Friday, January 30, 2015

ALLAH have made Judges of Malaysia in cahoots with Sultan-Agong & UMNO REALLY STUPID and Obvious!!

PLEASE continue to PRINT in HERALD using ALLAH as.....


........and continue to Make a mockery of the Judicial system under UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong..... FOREVER !!

Lets see those NGO mount a high court challenge on ALL forms of how ALLAH can be written.....  I am sure with a hyphen....UMNO malay muslim & Muslim NGO will not be deceived again??....  Make it a point to print each version regularly...until the High court prohibit each version!!!

BBB - Bangun , Bantah....Bodohkan UMNO-BN!!


Malaysia Ringgit is Collapsing Hurt UMNO-Bangsat negara in cahoots with Sultan-Agong of Islamic Racist terrorist supporters of sisi IS terrorist in Syria/Iraq/Lebanon.  Time to Collapse the Malaysia RACIST Murderous BIAS Corrupted Regime  IN ONE EPIC Collapse.  With Foreign Currency you trade UNDER THE CORRUPTED Malaysia GST IMPLEMENTATION........When you trade in Foreign Currency YOU GIVE THE UMNO-BANGSAT NEGARA IN CAHOOTS WITH SULTAN-AGONG....Nothing...not one cent, ELEK!! give them POO to collect....

WHEN the UMNO-Bangsat Negara have no money......the JAKIM, JAIS, MAIS, Perkasa, 3 Line, Sulu, Sabah Islamic terrorist and all those Terrorist Taliban sisi IS supporters have to slowly Collapse, CUT COST, Made Redundant or go and fight in Iraq/Syria...and May Allah of Hell see them Sooner!!.....  Win-Win for Malaysian!.......Because the UMNO-Bangsat Negara in cahoots with Sultan-Agong WILL NEVER CUT THEIR COST AT THE EXPENSE OF RAKYAT...

Just like UMNO-Bangsat Negara in cahoots with Sultan-Agong house will never be Issued fines and Bigger Fines for Breeding Aedes larvae within their Massive House Compound......  They are breeding Killer Mosquitoes inside their home and you normal rakyat who are doing the best to keep you house clean from Aedes Mosquitoes are fighting a Losing Battle because the UMNO-Bangsat Negara in cahoots with Sultan-Agong Scumbags are CONTINUOUSLY MAKING YOU SUFFER AND DIE!!

....and History Repeat until we Rise up and OBLITERATE the Racist Terrorist Regime of UMNO-Bangsat Negara in cahoots with Sultan-Agong, Army, Police.....

Sack Malaya from Sabah-Sarawak......Wait not a DAY Longer!...After sacking comes the Migration to make Sabah-Sarawak Greater than Singapore....That is the DREAM and Vision!....Let Malaya be a Fail state like Pakistan, Afganistan, Lebanon, Palestine......the writing is in the Wall.....Anything Quron-islam inspired is Death and the papers if you want more proof!!... Why are muslim trying to Migrate or get into the West by hook or crook  ...why no rush to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE...turkey, malaya, Indonesia .....???

Recent Killings of 40+ Police in Phillipines is a testament that Muslim Islamic terrorist Cult CANNOT Learn PEACE unless they are taught the Isreal Way!!

Friday, January 23, 2015

SACK ALL Judges who voted on ALLAH for UMNO Malays-Muslim only in cahoots with Sultan-Agong......they ARE STUPID LIMITING ALLAH POWER!!....but the world needs comfirmation of the Stupidity of Sultan-Agong in cahoots with UMNO & Judges....Sack Malaya from Sabah-Sarawak to end the crime wave of Stupidity Terrroism!!


Want Chepaer Cars and Petrol - Sack Malaya from Sabah-Sarawak.

Want to Get Rid of Islamic Sulu-Abu Sayaf Isis UMNO Terrorist - Sack Malaya from Sabah-Sarawak.

Want a Bettter English Education Systems - Sack Malaya from Sabah-Sarawak.

Want to use ALLAH Word in print - Sack Malaya From Sabah-Sarawak

Want Train and Good Public Transport - Sack Malaya From Sabah - Sarawak.

Want to Look SMART and Clever - Sack Malaya from Sabah-Sarawak.

Want more money for you home and for your state development - Sack Malaya From Sabah-Sarawak.

Want a better life is to Sack Malaya from need to talk, referendrum and all that Crap..Just SACK MALAYA!!...This is called the take power with Dignity...

