election are all forgotten now.

Your Tax money used to sponsor EC/SPR, PDRM, MACC, RELA,  to Convention, seminar in luxury hotel, team building on how to deflect People's anger on a quarterly basis. To deal with difficult Rakyat who don't want to be slave of UMNO racist rules.  WHY Allow your money to be used to make your life a MISERY.???@#$%^&  Wake up, Rally, take to the streets before you life is in misery.  POWER in QUANTITY ...POWER in UNITY!!....  no seminar or training can stop the UNITY of People POWER!!

A country starts falling apart when Crime rates Rise and Government use the Resources to protect their illegally obtained Wealth.  THIS IS MALAYSIA TODAY.  IT IS TIME TO RISE and OBLITERATE UMNO-BN and their PERKAKAS-Tools.....whatever it takes!!

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Who Cares about those Titles Agong/Sultan Gives.....take it back and have a happy holiday!!

For Malaysian we need to wear the prejudice protocol songkok....for foreigners, there is no need when receiving the award.  #$%^&#  Only lame and people dying for recognition ampun and bodek to get those useless titles.  The best title is the title and name your parents gave you!!

We don't have to be Romantics to these racist protocols to make non malays bow to the malay = born Islam Munafiq customs.   While there is these racist and INDIFFERENT Sultan/Agong, be wise to just avoid their useless titles when in front of God / Allah.  56 years of UMNO-BN rule after sacking Singapore from Malaysia, still these so called Defender of Islam have NOT denounce the fallacy and ignoramous ideology that born Malay = Islam.  This racist fallacy is used to unite the race who are mostly muslim malays.  What else is left with the CREDIBILITY of these MUNAFIQ Defender of Islam??

If that is the case, then don't need Syriah Laws or any laws as when the person of malay - islam heritage will always  DIE an Islam.  Why the SHAM apostasy laws....and worst SAMA SUAKA SAMA Islam crab to legally RAPE a 13 year old in Sabah but can also Force the girl to marry the Rapist because Syriah laws permit under Koran. $%^&*#.

Every Malaysia should work on migrating to Sabah/Sarawak and then SACK Malaya.....  Malaya is FILLED to the brim with $1 trillion debt which will soon be exposed in the Mega Crisis coming to Malaysia and regions with Debt to GDP at unsustainable rate.

Every week in malaysia is either Road Deaths, death in custody, robbery, rape, crime....yet the PDRM  - PERKAKAS diraja Malaysia prefer to investigate sedition posting on facebook, stifle democracy, freedom, BULLY those unarmed Malaysian....etc.  Yet once you take up arms like UMNO-Sulu Terrorist....there is room to with those Thai Muslim Terrorist....Peace loving malaysian cannot discuss....terrorist can discuss with the Scumbas of UMNO-BN government...#$%^#  We as rakyat Malaysia should then use whatever means we can to DISRUPT...DISRUPT....DISRUPT the illegitimate and racist UMNO-BN government.  This is really a MAD/GILA systems of Malaysia!!