More Dangerous if you Let UMNO-BN(Bangsat Negara) keep Robbing and Raping Sabahans & Sarawakians in cahoots with Sultan -Agong....  JUST SACK Malaya like Malaya did to Singapore and UMNO-BN Collapse.....  Pakatan Take over and then think about Forming again with Singapore Involved.......ha ha ha  win-win for a Once great Nations....NOW Malaysian A PARIAH Islam sisi racist terrorist ideological Malaysia....with sultan-agong approval.  such that a Murderer sirul can be on Bail...@#$%^&...  We will Deal with those Islamic terrorist waging war in Sabah/Sarawak the Isreal Way....  Why be ROMANTIC to Koran when the same book inspire EVIL ALL OVER THE WOrld.....  Time is Ripe to CONVERT out of Islam the Religion of TERROR!!...  and we would Respond the same way to Japanese Beheading in the Past in the Same FEROCITY.....  Make no mistake!!  Align with civil society or face DISPROPORTIONATE Response and UMNO-Bangsat Negara Riacist Bigots Terrorism....we are not confuse like those sickos are confuse with Allah word....we know Terrorism under Islam/Koran ideology is EVIL!!

By the way please keep helping the Orang Asli Flood victims as priority over any other race....especially AVOID the DIE HARD UMNO Malay race Kampung and territories or State!!  Be BIAS, HELP the TRUE Bumiputera of Malaysia the Orang Asli......the rest are just scumbags in cahoots with UMNO-Sultan-Agong!!

Now we know how STUPID the judges in Malaysia UMNO Hight courts are with the ruling.....  LIMITING ALLAH to a certain race & religion is STUPID, INSULTING ALLAH and a SIGN OF STUPID RACIST BIGOTS JUDGES in cahoots with Sultan-Agong and UMNO-Bangsat Negara!    Then you Ponder which judge gave Sirul-Altantuya Murderer the ABILITY to BAIL and fortunately now detained in Australia......theirs is a game of greed, terrorist, evil and corruption that they progress further in life and in other corporate kick backs in cahoots with sultan-agong!

In cahoots with Sultan-Agong and UMNO-Bn are all these isis- SISI Terrorist that Malaysia is exporting to Middle East..... They will be called upon when Sabah-Sarawak Sack Malaysia....So Time to learn to Defend and Attack these Islamic terrorist that are QUIETLY trained by UMNO-Bn in cahoots with Sultan -Agong to preserve their Corruption Money and EVIL Deeds....  Romance No more with Islam ALLAH  UMNO-Cult in cahoots with Sultan-Agong

Sirul will now seek Asylum there as this scumbag knows Australia will not send him back to the Gallows like they would protest the Bali Nine Mastermind in Indonesia from Firing Squad.  The question is will this Scumbag speak and point his finger of who ordered him to C4 Altantuya!!..This saga have not ended as Anwar will use him to get Najib in whatever negotiation that is going on now.  Sirul knows his silence or if he speaks gets hime $$$$$$$$....and no matter what...HE NEEDS TO BE HUNG FOR need to be Romantics to Murder in the same manner we are not Romantics to the Quran INSPIRED MURDERERS for so many terrorist groups.....  Same Quron intepreted differently...but causing the same EVIL.......  Muslim best convert to other religion reading other HOLY books for your own sake and your children.........

Friday, January 16, 2015

ONE Koran Read By Islam - muslim creating Terrorism, Racism, Bias, Killings...and We need to be Romantics and find reasoning???? !@#$%^&

The same Koran that Inspired the sisi Taliban to Kill  140 kids in Pakistan....the same Koran that inspired  Boko Haram that strap kids with bombs to blow people up and the recent killing of 2,000 in Nigeria, the same Koran that inspired Sulu Islamic terrorist that killed and continue to wage war in Sabah....same Koran that makes muslim thinks they are the Sham religion of Peace and the same Koran that can inspire Malays to be Born Muslim and that they believe the Sultan-Agong is the defender of Islam(never mind they drink, gamble) ...the same Koran that inspired the sisi of Islam to try to Massacare the Yazidis or the same Koran that inspired the sisi of Islam in Syria to Mustard Gas their own people in the hope the west would intervene and attack Assad of Syria......and yes the same Koran that united the muslim world against Isreal.......  Funny thing is that most people would prefer to live in Isreal than any of these Arab Nation and all these immigrants comes from these muslim terrorist countries... Time to Murtad and convert out of Islam would be the most logical choice for confuse muslim about sick ideology of  murder and killings!!... Un Brainwash!!...You have to decide if the people of islam religion is bad or the book Koran is bad!! ...Don't be Romantics to EVIL!!...Any killings of such magnitude mentioned is EVIL....but some sick minds will think its not!  We will Fight EVIL to the Ends and the Isreal Way too!!...  No mercy, disproportionate, obliterate!!...There is No cure to Evil except to send them to their Maker...

Everyday, when there is a BIGGER issue...its is always something ILLOGICAL and attention Diverter that takes the Seemingly RTM, Utusex, NSTp and UMNO-Bangsat Negara Media to promote the hugging K-Pop...crack down on kids to DIVERT Attention!!!


Altantuya Murderer Sirul Missing and IGP should Step Down For Lying+incompetence and Home Minister - Hissapmudin as well....  Seriously a crminal can go to Australia??  Well we need to take down UMNO-Bangsat Neagra in cahoots with sultan-agong for promoting Sirul freedom for Islamic Crimnals abroad!!  His picture is now public domain.....time to take down these Islamic UMNO inspired Murderers without delay...or the Murderers take down those UMNO-BN Leaders WHO DID NOT HONOUR THEIR PART OF THE BARGAIN!! for Malaysian!!....  I only Care the Scumbags of Racist terrorist Bigots islam UMNO Cult gets Obliterated!!!

2.  500,000 people affected by flood seems to be ignored.... And you expect Sultan-Agong in cahoots with Sultan-Agong living in luxury locally and overseas to help you rebuild.....ALL You get is a photo session of a BIG Hamper worth $200 to 30 UMNO Die Hard Families played out by media 200,000 times so that Stupid Citizen Malaysian thinks 1.9 Million citizen got help and Ficticious $1 Billion spent( Real $900 Million into UMNO-Bangsat Negara & the cahoots of Islam Greed Sultan-Agong pockets for Holiday Shopping like Rosmah).....albeit poorly!!

Now 2 months after flood and its still tough to recover....some die, some move out...some abandon and some struggle....go flood the the Mansions of Sultan-Agong in cahoots with UMNO Bangsat Negara to get proper & dignified help and support....If none come..... Make REVOLUTION and OBLITERATION of UMNO-Bangsat Negara in cahoots with sultan-Agong...after all you are at their door steps.....BBB...  Bangun Bangkit Basmikan UMNO!!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Islamist denialism — a stubborn refusal to confront the reality of our dilemma.

Islamist denialism — a stubborn refusal to confront the reality of our dilemma.

They swallowed a lie that fit a narrative they liked and then regurgitated it all over the world.

Don't try to water down all these EVIL Islamic terrorist Death Cult  with a comparison to Free Speech....  These are all Islamic values LINKED to the Same Koran that all these Islamic terrorist follow and interprete them as they wish.....  The worst is that the defender of Islam Malaysia in cahoots with UMNO-BN have not issued a Fatwa to Haram Killings anywhere...but Allah issues....  Selangor MB Issues...Stealing of Bibles....all kinds of statement can come out Flying from the palace to Shut Down dissent and sedition...  At the end of the Day, Islam is a Religion of Terror but somehow marketed as Peace....much like Weather marketted as Global Warming/Climate Change.  No need to be Romantics to Islam and Koran....  malaysia Start to wise up and Let no Jais, Jakim, MAIS enter your place, business without a Warrant....Make a citizen Arrest and take them Down with Force until Police in cahoots with UMNO arrives....   Time to convert out of Religion of Islam into other religion....  IF the Thousands of Death related to ISLAM - Koran Inspired Death Cult have not woken you up...then we have to Fight Evil...the Isreal Way!!  Show no mercy, disproportionate and isolate!!

Shop in a busy corner in Bandar Baru Bangi selling IS sisi stuff t-shirt with the approval of Sultan_agong of Malaysia in cahoots with UMNO-Bangsat negara.  So Malaysia is in cahoots with sisi Islamic terrorist ....otherwise where is the Shock and Awe Clampdown like that towards Bersih Supporters, Price Hike Supporters and those against UMNO IGP Bangsat terrorist sympatiser??  Goes to show, we do not need to be Romantics to countries in support openly to IS like the Sultan-agong and the fact you receive the Datuk, Tan Sri and What Crap are in some way Condoning the Support the Terrorist of Islam from 2000 onwards......those titles you received without having to Pay Money prior to 2000 is KOSHE...OK..Alright....After 2000...all titles are CRAP Islamic terrorist Sultan UMNO Bangsat Negara stuff....

The World take note of the Sultan-agong in cahoots with UMNO-BN supporting the sisi of Islam in Syria and Iraq....

Sabahans-Sarawakians.....Waste not a day to Plan the Sacking of Malaya.......  Malaya is a Terrorist State as all major terrorist makes plans of attack from Malaysia....HUB for terrorist gathering!!

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

The Evil of UMNO-Bangsat Negara in cahoots with Sultan-Agong...relating to the recent Flood and more to Come!!

Firstly PLEASE Continue the BIAS Helping of Orang Asli who is suffering the GREATEST from this Flood......Better help the True Bumiputera rather than the Fake Mamak UMNO Bangsat Negara type muslim BIAS Bumi Sham in cahoots with sultan -agong!!

why wasn’t a state of emergency declared? 

Answers is simple to those not well verse with the protocol and convention involved.

Once declared, it means the UMNO-Bangsat Negara(BN) would have to work with state government utilising all the resources and coordinate in a manner to alliviate the plight of the people and rakyat Malaysia.

You see the UMNO-Bangsat Negara wants every resources used to KEEP PROMOTING the UMNO-Bangsat Ideology that only UMNO-Bangsat Negara can help the people in time of tragedy, devastation and destructions.  UMNO-Bnagsat Negara sick Racist Terrorist Ideology FEARS that by declaring a State of Emergency, the UMNO-Bangsat Negara have little control as to what Each Pakatan Rakyat state Government can do that DOES NOT Give Credit to UMNO-Bangsat Negara.  Which Means more loss of goodwill and votes in the coming election..   No difference to the same UMNOBangsat EVIL Islamic Death Cult followers Ideology that only muslim can use the word Allah in Malaysia and its a crime for others to use them because only UMNO-Bangsat Negara in cahoots with Sultan-agong can decide how you can get help from donation to flood victims MUST only come from UMNOBangsat Negara in cahoots with sultan-agong!!.

How can UMNO-Bangsat Negara allow calamity and disaster opportunity to be sold as a GOOD Pakatan Rakyat effort and BAD UMNO-Bangsat Negara effort??  That is the sickness of all the Strategist from TOP of UMNO-Bangsat Negara terrorist ideology to those UMNO-Bangsat Negara  cawangan/branch Scumbags in so many states.  UMNO-Bangsat Negara is trying to Sell Disaster, calamity, tragedy as UMNO-Bangsat Negara Only cares for you and No one Else.....with this in Mind.....and this eternal Racist terrorist ideology of divide and conquer.....every tragedy, disaster, calamity will be used to promote the UMNO-Bangsat Negara sick terrorist minority ideology of WIN AT ALL COST in Everything to give them another 5 years.

With that in mind people in Kelantan should REVOLT and March to Putrajaya and THROW OUT UMNO-Bangsat Negara Before ANY Election.  WHY??  Because UMNO-Bangat Negara have decended to HELL Terrorist Ideology in their Moral, Dignity and Empathy Compass.  They even have the GALL and EVIL Brain washing in trying to FOCUS Rakyat Attention to the AIR Asia Crash as HIGHER level of importance compare to this Devastating Flood all over Malaysia.

I hope Rakyat Malaysia, take to the streets to Obliterate UMNO-Bangsat Negara in cahoots with Police, IGP,.......the time have come for Rakyat Malaysia to realise that Nothing GOOD will come from UMNO-Bangsat Negara for Eternity because the Corruption PIE is getting smaller and the UMNO Racist BiasTerrorism is Getting worst. 

And while the PM Najib of UMNO bangsat Cult taking commercial flight....WHo used the Government Plane for it the Bangsat Najibs Wife Rosmah in cahoots with some Sultan-Agong Wife...that is why media so quiet for FEAR of being Anti Monarchy??  Must be true and just give Kelantan to UMNo in the coming election...lets see how UMNO Bangsat Negara in cahoots with Sultan-agong fix Kelantan devastation....Rest of Malaysia can SACK UMNO-BN in every state and from Sabah-Sarawak!!.....

And while you focus on Flood and Air Asia Crash and Tun Dr Munfiq Islam Cult Blaming Boeing(FIX YOUR BLOODY PROTON Car Window First)#$%^&*.....Sabah-Sarawak States seat are Expanded so as to Stop the Legal way to take power and Sack Malaya....But Who cares about Legality.....we just March, take Prisoners Terrorist UMNO Bangsat negara MP as insurance in Sabah-Sarawak and Sack Malaya!!...